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  1. I got one for the 6/28 Gem today as well. Bid $225 each for a mini suite. I think mine was at the low end of good. Well done Crusoemom.
  2. FWIW, I still do it the old fashioned way when I have an issue. I would write a very professional letter and make prints (with ship name, suite number and sailing date on the back of each one) of the photos. I would send it certified mail, which requires someone to sign for it at delivery. I think this tends to get their attention because so few people send actual mail. Anyway, that is what I would do if you don't hear something through the methods suggested above very soon.
  3. Vyhanek is spot on. I've done Breakaway, Getaway, and Epic and I much prefer the Jewel class for a more relaxing personal experience. They don't have all the bells and whistles, but for us, we don't partake of most of them anyway. The only things I miss on the Jewel class are Howling at the Moon (but honestly that has been hit or miss on some ships anyway) and the Waterfront. Now, if you have have teenagers/young adults, or are more of a party type person, you might prefer the bigger ships with the hustle and bustle and crowds. For me, I'll be back on the Gem this month, and I can hardly wait!
  4. I am really enjoying your review. I just looked at all my photos again, and was reminded again how much I loved the ship. We found the food to be very good. A couple of my favorite things were the pancetta with asparagus, the duck and a couple of lamb dishes. I was trying to stay low carb, but my sister had pizza every single day because it was so good. I had a tiny gelato on the last sea day as a treat, and OMG, it was amazing! Sis is a spa person, so she showed me the ropes. I particularly liked the Himalayan salt room, the whirlpool, and of course the heated loungers, but we spent a little time in each of the rooms. We had an ocean view room, so we absolutely loved the dedicated deck space with the padded loungers and the hot tub which was almost always empty. Anyway, I don't want to hijack, but thought I would share some things we found especially enjoyable. Thanks for taking the time to update us and for sharing your great tips!
  5. I hope your experience in the Seaview is a fabulous as mine was. I absolutely loved the gorgeous ship, and the Spa was especially divine. We were also Bella and were perfectly happy with the entire experience. As a matter of fact I have booked the same category for the fall Bon Voyage!
  6. I am so sorry to hear about your mother's dreadful experience on Celebrity. I hope she has a swift and complete recovery! We had a similar experience with a medical issue on a Celebrity cruise (although not quite as serious as your Mom's), and were appalled by the lack of care, followup, compassion and basic common sense. We abandoned the cruise at the first port. I thought ours might have been a one off, but it seems that the staff is not properly trained to handle medical emergencies. We were also offered a healthy discount on a future cruise, but that will not be happening. I don't hang around the Celebrity forum posting about this. I simply moved on to the forums of the cruise lines I will be cruising.
  7. I am frustrateded reading all the negativity bout MSC, and saddened by all the posts insisting that YC is the only way to go. There are a few posters that continuously post the same negativity, and that's because they were either disgruntled because they didn't do their research, or they are just whiny in general. Granted, I only have one MSC cruise under my belt, but it was in a Bella Oceanview and I throughly enjoyed myself, and never felt second class. I've booked another Bella Oceanview for the fall, and I am very excited to be going back. I saw no need to upgrade to the Yacht Club. Just for reference, my 50th cruise is next month, and many of them have been in suites with all the bells and whistles. With 1 exception, I had a great time on every one of my cruises no matter what stateroom I was in. (I bet it would surprise you to know which cruise line I will never sail again) But honestly, this is the most negative forum around, and I truly hope it doesn't make people second guess themselves. Do your homework and then book with confidence.
  8. I sailed in Bella on the Seaside and was treated far, far better than on my last couple of Carnival cruises. I put Carnival in my rear view mirror and haven't looked back. I am excited about my upcoming Seaside cruise, once again in a Bella stateroom. Just curious, when did you sail MSC to make your statement viable?
  9. Thank you! I haven't been to Chankanaab on close to 20 years, so my memory was rather fuzzy. It looks like a lot has changed but it is still beautiful. Your video sealed the deal and it's back to the Park for me!
  10. Thank you Janineallison, I am also enjoying reading this and reliving my experience. We cruised Seaside in March 2018, and have just booked her again for October. We were Bella and thoroughly enjoyed our cruise. I agree that not having more options for dining times was a little bit annoying, but other than that things weren't that different from our other cruises (NCL, Princess, HAL, Carnival, Celebrity). At no time did we feel inferior because we were Bella. Carnival Cutie, IMO, the only reason to upgrade is because you really want those perks, not because you are afraid that Bella is an inferior experience.
  11. I did not get an upgrade for my March 2018 cruise, and I booked a guarantee ocean view. It was assigned within hours of making my booking. This time it has been about a week, and no assignment yet, so hoping for a wee little upgrade. No worries though, as we had a fabulous time in our lowly Bella Oceanview. I booked through their casino both times, so I am not sure if that is considered a direct booking or not. Good luck to everyone hoping for an upgrade!
  12. Thank you! I went ahead and pre-booked the spa. $130 vs $200 is a big difference. I am sure I will find something else to spend the OBC on I will cross my fingers for an upgrade, but I am happy enough with the ocean view knowing I have the Spa for a nice relaxing spot.
  13. I am thrilled to have booked the Seaside for the second time. In spite of the negative reviews, we had a splendid cruise last year, and we were in a lowly Bella Oceanview. No complaints whatsoever, but then we don't go looking for things to whine about. We embraced the differences! This time I have booked a guarantee and I am just curious when we might expect a room assignment. The category we booked shows sold out, so I have a wee bit of hope we might get an upgrade. I am checking way too often! Also, the spa is incredible (I am generally not a spa person at all) so we need to book Spa Passes. I'd prefer to wait until we board so we can use OBC, but I suspect the prices go up and also I am concerned that they might sell out. Any insight on this?
  14. I rarely come to the forum since they changed it and every time I do I run into issues like this one with pages not loading. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.
  15. How early do the minibuses start running in the morning? Thinking of doing this on departure day and want to be sure to have plenty of time to enjoy and get back for our all aboard time at 4:00 or so.
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