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  1. no, the menus were not dictated by whether you were participating in DD Classic. And As I mentioned above they came into existence prior to classic.
  2. but it was fairly quick. I sailed the Quantum in mid Jan and they had two or three different menus at each dining room on my 12 night. This was well before they introduced "classic"
  3. I was one of those that loved DD. What really confuses me is why the concept is working on Celebrity with what is generally an older, more "traditional" cruiser. You would think the opposite would be true.
  4. It might not benefit you. But for lighter drinkers there will be no need to purchase the package. Most days I can't see myself going over the allotment but even if I did by one (or two) it would be cheaper to just pay for them than buy a package. Saves me quite a bit
  5. I had one of the SB for 12 nights on the Quantum. One of the ones with the largest balconies. I think those are the XX48 cabins. I could have lived on that balcony. The rooms are small, but manageable. The only seating other than the bed is a backless (I think, might have had a very low back) stool. Storage is minimal, but I made it work for 12 nights and I don't pack light. Bathroom was the same as any other standard cabin.
  6. just to confirm- a solo cruiser in a standard (non studio, non suite) would get 4 credits per night?
  7. I tend to not like most photos of me. So I will often pose for plenty hoping for one or two per trip I like enough to purchase.
  8. I can't imagine a lawyer who is either bringing the civil suit forward or is at least aware of it would author or approve the didn't have to admit to the facts line
  9. Is this real? It reads like it was made up by someone who new it sounded ridiculous. Relieved that he didn't have to admit to facts?
  10. I would choose the balcony. And if it's one of the studios that end in 48 I might even pay extra for if. Balcony is as big as the cabin
  11. Good Luck! I manage a hotel in the area and the whole area is sold out Sat night. If you have a car I would suggest looking further south maybe Woodbridge possibly as far as Princeton.
  12. It's actually 12, not 6. And you can often get a standard balcony, especially a gty solo at a better price than the SB solo balcony since there are so few
  13. I've been on deck 13 on the Anthem three times and not had noise issues. 13668, 13288 and 13662
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