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  1. docco

    Oriana v Ventura

    Cruised mainly on Ventura and Azura - very little real difference between them in reality, and to be fair I'd happily sail on both. Never had any problems with either of them (though I do take on board the lack of a proper cinema) and we've got various further cruises booked on them already. Big fans of aft suites, though, and I'm not sure we could get anything similar on Oriana or any of the older ships.
  2. docco

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    I do wonder whether having a suite (and maybe a few Carnival shares too) makes a difference.........
  3. docco

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    Apologies! The comment wasn’t aimed at you, or anybody in particular. Just a general observation about the different ways in which complaints are handled. 🙂
  4. docco

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    You make a very good point there, Lottie. I suspect the way an issue like this is dealt with has a lot more to do with the type of customer and the way she or he deals with it than the cruise company or the individual ship. There are ways of getting a proper response in a situation such as this - and you obviously found them.
  5. It certainly does. I just feel (perhaps wrongly) that the CPS journey carries fewer traffic risks than the P4C one.
  6. docco

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    Wilkinsons and Primark might be considered 'lower end products' - but in each case the customer service is excellent. It's a sure-fire way to ensure that customers keep coming back. P&O would do well to remember this, particularly as their core market is ageing fast!
  7. Well, yes John. But my wife doesn't drive like a maniac - drivers paid to shift as many cars as possible in a limited amount of time do tend to, though. 🙂
  8. Sounds simple. Does someone take all the suitcases away there and then, or do you have to get them somewhere yourself? One of the big pluses with CPS for me has always been getting rid of the cases so easily.
  9. Thanks to you and all the others who’ve replied. I don’t think I’ve seen a single serious criticism of P4C so far, unless I’ve not noticed it. Talking of discounts, does anyone know of any generally available ones please?
  10. Tempted by P4C - though the risks of anything happening to the car are increased by its longer journey outside the perimeter of the port.
  11. docco

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    Not as easy as easy with debit cards. As you say, S75 doesn't apply. Chargeback isn't as good (debit cards) but worth a go in your circumstances: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/how-do-i-use-chargeback
  12. Always used CPS up to now - it's a slick, efficient service. But it's also extremely expensive, and Parking4cruises seems to offer something very similar indeed for considerably less money. Almost as convenient (not quite) and with vehicles parked in "our secure parking site, which is less than three miles away from all Southampton cruise terminals." Obviously not quite up to the standards of CPS (parking within the port and no need to phone or text to get the car brought back) but it is a lot cheaper. Anybody with experience of both care to share recent experiences to help people (and me) decide between the two?
  13. docco

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    There's a pretty clear right to compensation here, in that you didn't remotely get what you paid for. I'd be looking for something worthwhile from P&O, and if they don't offer it pass the problem to the card company under S75.
  14. docco

    Carnival Stock Down

    Fair point, but the ISA contains other shares which would, outside the ISA wrapper, give rise to a tax liability.
  15. docco

    Carnival Stock Down

    That was a good price! I well remember the impact of that incident - it enabled us to pick up a stunning bargain on a suite because prices dropped like a stone for a while. I think there must have been a lot of cancellations. My £41.50 still seems high to me, along with markets generally at the moment, but at least I can stop wasting time now checking the price every day! And it’s inside an ISA so at least there are no tax implications. Apart from IHT of course.