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  1. Thanks nhraformula and CruiserBruce. I will be looking at your recommendations immediately.
  2. DW and I are planning on sailing out of Fort Lauderdale in July 19. We have always stayed at a location that seems to be running down with time and are looking for recommendations on a nice hotel, relative proximity to the beaches, and shuttle service to/from the airport/cruise terminal. We truly appreciate any help you can provide - Thanks - Vince5251
  3. I am intrigued by a summer itinerary offered on the MSC Armonia that includes a couple of days to Havana, Cuba. My DW and I have been on approx. 11 cruises between RC and Carnival. We have always had an easy time in gathering information on the ship, activities, reviews, COMPARISON SHOPPING (between rooms, categories, ships, lines, etc.), but attempting to do such with MSC is very frustrating. Even speaking with the TA (not associated with MSC) is of no use, because she states that they face the same roadblocks without any personal information to go from. Can someone please tell me how: - they best gathered SUFFICIENT information on the line/ship to make a decision? I am going through past comments, but not getting the best feeling for the line at this time. - the categories/levels work? We are not accustomed to such a system having only traveled RC and Carnival and this just seems to be bothersome at best. Recommendations on best level/category? I'm not looking for the "cream-of-the-crop", just wanting to be able to cruise comfortably, have what we like, and not feel like we are third-class passengers in the process. - how the ship, amenities, entertainment, offerings compare to the BIG THREE? - they felt overall after having sailed on the Armonia ( or / MSC ) in general? Likes, dislikes, overall impression, recommendations on booking categories, etc? I really do appreciate any and all input. I am hoping to book something sooner-rather-than-later, but feel that I might end up going back to the tried-and-true of RC or Carnival because MSC makes procedures more difficult than necessary. Thanks in Advance - Vince 5251
  4. Thanks for this d-train. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Forums mobile app
  5. Thanks moondog. Any clue if they run any specials o ce onboard? Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Forums mobile app
  6. We leave out in nine days. I have tried to buy the photo package from the Carnival website, but the only package listed is one of five photos and a canvas. Anyone know how to to prepurchase Carnivals full photo package? Is this cheaper to prepurchase or better offerings on ship ? I appreciate the help! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Forums mobile app
  7. Helena- Loving the review. We're on Vista three weeks from tomorrow, so this is perfect. You have a beautiful family and you cannot see that they're raised right. My son would have been giving me looks and eye rolls because he KNOWS I would say something to that group of kids. Following. . . Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Forums mobile app
  8. Hey bud, quit being so hard on yourself. It's not what she would have wanted from what you've described. I lost my brother to brain cancer a little over 8 years ago. All-around best guy in the world. I took a long time to get things settled in my head as to why him and not me. Sometimes it still doesn't make sense, but I KNOW that he would not want me beating myself up for it. I'm pretty sure that my brother "brought" me the woman that I'm now married to (long suffering story on many fronts here), and if she was everything that you say she would want you to get on with your life, enjoy life, and re-find a "ying". Now carry-on soldier.
  9. You're sense of humor is killing me and bound to get me in some trouble here. I had an appointment for a haircut but it's running behind about an hour. Having nothing better to do, I don't reschedule but sit here reading this and laughing out loud. The stylist finally asked if I was laughing at her? I had to explain. If I end up with a jacked-up head - it's on you! I'm giving my kids the same well-adjusted childhood . . .wish them luck. Lol Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Forums mobile app
  10. I've just started following your review. One problem here already . . . You haven't even boarded the ship yet and I've already gained 10 pounds from all of your food and drinks! I wish you and your waistband much luck these 8 days. Last year's 7-day netted me a gain of 17 lbs that I'm still trying to shed before our upcoming cruise. Sounds like you will have a blast no matter the weather . . .Good for you! ENJOY! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Forums mobile app
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