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  1. This is all very interesting. On Monday I cancelled my cruise which would have left today because my husband's doctors told him he should not travel. At the time I was told that it was 100% cancellation fee, period. I wonder if they will do this retroactively.....
  2. No worries! Our health insurance covers us out of the US and includes evacuation. I am keeping that insurance in addition to Medicare. When we travel to more distant locations, I do get insurance as I want higher coverage in the event of a long distance evacuation. But with a port intensive itinerary in the Caribbean we decided against it. Anyway, this decision is never made lightly. The more I thought about the possibility of bringing any illness home to my husband, the more I realized it wasn't worth the risk. So, I spent yesterday cancelling everything: the cruise, flights (2 different airlines), excursions, hotel, rental car, hockey tickets (which almost hurt the most since we had GLASS tickets!) and the kennel. Phew - I think I got everything but it was a lot! Thanks for all your helpful comments and suggestions. To everyone sailing in the near future, I wish you Smooth Sailing and Good Health!
  3. Thanks for the encouragement! He has continued to improve, and I think he really wants me to go so I will stop nagging him about doing everything the doctors told him 👅 I have started packing and at this point I would say I am 80/20 in favor of going. My best friend friend will check up on him every day. I already ordered the unlimited internet package so I will be able to message him whenever I feel like it. This is a port intensive itinerary, so I should be able to call him at least at those 6 stops, assuming we get in to all of them. And if necessary I could fly home from one of those ports. It wouldn't be the first time I had to cut a cruise short. I will turn 65 on this cruise, and I gotta say, this elderly stuff isn't for the weak!
  4. To your first question, it depends. Just like this depends on how he is doing in a couple of days. He is definitely not going, and I will only go if I feel confident that he is going to be fine without me. My biggest worry is that he will not follow doctor's orders, but that is another story. I am not concerned about traveling solo as I travel frequently on my own. For land based trips I usually meet up with friends at my destination, but not always. I have done a couple of solo cruises, and have made some great friends that way. They were shorter cruises than this one, but I had a blast. I am not sure I would be happy quarantined for an extended period by myself, but I think that is a pretty remote possibility. I am bringing the extra meds recommended by Princess, and loading up my Kindle just in case! I also need to see the Maitre'd after I board since we requested a table for 2 and I know I would get pretty sick of myself after a few nights See, one minute I am thinking I am going, and the next minute I am having doubts. I think it's about 50/50 right now.
  5. Thanks to each of you for your responses. I keep weighing the pros and cons of going vs staying home, and I just can't come to terms with either of them yet. I guess I have a few more days to make up my mind, but the piles of things waiting to be packed are mocking me! I sure wish I didn't upgrade when one of my favorite cabins became available. For some reason, that makes cancelling even harder.
  6. Sorry to have yet another cancellation question, but here goes. We are scheduled to cruise next Friday on the Crown & we were going to proceed as planned. Well, we spent yesterday at the ER and DH has been advised not to travel out of the country due to some medical issues that had been in check until yesterday. We do not have insurance by choice, and I understand and am okay with losing the cost of the cruise. However, he is insisting that I go without him, and that is one option I am (slightly) considering. If I cancel him, will there be additional expenses for me to go solo? Would I be better off just showing up at the port without him, or is there a chance I would be turned away. Also unlikely, but if I were to find someone to take his place would that work and if so, how? The most likely scenario is that I cancel us both. I know I will lose the cost of the cruise, but I have over $1200 that I already paid for excursions, dining, coffee cards, water and other miscellaneous items along with $400 worth of purchased onboard credit. Will those items all be refunded along with the port taxes and fees? Also, is there any timeframe I should pay attention to for cancelling these things. I read the contract, but truthfully I found it confusing in spots and have been running around too much with him to spend too much time on it. Thanks to anyone that can help. No insurance lectures please
  7. I use ATM's on the ship if I want more cash for any reason. It's a personal preference for sure, but to me feels much safer than carrying lots of cash for the pre-cruise days. It is well worth the $8.50 fee to me to not have to worry about it while traveling. Also, many banks reimburse ATM fees up to a certain amount.
  8. Not concerned about the steak or desserts (I sure don't need them!) but very happy to hear they had the wine package available. Hoping they offer it next month as wine with dinner makes me happy
  9. Thank you so much, that sounds perfect. I just looked at some pictures and it looks lovely and exactly the type of place we enjoy!
  10. I have a ship's whale watch tour booked for next month, but I am really second guessing myself. As much as I love whales, I am not sure we will even see any, but a lovely boat ride isn't the worst thing in the world. On my one previous visit here, I toured with Spencer and we had a wonderful, wonderful time. So, part of me thinks I should cancel the whale watch and see more of the island. But maybe my best option is to do the whale watch and try to find something to do for about 3 hours in the afternoon. Whale watch should end at 12:15 and we leave port at 6pm. Any suggestions for me?
  11. Just putting out a different perspective. I sailed MSC Seaside twice, and throughly enjoyed it. I was not in the Yacht Club, and I never had any service issues or problems. I quite liked the food and the ship was gorgeous. I enjoyed the European vibe and the diversity of the passengers. I expect I will cruise with them again. My cruising experience includes all of the mainstream lines. I am loyal to no cruise line and I am flexible on what type of stateroom I get, including anything from an Oceanview, Balcony, mini suite, and full suites on several lines including Neptunes on HAL and the Garden Villa on NCL. I absolutely loved my cruise on the Grand Princess, but I was underwhelmed by the Royal Princess. I would sail the Seaside again before the Royal. (And I wouldn't cruise Celebrity again if they begged me, but that's beside the point.) MSC has a product that works for lots of people, but there are definite differences from Princess. If you are flexible and adventurous, it's worth a try. If you are completely content with Princess, it might not be for you.
  12. I will definitely be sharing my specialties with him, as one a day is probably all I will use most days. But we usually do our own thing during sea days, so we won't be together much of the time. I would prefer not to have to explain to him that he needs to save one specialty because Princess might not honor the terms they set forth, so we will just see what happens. If I see the F&B director, I will ask him the question, though.
  13. I ordered the coffee package for my husband and I for our cruise in March. I expect he will run out of specialties a few days before the end of the cruise. He will definitely need his good brewed coffee for the entire cruise. I am sure he will not have an issue, but I will bring with me the page I have printed out that clearly states that New Grounds Coffee Package$36.58 per person (15 beverages) Save 20% with our New Grounds Coffee Package that includes 15 hot or cold specialty coffee drinks along with unlimited brewed coffee and premium tea for the duration of the cruise.
  14. Thanks so much for the info. I preferred the Gold package previously so will hope they offer it. I guess I will bring a couple extra bottles on with me, and if they don't have the package (or some appealing reasonably priced wines on the wine list) I should be able to find something in St Thomas or elsewhere. I am assuming I can bring wine on in any port as long as I pay corkage? Lucky for me my husband is indulgent and will carry on whatever I want
  15. I am wondering if a Wine Package will be offered on our upcoming 10 night Crown cruise. DH doesn't do alcohol (got water and a coffee card for him), so the drink package isn't an option, but wine with dinner and on my balcony are something that enhances my cruise. I have been happy with the wine package on previous cruises, but can't find any current info even with a search of this site. I'd rather get the package than have to drag on a number of bottles, as we aren't as young and strong as we used to be I can't remember if they have diet ginger ale onboard. Is there any issue bringing a small amount of soda onboard these days? Thanks!
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