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  1. I was booked on same cruise until two days ago when I called to cancel. Took the 25% hit. The TA that I spoke with said she had no updates on that cruise regarding cancellation or change of port. I cancelled without insuraance because I am over 70 traveling with my daughter. I'm in good health but caught a virus in June travelling that put me in hospital for a week after returning home. Didn't want to take a risk that conditions will worsen, which i think they have, and get sick again. I thought if things improve I'll book same cruise maybe cheaper. My air is with points so I can redeposit them with UA for a fee. Now I don't have to stress about the $ anymore. But sad because we really were excited about this cruise. Had been in plans for a year.
  2. I agree with you completely. Today I cancelled my May 15 cruise from Rome. Did not have insurance and took the 25% hit. I had to protect myself and my daughter. If things improve I'll rebook. Maybe offset hit with lower price. You cannot put a value on health and safety.
  3. If they are not allowing boarding to anyone - passenger or crew - who has travel thru the infected countries within 14 days...…. So if I have a cruise departing Rome and I arrive in Rome the day before, will they refused me entry onto the ship as Italy is one of the counties listed? How will that work if they are departing from the same country that they are banning travel from?
  4. I am due to sail from Rome on 5/15/20. I have paid in full. I have never bought travel insurance and now regret that I didn't buy for this trip. I am unable to now get CFAR coverage, but, I'm thinking I should buy medical, evacuation and cancellation coverage even though it doesn't include CFAR. I also think it would too late to waiver pre existing but I would be covered for anything new. Do you suggest that I buy this now and what will it cover.
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