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  1. Did I say I cared? Just pointing out that the staff is not going to confront anyone.
  2. If it is important to you, only some ships have Royal Babies and Tots and only some have diapered swim play areas.
  3. It's a sad subject, the family will never be the same. The grandfather just can't accept the responsibility.
  4. The staff has been taught not to annoy the guests, even if it means ignoring the rules. That means they also ignore chair hogs, saving seats in the theater, taking drinks out of the Diamond lounge, kids running in the hallways, etc.
  5. We have given up on the MDR and do half specialty nights and half WJ. The food is fresher in the WJ, you can get grilled to order fish, chicken or steaks, they have theme nights and the desserts are much better than the MDR. The ambience is quieter than lunch or breakfast and if you go after 7 pm it's generally 3/4 empty.
  6. Have had it happen 3 times. It means Royal Caribbean has sold the whole shop to a group. Generally you are offered three or 4 other cruises on which you are price protected and you get OBC. November and April are common months..
  7. This nurse practitioner would look at the CDC travel website, so that's excellent advice. I also recommend all my patients stay UTD on their TDAP.
  8. Our almost 4 year old grandson sat through one specialty restaurant dinner then realized he could go to the children's club at dinner time. He was all about that instead of sitting with us.
  9. Because Royal Caribbean has different rules than Uncle Sam. And at 18 in the US, he is also neither able to drink alcohol or buy cigarettes, despite his ability to kill others.
  10. The kids are $10 each. If you reserve before you get onboard, I believe you pay full price then get it adjusted when you dine. They do have a kids menu. After one night of sitting through a 2 hour meal, my grandson begged to go to the kids club the next time. Your grandchildren may want to hang out with you, though, but the kids club is an option.
  11. I prefer Brilliance, but I prefer 7 days and the Caribbean over 5 days and Cozumel/Cayman. If you end up going to Grand Cayman, your kids would love the Turtle Sanctuary, they can hold them!
  12. It's either 1) sold out 2) taken off line so they can figure out what they've got left (and that would mean it will be back in a few days) or 3) chartered. The reps don't know anything, it usually takes a week or so once it's offline to figure out what is happening. Good luck.
  13. We've carried on for three different B2B. Although they could hold our extra beverages, they never have. If they had, we would have picked it up on the turn around day.
  14. I hear you! My kids all had at least one outburst through puberty. They are all great adults, not one with an anger management issue. It sounds like the OP handled it perfectly.
  15. Technically it is not allowed, as port is a fortified wine. We get around that by taking a late harvest Zinfandel. We've never had the port security even look at out wines, though, so you'd probably be okay.
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