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  1. Why not. They know all about this, but that email address seems to get reasonably quick replies (though Chris Edgington has a team of people handling his mail - as you'd expect from Vice President Marketing). This is right up their street, too - a marketing nightmare if it backfires on them!
  2. You'll almost certainly get the standard offer of a free cancellation or a £50 OBC (per person). And the reason they're so busy? I think you can guess........... Good luck, though - you may get a better offer and hit the jackpot! 🙂
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    Azura Show Cabins

    That really is incredibly useful, Big Foot - thanks for your efforts!
  4. Pleased you're both happy. However, everyone who booked was paying an artificially 'adjusted' price, because P&O had increased the prices earlier published and the discounts were off those higher prices. All the TAs were using the higher prices (because they didn't have any other option but to use the prices on the P&O booking system (apart of course from the usual TA discounts individual customers can negotiate with them) and obviously P&O were also using them. It wasn't possible for there to be any exceptions to this because of the way bookings are handled through the same computerised system programmed with the same prices. Customers who booked after the wording was changed have no grievance - by then P&O had covered themselves. Those who booked before then, though, often weren't aware of the earlier lower prices, partly because the TAs were showing the higher prices right from the outset, and partly because they just hadn't seen then and assumed (understandably) that nothing had changed. This has all become very confused, essentially because P&O have engineered it to be that way, but I'd still contend that every passenger who booked (up to the point at which the wording changed) has a claim. Some have received the full discount from P&O, some have received offers of OBC, and others have probably yet to claim. I do think that almost everyone, probably everyone, has a claim, though. Whether people want to claim, though, is of course entirely for them to decide. Just a matter of personal choice.
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    Shareholder benefits for UK

    Depends on your viewpoint. Markets are still very high, and there's a very real chance of a major correction. That's when I'll be considering buying.
  6. A very tricky and deceitful company, P&O - or is it their Carnival paymasters? This is a follow-up from an earlier related thread because the full facts have now been exposed, and P&O are now finally admitting that they manipulated the prices originally offered in order to be able to charge customers more. The original P&O prices issued in advance of the recent 2020 launch offered a 10% discount to past passengers. So far, so good. Except that when bookings were actually made on or after the launch date, passengers were only given a discount of 5% on those prices, instead of the advertised 10%. To try to cover that over, P&O altered the prices so that anyone who didn't see them earlier wouldn't be aware of what they'd done. They then gave an apparent discount of 10% on the new higher prices - though in reality it was only a 5% discount, because they's already hiked the prices by 5% to cover over what was going on. They now admit their 'mistake' and are apologising to any customers who complain. Some managed to get a price reduction to what had been originally advertised, but the line they're now taking appears to be to offer a token £50 OBC - a fraction of the overcharge they've actually profited from. Not everyone is aware of the trick they've played on their loyal customers, but it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth, and any trust I once had in Carnival (and admittedly, it wasn't very great) has now evaporated. Trust has to be earned by honesty, integrity, fairness and straight-dealing. I don't see that here at all. They've offered a price, which was supposed to be fixed up to and including the launch day, offered a very well advertised discount of 10%, and then cynically manipulated discounts and prices to try to conceal the fact that the real discount was only ever 5%. We've all been conned by P&O and I won't be forgetting that in a hurry. Or when I'm making those next bookings.