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  1. We face the same issue, my sister needs to use a wheelchair majority of the time, if not seated in wheelchair she is using a walker, due to her disability we never know if she will have a good mental and/or mobility day. Balance is a issue for her, which requires a shower bench and grab bars. Regular staterooms are a challenge for her. Having a neurological disability, she needs to think before she acts. Having a HC cabin on every cruise makes it less stressful, as she does not have to tax her brain. Encephalitis is not a disability anyone wants to have. I honestly think cruise lines need to have a Dr fill out a form stating the person needs a handicap room. In order to get a placard the Dr has to approve it for the person. This will stop those who take the HC room because they want to have the extra room for the scooter.
  2. meatloafsfan, We love the pride also have ran into that issue with 3 of us. I appreciate the comments on other lines, only problem is we are looking a 2 specific ships as we are cruising with friends. We will be looking at other lines, Carnival had always been handicap friendly for us. Found it very frustrating when I read where folks comment they book the handicap cabin then play wait and see and cancel. Many folks are now using scooters and booking the handicap cabins for extra room for the scooter. That is fine and dandy but when you are able to walk up a step and stand in shower or ask for a shower seat but you choose to book the cabin with a roll in shower that someone who is not mobile needs that person is unable to cruise due selfish behavior. I see this becoming a bigger issue as more and more folks with mobility issues are cruising.
  3. I understand what you are saying, but very frustrating when you see someone using a scooter, parks it and walks over and gets on a tread mill, yes a passenger did this on a cruise to Hawaii, or they park it at a electric outlet and walks away to play a slot machine. I have also read on another thread where folks get scooter for a convenience. It is frustrating when you travel with a person who can not walk without a walker, can not push her own wheelchair and someone has to push them. Then you see folks who can walk but it is easier to cruise around on a scooter, then park it and walk 15-20 ft across a room. Also read where many book the HC cabin early then if change plans they cancel the cruise, not sure if they will need it or not. That is frustrating, esp when you have folks who genuinely need the HC cabins and other just want it because they had a knee or hip replacement or are up in age.
  4. We are having difficulty finding accomadations for 3 .We travel with my sister who has a neurorologcal disability, as we have all aged it is harder for me to assist her if she loses her balance, or other issues. I keep running in to a road block cabins are avail. but for only 2 person. We need a fully accessible cabin due to wheelchair and walker. In past one cruise line has put the my husband in a cabin by self, if I need his help he is close by. Recently I have been looking at cruises only to be told nothing available for 3. IMO this is discrimination toward the person who needs 2 people to assist them. I have also noticed that people are booking HC cabins who really don't need them. More and more folks are using electric scooter, nothing against those folks, however if they do not need a roll in shower with all the grab bars please leave those cabins for those who need them. Anyone else had a issue booking HC cabins is dependent on a wheelchair. I am talking about a person who mentally can not operate a scooter and we have to push the wheelchair.
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