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  1. CaroleSS, there's no way I can impart 40 years of experience and 10 years of college to you. Please explain how there have been 600,000 deaths in excess of expected.
  2. We can tell through years of experience. There are many ways of determining what finally causes a body to fail. Have there been done errors in documentation? Absolutely. But there is no way to explain away 600,000 deaths in the US in the excess if nirmal in the last 14 months other than Covid.
  3. Most of these can be avoided by following the CDC guidelines for food preparation, which are known in the cruise industry as the gold standard. Others, just by washing hands, which 60% of people do not do appropriately after using the toilet.
  4. If you are live every day with any chronic illess, then get Covid and die, then, yes, Covid is #1 on the death certificate, because Covid is why you die today. (Nurse practitioner with 40 years hospital experience)
  5. Not sure it's a riot as much as a shark feeding frenzy! In either case, it can be scary
  6. There will also be a large group of people who won't cruise unless everyone is vaccinated. I'm sure that the cruise industry is looking at this question closely. Right now Carnival is saying they won't require vaccinations, so pepe who don't want to vaccinate could choose them and those of us who wouldn't sail without people being vaccinated will choose Royal. And on the J&J vaccine, the incidence of clots is less than the general population.
  7. The way we fill out death certificates is #1 is whatever killed you today. If you were living with cancer or heart disease or diabetes, and get the flu which causes you not to be able to handle your other illnesses, flu comes first, then there are 5 or 6 other lines to fill in as other diseases it contributing causes. They are all listed, which is why "cause of death" in many lists adds up to more than 100%.
  8. That's not the way statistics work. Death rate is fairly constant, within a small range of numbers. The only way it fluctuates significantly is if there's a reason, such as war, terrorism or pandemic
  9. Epidemiologists and statisticians do know, so here's an article that helps explain it: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2778361 When there are excess deaths from flu, they have the data from the testing done, and if it had been that many, we would have had a flu pandemic
  10. 100% of the people who died died because they caught Covid. 6% didn't have comorbidities. There have been over 600,000 deaths in excess of expected, because of Covid.
  11. 1,600,000 cases of Covid would cause 16,000 deaths, which is no where near 1 death caused by the J&J vaccine.
  12. And I'm loving the boring, life is gradually getting back to normal, the only thing I miss is not coming over the border to see our neighbors to the north. When we lived in NB in the 80's, the people at the hospital where I worked were convinced I would be expert in gunshots, because of all the crime they saw on the news from the US. I couldn't convince them our town had one murder in 22 years...
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