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  1. Funnily enough, I’m also a Carnival shareholder - and not with just the minimum required for the extra OBC. That doesn’t mean, though, that you and I have constantly to extol the virtues of a subsidiary company when there are issues that aren’t being resolved.
  2. Love it........keep on guessing. What exactly is your connection with P&O, by the way? You haven’t even cruised with them yet, you know nothing whatever about them, yet you continue to be one of their staunchest advocates, despite everything.
  3. I'd love to be able to update you all, but it's just not possible at present.
  4. Sorry for adding a joke to such a serious subject. I had no idea anybody would take that literally!
  5. You're absolutely right - it did. I should have made myself clearer. For the record, though, this is the dress code for the Ritz: "The Ritz London has a dress code in different areas of the hotel as follows: Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and tie (jeans and sportswear are not permitted for either ladies or gentlemen) for afternoon tea in The Palm Court and for lunch and dinner in The Ritz Restaurant and Terrace. In all other areas of the hotel (The Ritz Restaurant breakfast service, The Rivoli Bar, The Long Gallery, The Secret Garden Bar) and The Ritz Club, smart casual attire is required. Please note that shorts, trainers and sportswear are not permitted in any of the hotel or Club’s restaurants or bars." No mention, obviously, of dinner suits, top hats and tails etc, but a sensible dress code. And if P&O adopted the same policy it would make a lot of sense - I'd certainly have no problem with it. I really can't see that a few people choosing to wear smart jackets, trousers and ties on a formal evening is going to be the end of the world, even for the die-hards.
  6. I've eaten there. Many times. But not once have I been required to wear a dinner jacket or even a dark suit. Jacket and tie is fine by me. And are you seriously attempting to make any kind of comparison between the Ritz, one of the best hotels in London, and a low to middle cruise company like P&O?
  7. And a superb role model he is. He'd make excellent company at the table too.
  8. As you say, this would have been a simple solution - except that P&O and all its fellow Carnival companies are using their passengers as 'hostages' in a war against Amsterdam.
  9. Nope. A different breed of passenger, plus the fact that they don’t raise revenue for P&O.
  10. Brands that offer something genuinely different, and value for money make good sense. I'm thinking more in terms of absolutely identical products such as these: https://www.boots.com/boots-glycerin-throat-pastilles-blackcurrant-flavour-45g-10175645 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Potters-Pastilles-Blackcurrant-Glycerine-Crystallised/dp/B001E1CWDW The brand costs three times as much for exactly the same thing. Or, to take another example, Aldi/Lidl Ginger Nuts cost less than a quarter of the brand for pretty much exactly the same thing. Trainers are just another classic example. As you say, though, it's entirely up to consumers how they spend their money - though commenting on it is fair game!
  11. Excellent idea - seriously. Two distinct areas of the MDR: one for those who choose formal attire, and one for the smart casuals. Brilliant! Something for everyone - go for it, P&O. Keep everyone happy.
  12. We'll have to agree to differ. And if there were another 'free', serviced dining venue besides the buffet I'd have no problem, but eating in the buffet is wholly unacceptable.
  13. And buying overpriced brands just for the label is a sign of total insanity - whatever your age!
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