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  1. The salad bar is great! We did Moderno on the Getaway and they had (in addition to the regular green salad items) sushi, lots of different cheeses, marinated vegetables, pasta and couscous salads, soups, rolls, cold meats and definitely more items that I now can't remember! (This was back in July 2019). The meats were good - I particularly liked the beef selections - but the pineapple they bring around on the skewer is a definite must try! Delish!!!
  2. Loved the Baltic Cruise - St. Petersburg is stunning, but also loved Copenhagen and Helsinki. Did a Grand Med cruise as well and Athens was amazing - but Venice was probably my favourite on that cruise. I don't think you can go wrong with either a Baltic or a Greek Isles cruise - I only saw Athens and Mykonos on my grand Med - but Santorini is on my bucket list!
  3. We did 5 of us in a Family Oceanview on the Getaway (2 adults 3 kids - 18, 14, 10) and it was tight! Had more than one squabble over the bathroom and we tried to spend as much time out of the room as possible because of the lack of space. Looking at another family cruise in 2021 and thinking connecting insides may be the way to go 🙂
  4. Can't speak to the cabanas themselves, but when we were at Harvest Caye we loved the pool! We spent some time on the beach, but found it rough on our feet and lots of seaweed the day we were there. The pool was amazing - so clean and it's huge! Lots of lifeguards too - so we always felt safe.
  5. Was on the Getaway this past July - loved the Raspberry Guava Mojito, Aperol Spritz and BBC!! 🍹
  6. I think it may depend on the ship? Saw a vending type machine on the Spirit when I went by the medical center (in 2016) - but I did not see one on the Getaway (anywhere on the ship including by the medical center). The shops had meds to buy, but as a comparison - it was $18.99 for a bottle of Nyquil during my cruise this past July.
  7. They did on the Getaway in July - I believe the one we could get with the beverage package was Voga - it was pretty good 😊
  8. My just turned drinking age son thought it was great, though I agree with the above posters - its much better cold and with OJ!
  9. Cagney's - Parmesean Truffle Fries & the Pork Belly Le Bistro - French Onion Soup Moderno - Pineapple
  10. Cagney's - Parmesean Truffle Fries & the Pork Belly Le Bistro - French Onion Soup Moderno - Pineapple
  11. I would do the two cruises - like a lot of others have said, the room doesn't really matter to me - I just love being on the ship and visiting new places (or the same places as long as I'm cruising!)
  12. Yay!! Glad it was the right one 😄 It was a great reference for me on my last cruise in July! I hope it serves you well! 🍸🍹
  13. Not sure if this is the one you are referring to, but I have attached a copy of one I downloaded a year or so ago 🙂🍹 Hopefully it's what you're looking for! NCL UBP FAV DRINKS 2017 edition.pdf
  14. Thanks for the review! Doing the same cruise on July 22nd - can't wait! 😄
  15. July 22 - 17 days to go!! Baltics on the Getaway 😄 Ports are Copenhagen, Denmark; Rostock (Berlin), Germany; Helsinki, Finland; St. Petersburg, Russia; Tallinn, Estonia; Stockholm (Nynashamn), Sweden; then back to Copenhagen! 🛳️
  16. I usually like to start about 10 days before departure, gradually adding items to the suitcase as I get laundry done. But more times than not, I start with packing a few things, then it gets neglected due to work and crazy kid schedules! Then I'm typically scrambling a day or two before to get it all done 😄
  17. Thank you so much for posting details and pics!! I'm loving seeing the changes and upgrades that have taken place 😍 Sailed on her last August and again this coming July - it's so great to see your first-hand photos to see what to expect!
  18. BBC for sure! Also Frozen Toasted Almond and Pina Coladas....sooo yummy! 🍧🍹 This thread is making me thirsty! 😋
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