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  1. Today is disembarkation day in Quebec City. Our transition from our old cabin to new cabin for our B2B cruise occurred without any hiccups and went much smoothly than we had anticipated. We didn't have to report to any place on ship to officially disembark and reembark. A Princess staff showed up at our old cabin with a rolling "closet" at 9ish. He moved everything including our luggage to our new cabin. By 10am we were fully moved in and our Princess Medallions were immediately switched over to the new cabin. The only thing we need to carry today is a temporary transit card to allow us to get ashore. However, the MedallionNet issue of not giving us the 250 minutes for this voyage is still unresolved. As mentioned before, MedallionNet doesn't recognize B2B cruises as two separate cruises, it considers all B2B cruises as just one continuous cruise. Met two other passengers doing the same B2B cruise like us and they have the same issue. Will talk to Internet Mgr today again. We think it's a programming issue with the MedallionNet but Princess has so far failed to acknowledge this problem.
  2. We are currently on the Caribbean Princess wrapping up in couple of days the first leg of our B2B cruise from NYC to Quebec City before starting on the second leg of the 10-day cruise from Quebec City back to NYC. Here's something that took us by total surprise on this B2B cruise (two 10-day cruises back-to-back). The Princess Platinum guideline says Platinum members get a complimentary internet package of 250 minutes for voyages of 8 to 20 days which to us means we should get 250 minutes in the first leg from NYC to Quebec City and another 250 minutes for our second leg from Quebec City to NYC since this B2B consists of two separate bookings (two cruises). However, MedallionNet considers our two 10-day cruises B2B as just one continuous cruise which means we only get 250 minutes TOTAL. For those of you who have done B2B cruises, does this make any sense? It sure doesn't make any sense to us because we paid for two separate cruises, not one continuous cruise. Internet staff says this is the way MedallionNet is programmed and they can't change it. Princess customer service says we have two separate bookings but they won't get involved with the MedallionNet. We are totally upset with Princess MedallionNet on this issue.
  3. I'm very confused with the MedallionNet. I received 3 different answers from Princess. First rep said MedallionNet is wifi but much faster than the traditional wifi on the ship. She said it's totally free and unlimited. Second rep said MedallionNet is the same as the traditional wifi, no faster than the old wifi. She further said it is NOT unlimited and it's not free. 3rd Princess rep said MedallionNet is optional and anyone can sign up for it but the cost is $9.99 a day unlimited and $5.99 a day unlimited for Platinum and Elite members. As you can see Princess reps themselves are totally clueless. Hopefully some of you with MedallionNet experience on Princess ships can clarify this confusion. Thanks.
  4. Crystal Mozart is being converted to accommodate mainland China customers, not Hong Kong cruisers since booking is only done in mainland China. Since bulk of Hong Kong travelers are well versed in English, they don't really need to sail ships geared specifically for the China market where English is not used. We love sailing on Crystal river cruises but the fact that they only have 4 longboats in Europe, their itinerary selections are extremely limited. Crystal river cruises know how to pamper their passengers and we got spoiled by the staff. Their service was considerably better than the Crystal ocean services which we were not impressed with at all. However, we equally love sailing on Viking river cruises. Since Crystal river is considered in the luxury category, their drinks, wines, food, excursions are all high quality but it doesn't mean they are the best. We have found we like Viking's breakfast and lunch better than Crystal's buffet style with more selections. Viking river dinner are actually quite decent and many times we enjoy that better than the dinners on Crystal river especially with French cuisines. For example the very famous French dish Cog au vin (chicken braised in red or white wine) that we love, Crystal river chefs simply don't know how to make it tasty and yet Viking chefs manage to excel in it. Crystal river also serves the expensive seared foie gras (goose or duck liver) but we have not had a good one on a Crystal river boat yet. The one dish that was outstanding on Crystal was the lobster. That was fresh and delicious. Our favorite Crystal river boat is the Crystal Bach, our least favorite is the Crystal Mozart. However, service on all Crystal riverboats were all excellent. Also Crystal riverboats seem to differ in their excursion offerings and the quality. Just our view.
  5. Thank you very much. You guys are fantastic with the procedure and tip. Will definitely follow the instructions to the T. Thanks again.
  6. We are seasoned cruisers but have never done a back-to-back cruise. In Sept we are doing a 10-day New England Canada cruise from NY to Quebec City on Caribbean Princess and instead of getting off we are staying on the same ship to sail back from Quebec City to NY on another 10-day cruise. Since this was a last minute booking, we are staying in one cabin on the first cruise and a different cabin on the second cruise but both on the Emerald deck essentially across each other. Do we have to disembark like rest of the passengers on the last day of the first cruise and re-embark again? How does all that work? Also, what do we do with our luggage? Can we just move our luggage from old cabin to the new cabin that morning? For those of you who have done these back-to-back cruise, please advise details. Thanks. [PS. We called Princess and the rep wasn't sure of the procedure]
  7. Actually Viking does have a dress code but the staff never enforces it. They don't recommend people wear shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops for dinner in the main dining room but there are always a few passengers who simply don't care. Typically on the first day of embarkation, passengers do get very casual. However, majority of passengers are casual but elegant for dinner. We have never seen anyone wearing suits, ties and tux except just one time when the couple was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Here's the exact dress code verbiage from Viking: "Dress during the day is casual including shorts (if the season is warm), trousers or jeans and comfortable shoes for walking tours. There are no “formal nights” and recommended evening dress is “elegant casual” such as a dress, skirt or slacks with a sweater or blouse for ladies; for gentlemen, trousers and a collared shirt. Ties and jackets are optional. We suggest you pack comfortable walking shoes, dressier shoes, a collapsible umbrella/lightweight rain gear; items you can layer like lightweight jackets/sweaters; sunglasses, a sun hat/visor, sunscreen; and toiletries including a travel-sized hand sanitizer. Depending on the season and destination, you may also want to add a warm coat, gloves and water-resistant footwear."
