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  1. First you get into the sulfur baths and they feel awesome. They feel like you are in a hot tub. When you get out you rub the mud on your arms, legs and face and it dry and you get back into the pits and rinse it off except for your face. It really feels good and then you load up for a short ride where you get into the water and finish rinsing off under the waterfalls.
  2. We have self isolated ourselves since we got home. Because going though two airports and a motel to get home we chose not to expose our self to anyone since we had been traveling.
  3. I just got his email also this morning. I worried about the trip home because we had a late flight to fly back to Indiana. We then stayed overnight and drove home and stopped at the groceries. I don't know anything about this person but, I feel like it could be very likely this person could of picked up this virus on there way home and that's why we weren't notified earlier.
  4. Wanted to let everyone know that we took this tour the first of March. It was the best tour and day we had on our trip. We had to change our day a week before we left because the ship had changed our schedule but, they we're great to work with and we had no problem. We will differently use them again if we come back to St. Lucia.
  5. Yes XBGuy, when we would buy the wine package if you don't drink the whole bottle they would save it and bring it out the next evening. We never drink a whole bottle so there is always a half a bottle left.
  6. We have decided to take our own wine onboard. I know that we check them in and pay our $15 corking fee for the dining room and get stickers for them. What I would like to know is can we take them to he dining room when we get onboard and they will keep them or do we have to bring them each night? Also if they open them for us and we don't drink all of the bottle will they save it for us the next night or do we have to take it back to our room. I appreciate your help thank you.
  7. Thanks you for the info! I see they changed Barbados and St. Lucia on different days. We have a private tour in st. Lucia so hopefully I can get that changed. Thanks agains.
  8. I'm on the March 6th sailing and I'm hoping to get a e-mail from our TA or Princess soon. I know that the postings are saying that we will miss Princess Cays and get a OBC but I would like to see our revised itinerary for the remaining trip.
  9. Thank you for all the information I really appreciate all the updates.
  10. Hi Paul929207 thanks for the info! Could you please tell be the port time they have for St. Lucia? Enjoy your cruise
  11. I agree it would be nice to know. We have a private 6 hour tour in St. Lucia and I would like to know if we need to cancel and make other plans. I'm hoping since most the islands are close except for Princess Cays it won't be a problem.
  12. Are they adjusting the port time for St. Lucia? We have a 6 hour tour planned and I'm hoping we won't have to cancel. We are on the crown next week so I figure what you do this week will happen on the next criuse. Appreciate any information you share thank you.
  13. We will be on a tour for the first time with them next month. It sounds like a awesome tour.
  14. We already have plans to snorkel with the turtles in St. Thomas so it sounds like it would be a big let down. Thanks for letting us know.
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