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  1. All this post makes me think... is Soap, when said/read a lot, starts to sound very strange. lol
  2. My cure is red bull and vodka! haha. But otherwise I'm the same.. and I always have FOMO!!
  3. When I had like $300 of OBC one time, I went to the concierge desk and had them split it up into the 3 S&S cards in our room. I believe you should still be able to do that!
  4. We got a whopping $10 of price drop... and then nothing since then. Religiously watching it, and then it looked like all balconies sold out, but now they're back. Still no price drops 😞
  5. Good review! We are sailing her in September... can't wait!
  6. I've heard folks buying the AARP gift cards at 10% less then applying those to their trip - including Cheers. So that may be a "cheaper" way of doing it. But otherwise the only real difference is 10% more if you buy it onboard vs. ahead of time.
  7. I'll take it off your hands 😉 There's no way you can cruise before then?
  8. Oh man - I hope these are on the Liberty in September. My boyfriend will be SO HAPPY lol
  9. Depending on where you're going, snorkels or water toys (though not sure what's allowed in the pool)? Cruise cash so they can buy some fun little things onboard Lanyards to hang their S&S cards Fun sunglasses or beach hat Anything Carnival-branded (should have some fun little items in the Fun Shops)
  10. WOW!! How scary! Definitely seems harsh to me, BUT there are always two sides of a story. I'm sure Carnival will release a statement at some point.
  11. Ports Posse Salty Baes (LOL) Oceans 11 Bring Me The Horizon (also a band name.. haha)
  12. My exact thoughts... LOL. The only thing I can think of escargot on the ships.
  13. I'm in the same boat as you - we're planning on doing Cheers. You can buy Cheers onboard, and use your gift card to purchase it. It's about 10% more expensive buying onboard, though you'd offset it with your $200 gift card. I also was looking into onboard credit vs. Carnival gift cards... and may go the route of the gift card as onboard credit is nonrefundable. At this point I think it may just be worth it to spend the $500 for Cheers on my Carnival card and get double the points for it and then use the giftcard/onboard credit for any residual fees (we're doing the chef's table which is $150 alone).
  14. Damn that's a tough choice! Maybe look into prices too - see if flights are cheaper to one airport or the other (unless you included that in the $400 you mentioned above). Maybe also look into excursions to see if anything jumps out at you. I LOVED the Breeze..but also I loved Aruba and Curacao...and also Grand Turk lol.
  15. Touche - we get company discounts for Vegas which are 10% off FULL PRICE. No thanks, I'll go to Vegas.com and get their dirt cheap offers LOL
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