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  1. Thank you Organized Chaos, I really appreciated your responses. I am going to search the boards regarding the Dominican Republic, and see what everyone is saying. I know things have quieted down a bit, but still nervous about going into the D.R. I'll continue to watch the News for more information. Thank you again.
  2. Hello everyone: It's been quite a long minute since I've been on Cruise Critic, so if these questions were asked before, please forgive me. 1. I hear that the Miami port is so much better than it was before. Can you tell me if the Miami Port actually pays attention to the departure that we select, or not? 2. This is my first cruise where I am flying to the port. All other cruises I've driven, or taken the train. I saw a video a few years back where Miami has a check-in kiosk for Carnival? Do you know if that is option of checking in at the airport is still available? I am cruising without my family for the first time, but meeting up with an old friend of mine from our Air Force days, and we will cruise together. One of our stops will be the D.R. We really wanted to go, but we are still concerned about the deaths there. For now, our plan is to stay on the ship and maybe do a spa day, or just lounge by the pool. This is for the cruise on the Horizon in April 2020. How does everyone else feel? Thanks in advance.
  3. OMG, can't believe I found another one of your reviews. I've been gone for a bit , and was surprised to find some of the other reviewers I use to read were gone. Then I found yours, and started jumping up and down for joy! I've subscribed, I've got my water, and eating lunch at my desk, so I'm ready.
  4. Just saw your review, and I'm subscribing. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us, and I just love the pictures.
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