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  1. Hope it works out for you - Enjoy your stay
  2. Received this link by email - hopefully it works https://players.brightcove.net/5436121813001/default_default/index.html?videoId=6263408538001
  3. We stayed in Tarquinia (about 10km from the port) for about 3 days before a cruise in 2019. It is a very old walled hilltop village with Etruscan ruins - very walkable and great little local restaurants (try Pane Pelle Vino or Pears Belle Helene- a bakery). The owner picked us up from the airport (€50) and also drove us to the port to leave on the cruise. Fabulous. We stayed at the Palazzo Castellischi https://palazzo-castelleschi-holiday-home.hotels-lazio.com/en/ which is a 1000 year-old wonderful small hotel. Immaculate, & even has small kitchenette for breakfast or whatever.
  4. Thanks Jazzbeau. Looks great and the article leads to the UK Report of the Global Travel Taskforce https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/977446/Report-of-the-Global-Travel-Taskforce-accessible.pdf which gives the detail. This answers one of my ongoing queries about cruising again - sounds like tours will be very tightly controlled and so ship's tours will be pre-eminent. "40. Cruise operators will operate in accordance with UK Chamber of Shipping’s COVID-19 Framework for Cruise. They will be verified by a qualif
  5. understood - but I presume you found the PDF file on another webpage - it was the previous page that I was looking for many thanks
  6. Thats great Jazzbeau. Could you also give the webpage link that has the PDF file (generally the Australian site basically mirrors the US but I cant find it) many thanks Hilary
  7. We are in Australia - on our invoices etc it shows our OBC as AUD. If we wish to pre-purchase something such as an expensive OE excursion it is priced on our (Australian) Oceania website in AUD so we spend it as AUDs. Our physical Oceania invoice shows it as both USD and AUD. So for example - I have $286 AUD complimentary credit which was originally $200 USD. If I spend it pre-cruise I am charged in AUD. If I don't it travels with us as the $200 USD I seemed to go around in circles a bit there! Sorry, but I hope it helps explain it anyway
  8. Many thanks! Just what I wanted to know cheers Hilary
  9. Very excited about our first Regent cruise (as long time Oceania cruisers) Could someone clarify a couple of differences between the concierge suites and superior suites on the Explorer please? I am aware of the more obvious differences such as hotel and transfers pre cruise and wider balconies. My main concern is the booking times for excursions and dining. What is the time difference and am I likely miss the more popular excursions? many thanks, Hilary
  10. How wonderful Jan - hope Christmas is even better!
  11. I had to push the issue with Oceania (obviously not their preferred option, but it was two new bookings). I was happy with the outcome. 😀
  12. Not so sure about that Paul - from the newly released cruises I just booked two adjoining (with an Oceania agent directly) and said that I wanted them as B2B with two booking numbers. They came back as two booking numbers but with both cruises together on each booking # - with the B2B discount applied. (These were adjoining two other B2B cruises that we had previously booked but different cabin numbers.) I wasn't happy as it is possible that we may in 2022 decide to drop off a leg - who know that far into the future, so explained again that I wanted two completely separate
  13. If someone were to start a wish-list for health & safety upgrades, one of my first requests would be to sort out the laundry/s - a hot bed of swirling heat and unknown bodies 😱 where you are shut up in a little room in the centre of the ship.....
  14. We received a refund via our TA this week. First cancelled in January, and then I seriously started chasing the refund in March, so it has been a process and a half. But it's a great relief.
  15. Getting back on topic...... Everyone who can is encouraged to work from home, Schools are still open but all restaurants etc closed. Businesses are being creative with home deliveries, supermarkets are settling down after the first mad rush of people to stock up. Social isolation and handwashing are the go Everyone who can stay at home is encouraged to do so and parties / gatherings of people of minimal numbers are banned. Eg - weddings can still happen with 5 people only. The government has introduced an additional welfare support payment over and above regular p
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