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  1. I would choose the balcony. And if it's one of the studios that end in 48 I might even pay extra for if. Balcony is as big as the cabin
  2. Good Luck! I manage a hotel in the area and the whole area is sold out Sat night. If you have a car I would suggest looking further south maybe Woodbridge possibly as far as Princeton.
  3. It's actually 12, not 6. And you can often get a standard balcony, especially a gty solo at a better price than the SB solo balcony since there are so few
  4. I've been on deck 13 on the Anthem three times and not had noise issues. 13668, 13288 and 13662
  5. It's unusual that they didn't ask you to choose your own entree. And then perhaps bring an additional one that was not ordered. By the way the beef is amazing.
  6. and I'm talking about the FREE flavored water in the same machine the lemonade is in
  7. except the menus were not static for 14 nights. 12 night cruises typically had three menus per venue.
  8. I didn't catch on from him knowing the songs quickly but when he "named" a song in one note that so clearly did not match the clue but was the correct answer for the next song...
  9. I liked Tanya a lot. And Dennis grew on me. If I had offered an opinion on him after the welcome aboard show it would not have been as favorable as later on in the cruise. I would not be upset to find him as the CD on a future cruise.
  10. I was on the last cruise and heard out of his own mouth that he had the next 2 off. So feel free to anticipate, but that's what he actually said
  11. On the Anthem, Dennis is going on vacation the next two cruises. Tonya will be the CD until she leaves for the majesty and Dennis comes back.
  12. I was replying to the person who said Tanya was the CD this week on the anthem. Dennis is the CD and Tanya is the AM but she will be headed to the majesty shortly as CD
  13. Dennis is the CD this week. It they have announced that Tonya is the very needy CD and will be taking over the Majesty
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