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  1. After searching online, the lowest fares for Caribbean that I have seen for 7 days sailing ranged between $899.00 and $949 (sailing dates in Oct and Nov of 2019, and then in Jan, Feb, and Mar of 2020). One of the sailings had a $300 OBC, while the others had $100 (for a cabin). Also saw a ten day sailing in October for $1299 with an OBC of $500. Have not run across any $599 fares at this point. Hoping Kingofcool will clarify re the fare for the sailing. Happy online searching to all.
  2. Vicky- Really appreciate your posts! We have not been on Seabourn; but, your posts, as well as those of others' on this board, have put the line on our list to try. Looking forward to your next post and overall thoughts regarding your trip. From what I read, sounds like it was very enjoyable and happy to read that you have been enjoying your voyage.
  3. Thanks, Kazu and Knittinggirl- Appreciate your help. When logged into my HAL account and looking at excursions, could not find the policy re: cancelling. Hope to go...but, always like to know the terms when I am reserving or purchasing. Thanks again :-)
  4. Quick question- Are Holland America's excursions refundable if you book and then had to cancel for some reason before the cruise cancellation/final payment date window? IE Have a sailing booked for late summer and would like to go ahead and book some HAL EXC excursions, for that matter, would like to book dining in specialty restaurants and spa treatements as well. Unsure as to whether or not these would be refundable if we had to cancel the booking for some reason before final payment date. (I am assuming that to book the excursions now, one has to pay in full--the same with specialty dining.) Thanks! 🙂 -EngSet
  5. Hi, FeliciaLee- Thanks for posting---food and dining comparisons would be of interest. Thanks!
  6. Hi- Azamara actually got nominated for more than two categories- the line is also under best ocean cruise line category, as well as best food- in addition to best boutique line and best small ship. 🙂
  7. Thanks again, Catl331--Ended up reposting via the link you provided, plus, while on a desktop, vs. on a tablet. That seemed to be key. Hoping updates this weekend fix some of the glitches I have been experiencing while using the site via a tablet. Now, cannot blame my poor typing on that, though. 😉 Wishing all a great weekend, -EngSet
  8. Appreciate you sharing that for it was hard to decide on which line, route, and ship. Also-Sorry for typo in thread topic-Doesn't look like I can edit it and correct it at this point. Argh...
  9. Hi, Catl331---Thanks! Thought I was actually in that area when I posted- but, was on my tablet and have been having some issues with posting and submitting when using my tablet since the new CC platform.
  10. Attempting to start a roll call for Nieuw Amsterdam sailing, RT, Vancouver, starting on Saturday, August 31st, sailing from Vancouver, Canada, to Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway.
  11. Budget Queen- Slightly off topic- Curious if you have favorite ships from which you have watched for whales--speaking of the cruise ships, not the excursion ships. Would love to know if you do and if yes, why those. :-) (Thinking of the time you spend outside on deck watching for whales.)
  12. Greetings: Looking for thoughts/advice regarding the possibility of doing the Tracy Arm excursion (small boat that leaves larger cruise ship at 0930 hrs for excursion through the Tracy Arm Fjord), followed by late afternoon whale watching excursion later the same from Juneau (two separate excursions). (Ship scheduled to arrive at Tracy Arm for excursion at 0900 hours, then on to Juneau for those who do not take the Tracy Arm excursion. Ship then to depart Juneau for all at 10 p.m.) First time to Alaska and not sure when we will get back- unfortunately, seems like it is sometimes years in between our vacations as of late. (Hope to change that trend soon.) High priority is seeing whales; but, Tracy Arm also of interest. (The cruise we currently have booked for late Aug/early Sept this coming summer also includes the inside passage out of Vancouver -twice- and Glacier Bay. Other ports are Skagway and Ketchikan. To increase the chances of seeing whales, contemplating arriving a couple days early in Vancouver prior to the cruise and taking part in a whale watching excursion out of Vancouver or Victoria as well.) The two excursions listed above- the Tracy Arm excursion and whale watching out of Juneau- are the ones on the voyage that I am most interested in- they just happen to hit on the same day. 😞 But, thinking it might still be an option to do both ---just a bit of a long day. Anyone try both of these in one day before? Or, have strong feelings about why one might or might not attempt this? I am not one to love a hectic pace when traveling; but, thinking that since much of the excursions involves riding on boats and viewing, it might be doable and enjoyable to do both excursions on the same day, even though it would be a bit of a long day. (Perhaps the next day a spa day? The stop in Juneau is the 2nd full day of the cruise- thus, we'd either have time to relax after that day---or, would have exhausted ourselves at the beginning of the voyage....) Thanks in advance for your thoughts/advice. -EngSet
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