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  1. Hi Bart, Thats not a lot of time but it’s a small island so you have options. There is Chankanaab park which is close to your pier and you could do a quick swim/snorkel there. There are some cool statues and coral to see right off the shore there. Pack your swimsuit and ask the tour operator to drop you off there to save time. It would be a nice way to cool off from the sightseeing tour. Another option would be to have them drop you downtown and do tequila and rum cake tasting at one of a few different places. Finally if you would prefer to play it safer, you can hang out at Fat Tuesdays within sight of your ship right at the pier. Cozumel is a fun day. You’ll have a great day whichever you choose.
  2. While it’s technically possible, it’s a bit of a logistical nightmare to do the ruins from Cozumel. You’ll bus to the ferry terminal. Then there is a 45-minute ferry which is infamously called “the vomit comet” for good reason. The water tends to be quite rough crossing the channel to the mainland. Once you arrive at Playa Del Carmen you’ll have another bus ride of at least 30 minutes to Tulum or over 1.5 hours to Chichen Itza. So you’ve used around 3 hours of your day getting there and back. If you want a quick trip to the ruins at Tulum to say you’ve been there it’s doable, but there is not enough time to see it leisurely and the cute towns of Tulum and Akumal. If you did the ruins on a land trip there is a ton to do in that area, including swimming with sea turtles at Akumal: Xcaret eco theme park, and many cenotes for swimming and snorkeling. So it’s totally up to you of course but IMO it is too rushed to be an enjoyable day.
  3. I’ve been watching too. I’m still booked for May 23rd which is unlikely to sail but rates are down at least $200. I’m waiting it out and If it does look like it will sail I will ask for an upgrade or OBC. Guessing that won’t be hard to get them to do. Also watching same itinerary rest of 2020..all down quite a bit so hopefully the FCC gets us the same cruise without paying more money.
  4. Was totally joking but that’s true! It does! Good workout for my calves I remember!
  5. Love Nachi! Booked for May for my umpteenth visit. I have never seen it crowded either and love that they control that with a daily capacity. Seaweed huh? Not common there but good to know. ”soft sand” is a negative? You like hard sand? 😅 jk thanks for the review!
  6. The 7 colors lagoon is a 1.5 hour one-way drive from the port. Not sure how long your ship is in port but it is unlikely you’ll have time to do all of that. I looked at an independent tour to the lagoon and decided we would only have a couple hours at the lagoon and the rest of the day would be in a vehicle. I would recommend you look at distances to the places you want to see and prioritize what are your must-see places to help plan your day. Taxi from the port would be very expensive to go that far but there are good independent tour operators.
  7. Same here. I was just on their site booking for a May sailing and read about their new catamaran that is doing stingray, starfish and snorkel tours. Sounds fun!
  8. I have used them every time I have a stop in GC since the early 90s and just booked them again for May. Swimming with the stingrays is one of my favorite things to do anywhere in the Caribbean and Captain Marvins does it better than anyone else. They’re the oldest company there offering stingray tours. Read their reviews on trip advisor.
  9. When you see the ocean water there you will definitely not want to spend your day in a pool. It’s calm water and one of the prettiest beaches in the Caribbean.
  10. You won’t need them. You’ll be standing on or swimming around a sandbar with the most beautiful white clean sand. For snorkeling stops you must not step on the coral which damages it.
  11. Captain Marvins is the oldest and IMO the best tour operator for stingray and snorkeling in GC. I have booked with him on every tour since the early 90s that stops there.
  12. Stingray city is one of my favorite things to do in GC. I never miss a chance to do it every time I’m there. The turtle farm and Hell are touristy and if you’ve seen them once, you’ve seen them. I do not book stingray tour through the ship.
  13. 😄 it’s a sandbar in the middle of the ocean so you have to have a boat. It’s about 20 minutes by boat from the tour operator’s dock out to the sandbar. Captain Marvins will drop you off at 7 mile beach on the way back. When you’re ready to return to the ship you can grab a taxi or one of the buses.
  14. On other ships the steward has brought extra chairs on request. This might be a possibility but if the youngsters want to drag a chair in a sling bag, shouldn’t be a problem!
  15. Great videos! Neither was crowded at all! When were these taken? One question-you may have edited it out but I didn’t see your comments on the entrees at Nachi. Good? how would you compare the food overall with the buffet vs a la carte differences? Im a Nachi fan myself. Sanchos is bigger but noisier and I love the laid back vibe at Nachi. I didn’t write down your you tube channel name. Can you share that and I’ll find you there. thanks!
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