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  1. Thank you. I will give them a shout.
  2. There are 4 of us flying into FLL going to the Intercontinental in Miami. We prefer a car service as opposed to Uber or a taxi. Several years ago I used Larry's Limos but I can't find them mentioned recently. (Might be because the search feature here is so bad.) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has used them recently or if there is a service you can recommend. Thank you!
  3. In my opinion AFT is the way to go. Wind can be factor in the front, and there may be restrictions about keeping your curtains closed after dark. There is nothing better than sitting on your aft balcony with a drink in hand being mesmerized by the wake. I always choose Aft when it falls in my price range.
  4. I rebooked because I truly enjoyed my cruise on the Seaside. I cruise most of the mainstream lines and really enjoy Princess, Holland America and NCL. I found that the Seaside compared favorably in almost every way. She is a beautiful and immaculate ship. Food - I thought there was plenty of choice on the buffet, and some items were excellent. The quality of their cold cuts and cheese was really, really good (compared to Celebrity which was horrendous). There were delicious chicken dishes every day along with the usual. The pizza was very good (unlike the cardboard served on NCL). The food in the MDR was to my liking (not overly sauced and spiced) and the choices were good. Butcher's Cut far exceeded steak restaurants on other cruise lines. I only splurged for gelato once but oh my Lord, it was divine! I absolutely loved the Thermal Spa. The different rooms (snow, rain, Himalayan Salt, etc) were wonderful, and since we had an ocean view stateroom the dedicated outdoor space with hot tub really enhanced our experience. I got a quality pedicure and my first ever massage. It was wonderful. Service was very good although it was within a few months of the inaugural and there was definitely a learning curve for some of the staff. But every single staff member I dealt with was polite and did their best to help. I never felt that I got the runaround. Our room steward was very stealthy, but got the job done with no intrusion. Our dining team was superb and I am hoping they are still onboard for our upcoming cruise. The Cruise Critic Party was done very well, and we had good attendance by staff. They made us feel very special and welcome. I enjoyed the casino, although the staff there was not as warm and fuzzy as on NCL. But they were prompt and efficient. I found the game selection was adequate and far better than either Princess or HAL. Geez, I guess that was more than asked for and I didn't even mention entertainment, bars, outdoor spaces and other activities which I had no complaints with. I also enjoyed the diversity of the cruisers onboard, unlike HAL. There were just too many positives not to put MSC in the mix for us.
  5. The free sparkling wine is a Headache in a Bottle. We always give it away.
  6. Guess I am not surprised that they had a "stand by" steak, but telling you that was just idiotic. Pretty sure I would have stood up and walked out at that point. My experiences have been mediocre, so we don't even go there, which is a shame.
  7. That was so much fun and the food and company were fantastic! 10 years, really? We must be older than dirt now!
  8. We stopped going to Cagney's a few years ago because it was no longer what we would consider even a good steakhouse. We go to Le Bistro twice now on most cruises. Once for a good steak and once for something else.
  9. We cruised Hawaii (not NCL) in March and the weather was delightful. My husband thinks that maybe we had one passing shower, but I can't even remember it. We went on a private whale watching excursion in Maui, and it was incredible. One of those once in a lifetime perfect days! For me, March is the month I would choose to go to Hawaii.
  10. Sorry about that, I wasn't sure which side that was. But at the time I cruised (3/18), there were padded chairs available and I relaxed on them most days. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of that side. Whether there are padded chairs or not, it was still a lovely quiet place to relax, especially for folks without a balcony. I am looking forward to many hours out there next month!
  11. Thank you both, that is exactly what I was hoping for. I really enjoyed that area.
  12. This is a bit confusing to me. When I cruised Seaside last year, I purchased the Spa Pass. I had access to padded loungers and a small hot tub on the deck. Is that still the case?
  13. I've always been very pleased with the way it comes back. They do a better job folding than I do And I have to laugh when I find those scratchy little tags months later!
  14. dznymom

    Disney v MSC

    I sailed Disney a few times when our kiddos were actually kiddos, and it was wonderful and worth the $$ at the time. Now I have cruised most of the mainstream lines and find that I don't miss Disney one bit. I loved my Seaside cruise, and although it was nothing like Disney, it was fantastic. I can't wait to sail her again, and to try more of the MSC ships.
  15. Thanks for a very fair and balanced review. I concur with most of what you found, although we didn't have much trouble (March '18) with the elevators except for directly after shows or returning from excursions, but that may been our location as I did hear complaints about it. I liked the ship enough that I will be back on her in a few weeks and I am bringing 3 newbies, so I am excited to show her off!
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