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  1. Just called them. They admitted to a mistake and reinstated me to my original categorie and zero balance. Happy camper now
  2. No I did not pay for royal up as my kids need to be in a room next to me. Any no one in my party deals with vacation planning EVER. So it’s down to a royal screw up on their end. Just need to resolve it ASAP
  3. Cruising March 15 noticed I got an upgrade late at night but come to find out I have to pay for it? I did not authorize it. It was done 1130 at night and I was not on the phone with them for at least a day. I had inquired about upgrading but I did not ask for an upgrade let alone agreed to pay $1200 a room extra. what is going on?
  4. We are sailing next week on anthem of the sea room 12 678. We are leaving out of New Jersey which side of the ship is this room? Also from this balcony room where we have a view of the Statue of Liberty when we are leaving New Jersey? Does he even pass Statue of LibertyAnd if it does does the balcony view have a good view of it
  5. I was supposed to be on the oasis of the sea last year when the crane fell on it 2 weeks before our sail date. We had 3 cabins and I paid for all of the guests. needless to say, our cruise was cancelled. The refunded our money in full and provided full future cruise credit to all of us. The money of course was all refunded to me, however the FCC was issued to each individual person and not all to me. Thats how it works. GOOD LUCK
  6. This is what I am hoping. So cold in NJ in March. Shoot I have cruised out of NYC mid APRIL and it was freezing.
  7. Leaving out of cold NJ in a couple of weeks. What is the temperature in the indoor pool area ? Is it comfortable in temp to go to the pool area in a bathing suit ? Also is it open to all age ranges ? Thanks everyone.
  8. Can’t wait to get on my upcoming cruise. Not my first cruise but it is the first time we are getting the 3 day specialty restaurant package. Few quick questions. how and where and when do I make the reservations ? I don’t want to miss lobster night , when is this night ? i have the unlimited beverage package, can I order wine and drinks in specialty restaurants ? we plan on going to the wonderland restaurant, chops grille and Italian restaurant. Any other suggestions ? thanks
  9. What is the drinking age on board ship? I have an 18 year old which I wouldn't mind her having a drink. Also jet ski rentals at cococay. We are a party of 4 but we want to rent two jet skis and then have 2 passengers. Wont let me add passengers when I book online. do I just book two and add the passengers once we get on the island? One of the passengers is only 14. we know he cant be the driver.... anyone have experience with this?
  10. I am trying to book two jet skis with two drivers and two passengers. It seems like I can't add on a passengers. Do I show up and ask for a two seater instead? What is your experience booking it online and adding on passengers? Has anyone done this?
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