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  1. Thanks So Much Ladies! I guess I was so focused on not forgetting anything, I didn't even think about popping in to a store in port. That advice is GOLDEN! We arrive the day before we board so plenty of time to grab a few items before embarkation. Also thanks Wheeling Traveling Mom for recommending Travel Fashion Girl!!
  2. I am beginning to make my "To Pack" list for our upcoming cruise on NCL Pride of America and need to know the toiletry situation. With baggage fees an unfortunate fact of life, I am looking to minimize. However, DD (17) and I do not want to wind up looking like Monica in The One in Barbados (Friends). We also do not want to wear ponytails for an entire week. We both have medium (me) to loooong hair (her) that is super thick and naturally wavy/curly. So.... What type of amenities are provided (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion)? What brand? And what was your experience with it? Thanks So Much!!!
  3. We will be doing this excursion in June. Sounds like it was a good choice! So the luggage does just stay stowed in/under the bus during the tour and you collect it once you arrive at the airport? That has been our only worry for this trip. Thanks So Much!
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