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  1. unless something major has changed the port is Cape Liberty in Bayonne, not Port Elizabeth.
  2. it's an option, but it does not answer the original question.
  3. pretty sure it's 12 per stateroom and this is the first I've heard that plastic is not allowed.
  4. I'm only diamond but was told the same thing about Juices a week or so ago.
  5. yup. I'm below 200 and have my first.
  6. driving from North Carolina
  7. OP here. As it turns out I won't be solo, but our current plan is to stay an hour or so out and then park at the port. Is traffic that bad?
  8. It's been quite a while since my one Alaskan cruise, but I will say now that I'm starting to look for my next one, I would not due roundtrip unless you find an abnormally long one. A 7 day roundtrip doesn't go far enough north
  9. As a passenger, my hope is that they are not much above 50% for my December cruise, but yes it's concerning for the future of the industry.
  10. My first few cruises which were Celebrity and RC they did that as well. I miss the variety.
  11. My first few cruises which were Celebrity and RC they did that as well. I miss the variety.
  12. Love Wonderland! And based on the above video looks like there are a few different dishes from my last visit. Can't wait to go again.
  13. no real need to rush people off when the next cruise isn't for about a week.
  14. Wonder why the newer Oasis class have Dazzles. I have the Harmony booked and was thinking how much I'm going to miss both the Music Hall and 270
  15. Is the Solarium Bistro open for dinner? If so do you know how they are handling the appetizer/buffet selections?
  16. At what time does the check in window open? I have another week or so but want to check in ASAP and hopefully get an early boarding slot.
  17. There's a lot more that goes into quality of food than "is it moldy" like, say preparation.
  18. ok, so lets say your whole traveling party is fully vaccinated but someone in your party tests positive for the pre cruise test. Are you out the cruise fare?
  19. It still shows as available to book
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