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  1. It’s not just the fleeting contact with others that matters though, John - it’s the rather longer breathing in of the droplets left behind across unventilated premises by the unmasked.
  2. There was very little problem with mask wearing overall - until government policy changed. That was when the rot set in, and everybody decided that Covid was over, and look at the outcome! What makes matters worse is seeing MPs from one party blatantly flouting the requests of the parliamentary authorities to wear masks in the chamber as some crazy political gesture.
  3. We had extraordinarily noisy neighbours on a DFDS ferry to Sweden some years ago. Up, drunk, incredibly noisy and shouting up and down the corridor all night - kept us and our small children awake all night, and refused to stop. For some bizarre reason they left their shoes in the middle of the corridor early in the morning. For some equally bizarre reason my tired wife was in a tidying up mood that morning, and it occurred to her that a nearby lifeboat was the obvious place.
  4. Re earlier posts on the subject, Tesco have now owned up to the fact that there have been attacks on their website (now down for almost 36 hours). No admission of a data leak - yet. Still impossible to make or amend online deliveries, and lots of bottles of £40 placeholder Champagne probably out for delivery!
  5. Well over 24 hours now, and no explanation at all from Tesco on social media, despite all the complaints - I'm with you on your theory. Either a major data breach or possibly an extortion attempt. I liked this comment - a lot of people will have done the same! "As much as I'm looking forward to receiving my 5 bottles of (place holder) cava at 10am tomorrow, I would like to be able to have some food to help clear the hangover ready for work on Monday."
  6. I'm reluctant to make suggestions to you of all people, Avril, with your head so firmly screwed on, but in our case the acquisition of some FFP3 masks (not the ventilated sort, which protect the wearer but not others around you) has provided a lot of extra confidence for those few occasions when a trip to a medical facility simply can't be avoided. A bit on the pricy side, but well worth it for the extra peace of mind, given their very high effectiveness. I feel much less at risk wearing one, because some visits just have to be done. I had an appointment at the Royal Hallamshire in Sheffield lined up for next month, and if infection rates had been lower I'd have gone, but the way things are I was bothered. A quick call to the medical secretary fixed it inside a few minutes though - new telephone appointment for the same date and time to replace the across the desk appointment arrived 10 minutes later. No fuss, really helpful and friendly (that's Sheffield for you) - really impressive. Harry
  7. That was in 2012 (https://www.theguardian.com/business/2012/apr/29/cruise-firm-performance-bonuses-tips) - it might be as much as £1.50 an hour now.
  8. They did. I'd forgotten that one! My wife loved that. That was in the days when the hard-worked room staff still had the time to do it, and before their numbers were cut back.
  9. Every word true, Avril - you take care. If only your attitude were more widespread.
  10. We're under no obligation whatever to tip our dustmen, or our postman. But we do - and sometimes give them occasional bits and pieces across the year such as ice creams and chocolates, with a thank you for a good reliable service. Not a great cost involved, but a nice way to say thank you, particularly during the pandemic. Same applies to cruises - no obligation whatever to tip, but plenty still do, and what if they do? Free choice.
  11. For anyone interested in what it was like in 1990 (and the prices), try googling: first cruise canberra fond memories. Probably not allowed to post the actual link, but it's an interesting read. "Canberra: Fond memories of cruising as a child I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience cruising as a child. My first cruise, aged six, was on P&O’s Canberra with my parents, grandparents and uncle in 1990. In this post, I look back at my memories of this cruise and include photos and excerpts from the scrapbook I created from this holiday."
  12. There are some very good hotel+parking deals around and a lot of people here use them without problem. I'm wary of leaving a car in an unsecured car park though, so I's be inclined to go either for the 'official' CPS (are we talking P&O?) or Parking4Cruises - both very good, very simple, but the latter often works out a lot cheaper so we tend to use that. Add one night in a hotel at a relatively low cost, and you're done.
  13. He's sorting it, Wowzz. And if the weather's not too cold I might even be able to drive over there (only about an hour away) and stand outside and wave, well away from everyone. It took some persuading on my part, and the rest of the family, to get my wife to agree to the plan (because she doesn't want to leave me on my own for a fortnight over Christmas) but she agreed in the end - it makes perfect sense, and I'm more than capable of looking after myself for a few days. 28 Fray Bentos pies - what else does a man need? 🤮
  14. Understandable, Ann - but I'm pleased you're no longer having to shield. I won't be able to go to the wedding, sadly, unless I can get some sort of assurance via a spike protein antibody test that there are some antibodies this time round, which I suspect won't happen. However, thanks to our daughter and her family in Yorkshire the plan is for my wife to go to the wedding in mid-December and then effectively form a fully closed bubble with the four of them (including the grandchildren she hasn't been able to cuddle since March 2020) until the end of December. We reckon that, plus the use of lateral flow tests at the end, should enable her to return home virus-free and avoid passing anything on to me. What a game - but well worth it to enable her to go to the wedding AND get to spend Christmas with the family! She'll be worn out though.......
  15. Thanks, Ann (and to your husband too). I had my flu + Covid this morning at the surgery, but they can't fit my wife in for her Covid until a bit after her 6 month date. Not much turns on that (we're still shielding) so long as it's done in good time (which it will be, I'm sure) for our son's wedding later this year which we're hoping to find a way of getting her safely to.
  16. Thanks, Josy - and for the great job you're all doing for us all in volunteering, and continuing to volunteer.
  17. Are the walk-in centres doing boosters? The website for ours says not, and I've heard they're turning people away.
  18. Were you able to book immediately after the 6 month point, John? My wife's currently getting this message: "When you are eligible to book, you will be contacted by the NHS." And the 119 service is talking not about 6 months, but six months plus a week before they'll do anything. Locally, people are being shunted all over the place because there's total confusion about what's going on. A couple of 90 year olds locally have been told to go into a city pharmacy to get theirs done in the early evening - they're scared stiff.
  19. With you on that Zap - this is the thread that keeps on giving! May I add a ‘not calling us Sir and Madam in a grovelling, obsequious manner’ to your list please?
  20. I thought I was the only freak that hates bath sheets! 🙂
  21. Sadly, that’s very true. I know from personal experience just how difficult it’s been to line up the vitally important third vaccine for the immunosuppressed that’s supposed to have happened weeks ago, and thousands more are still struggling to get it. Meanwhile it’s become more and more difficult to get the third vaccine for the elderly, because there’s not enough vaccine, and there aren’t enough people to deliver it. It’s a chaotic mess all round now - a far cry from the early part of the year when the UK was ahead of the rest of the world. Cases are going through the roof, and so are hospitalisations and deaths - about time for some action, rather than words.
  22. Can't say this has ever bothered me, one way or the other. It disappeared in hotels a long time ago, and I'm really not fussed for a small piece of chocolate every night. It's obviously important for quite a few people though. Most hotels ask you to help the environment by separating out the towels you'd like changed, and I'm happy to go along with that (though I do appreciate the real reason behind their request). I do like a dry towel, though, and hotels usually have heated towel rails to deal with that - remind me, not on P&O ships, presumably? Can't remember.
  23. My thoughts precisely, but each to his own. Cruise ships cause enough pollution to the oceans already, so I'm not keen to add unnecessarily to it.
  24. Must be just us, then - never much bothered about it, either way. So long as the towels are changed when needed happy for it to be in the morning when we're out. Do like the extra space of an aft suite though - that's the real priority!
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