  8. We just came back from the Crystal Mozart river Danube cruise round trip Vienna 3 weeks ago. Your information about the Mozart exiting the Crystal fleet is not entirely correct based on the information that was given to us by several senior staffs. The Mozart is not exiting the Crystal fleet but being revised effective sometime in 2020 to accommodate cruisers from primarily mainland China to meet the surging demands of the well-to-do and adventurous mainland Chinese. This is a good move for Crystal especially when Viking has already converted two of their long boats to strictly mainland China bookings. The Mozart changeover will involve replacing the bulk of the staff with Mandarin speaking mainland Chinese staff especially the kitchen and dining room since the menus will be changed to Chinese serving primarily Chinese cuisines. All the signage on the ship will also change to Chinese. All the staff on the Mozart are aware of this change and they will be notified when and where they'll transfer to at a later date. Based on available information, Mozart will still sail essentially the same itinerary on the Danube since it's simply too wide (twice the width of the standard long ships) to sail on other European rivers due to lock width and length limitations. If Mozart copies Viking's Chinese "conversion", it'll mean the bookings will only be handled by an approved travel agency in mainland China. The Mozart staff wasn't surprised with this move because Mozart is a very old ship and there have been complaints from cruisers about the various aspect of the ship particularly the smallish cabins, tight closets, tiny bathrooms, too high tech toilets, sliding patio door balcony instead of the much wider drop-down French balcony, ... They said they have never had a sold out voyage. Our voyage had 105 passengers with a number of vacant cabins (Mozart was designed to have about 145 passengers). We met about 5 couples who booked just 2 months before departure. A few other changes are coming to the Crystal river cruising. They are dropping the Eastern European voyage effective next year and revising others. There may be one or more new long ships added in the future since their current 4 long ships offer extremely limited itineraries.
  9. We just returned from a cruise down under on Majestic Princess and we did try La Mer with 4 of our friends since all of us love French food. To put it mildly, nothing was French and the cooking and taste were downright bad. Every single dish we ordered had to be returned for something else with the exception of the dessert. We were stunned how this Michelin star French restaurant could be serving such below average food. We complained to the Head Waiter and Manager about our food experience and they did apologize to us but confirmed the La Mer's dishes were not French. The only French is the French name. The huge restaurant was near empty almost each evening with no more than 3 or 4 tables filled. We had made a total of 3 reservations for this restaurant before the cruise but after that first experience we canceled the remainder reservations. We had also dined at the Michelin star Harmony Chinese restaurant which turned out to be excellent and we all decided to go back 2 more times all with excellent results.
  10. The ship's customer service manager rectified the proper 1.4 A$ equivalent on our USD OBC after we raised hell about that. Apparently a number of other Americans raised hell too and they too were compensated properly. However, the sad part is Princess is not correcting this 1 to 1 conversion on OBC across the board. They are only addressing it on an individual basis. If you don't raise hell, you get the 1 to 1 conversion.
  11. I'm finally on the Majestic Princess sailing from Sydney to Auckland NZ. Yes, ship staff confirmed the 1.1% credit card surcharge is only applicable for the Australia New Zealand sailings. However, one thing that took me and many Americans on our cruise by total surprise is our shipboard credit, stockholders and veteran/military shipboard credit all previously in USD but now converted to A$ (Australian dollars) using just a 1 to 1 conversion instead of using a foreign exchange rate. In other words, Princess took our USD100 OBC and automatically changed to A$100 without using the proper Australian exchange rate. To me that's totally absurd and ludicrous. Princess should be using a proper foreign exchange rate to convert our USD OBC to A$ OBC instead of 1 to 1.
  12. Just recently I tried to go in the Specialty Restaurant Reservation link to book a table with one of the specialty restaurants on the Majestic Princess and to my surprise, it said "CLOSED" in bold red letters. I thought that was odd since our cruise doesn't start until 10 days away. I called Princess to enquire this "error" and was told it was not an error but a new Princess policy that's been implemented effective immediately that all passengers must now reserve specialty restaurant seating after you get on the ship and not before. Have you folks seen this on your upcoming cruises? To me this new policy SUCKS big time because it means you are among hundreds and hundreds of people trying to call the reservation line the first day of embarkation to make a dinner reservation so getting through may be nearly impossible. Your thoughts?
  13. Chopper_1, our Feb 18-Mar 2 12-day itinerary may not be the same as your Nov sailing so your Patters may not be the same. Here's our 12-day itinerary (Sydney, sea day, Melbourne, sea day, Hobart, sea day, sea day, Fiordland Natl Park cruising, Dunedin NZ, Akaroa NZ, sea day, Tauranga NZ, Auckland). I think your voyage went to Auckland first after leaving Sydney. I believe the Majestic Princess December 2018 sailing may be the same as ours. I'm hoping to find the Patters for the entire voyage. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your suggestion. I just did that. Wasn't aware of an Australia New Zealand section. Thanks.
  15. Do any of you who recently did the 12-day (Sydney, sea day, Melbourne, sea day, Hobart, sea day, sea day, Fiordland Natl Park cruising, Dunedin NZ, Akaroa NZ, sea day, Tauranga NZ, Auckland) share with us the Patters? We are doing the above itinerary starting Feb 18 sailing from Sydney and ending at Auckland on March 2. Thanks.
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