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  1. We had it for our 4-day cruise and it was great. Definitely got our money's worth - but we are (hopefully) doing a 7 day cruise in January, and are on the fence. $700 between the two of us is a big pill to swallow. We'll probably end up doing it though because there's 3 days at sea and we're on the third floor lol
  2. Just received my full cruise credit this week! Our cruise was supposed to be 3/20. However, I didn't process the request until a few weeks ago.
  3. We also JUST got the "things you should know before cruising" email too lol. Waiting for that official press release has me refreshing every minute!
  4. Read this: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/11/coronavirus-cruises-126426 "Cruise lines typically register ships under so-called “flags of convenience,” in Panama, the Bahamas and other countries chosen for their low wages, cheap fees and lax regulations. The International Maritime Organization makes the international rules that govern shipping, including cruising, but it has no enforcement power. That falls to the countries where the ships are registered, to which cruise customers provide needed tourism dollars. Some popular flags of convenience, like the Bahamas, have just o
  5. Now we wait until the official CCL statement.
  6. That's how I feel too! Sorry to hear your plans are postponed... but it will be for sure memorable!! Maybe not for the right reasons. Hell, surprise her with a "I'd only want to be quarantined with you" proposal party 😉
  7. I'm SHOCKED. I keep searching to see if they've updated and announced cancellations, but am not seeing anything. Set to cruise Friday and holding my breath for the next 24 hours.
  8. Where are you seeing this? Not finding the official news.
  9. John Heald JUST posted about adding additional layers to people getting on cruise ships - didn't say anything about cancelling surprisingly! I don't know who holds the authority to cancel aside from the docks no longer letting them embark at their cruise. My friends are currently on the Imagination that sails today (I'm scheduled for next Friday and am SO torn)
  10. Yup! They usually have the photo shop open the morning of disembarkation to ensure people are able to get their last night pictures. I don't remember exact times. I also vaguely remember them being open late the last night too. Just make a point to pop by the photo shop before you leave!
  11. I don't see why not - I don't think the FCC specifies which cruise it needs to be. But hopefully someone else has some better intel than I do!
  12. Impressive! I keep hoping one pops up, but the Long Beach ones are still sailing mostly full lol
  13. Has anyone tried doing a half cabin cancellation with the new policies? I am cruising next Friday, and one of my girls may cancel (she's been sick - NOT Coronavirus - and is worried about sailing in general)... but she has a roommate. I know previously people suggested to go the route of no show, but with the current policies kind of all over the place, I'm wondering if they'll honor the price for her roomie if she decides not to cancel? She is going to make a game time decision next week, but thought I'd check here for any insight. Thank you!
  14. I think it depends on when you're cruising. I booked my 3-day cruise in November and saw a $195 price drop. But since then, nada (we cruise next week). I've also seen some massive price drops.... if you're looking out of state. Someone shared my cruise with their prices, but had Florida resident. I was so mad lol
  15. I plan on cruising unless they cancel the cruise (3-day out of Long Beach). There are 7 of us going for my bachelorette... I've told the girls they can cancel if they don't feel comfortable, but nobody has cancelled yet. Cruises are still currently running, though it may be interesting to see what happens in the event Stagecoach + Coachella cancel. I work in LA and our IT is making the rounds to ensure we all have access to work from home if necessary. So that's a little worrisome. But I'm not afraid of getting sick, I'm really only just afraid of being quarantined for two weeks. N
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