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  1. How wonderful Jan - hope Christmas is even better!
  2. I had to push the issue with Oceania (obviously not their preferred option, but it was two new bookings). I was happy with the outcome. 😀
  3. Not so sure about that Paul - from the newly released cruises I just booked two adjoining (with an Oceania agent directly) and said that I wanted them as B2B with two booking numbers. They came back as two booking numbers but with both cruises together on each booking # - with the B2B discount applied. (These were adjoining two other B2B cruises that we had previously booked but different cabin numbers.) I wasn't happy as it is possible that we may in 2022 decide to drop off a leg - who know that far into the future, so explained again that I wanted two completely separate
  4. If someone were to start a wish-list for health & safety upgrades, one of my first requests would be to sort out the laundry/s - a hot bed of swirling heat and unknown bodies 😱 where you are shut up in a little room in the centre of the ship.....
  5. We received a refund via our TA this week. First cancelled in January, and then I seriously started chasing the refund in March, so it has been a process and a half. But it's a great relief.
  6. Getting back on topic...... Everyone who can is encouraged to work from home, Schools are still open but all restaurants etc closed. Businesses are being creative with home deliveries, supermarkets are settling down after the first mad rush of people to stock up. Social isolation and handwashing are the go Everyone who can stay at home is encouraged to do so and parties / gatherings of people of minimal numbers are banned. Eg - weddings can still happen with 5 people only. The government has introduced an additional welfare support payment over and above regular p
  7. Many thanks Jan - it is worth re-reading.
  8. LHT28 - apologies, back in my box
  9. Clo - my husband and I have different surnames, and I am always called Ms H (Christian name) and he: Mr J. (We are on the Marina at present and have several O cruises under our belt) Hilary
  10. If you haven't yet completed your mid-cruise review - this sort of issue is generally addressed very quickly with that because it's probably a pretty simple fix. (And besides - we join the Marina on the 19th so would prefer it fixed by then! LOL)
  11. The sauteed spinach in Toscana rather than the creamed spinach in Polo.
  12. Kate (or dear Alice) - I can confirm this (at least when they are purchased before the cruise). We had our 4 (x2) booked and booked a 5th which then took us into the Your World discount of 25% off the fifth and most expensive tour (it was an OS tour). I booked the extra tour by phone and there seemed to be some sort of process whereby she applied the Your World to our account then booked the tour. I subsequently rang back and cancelled the extra tour and the first thing the agent said was that she would have to remove the 'Your World' from our account. Previously when I had the
  13. Thank you for the very lovely welcome QueSeraSera!
  14. I'm late to this discussion - and we are excited to have just booked our first SilverSeas cruise! Our booking is the second last leg of this round the world cruise (that we didn't realise was part of this grand voyage) from Lisbon to Reykjavik. The itinerary / the ship all sound great. Very interested in what are people's experiences as passengers on an individual leg of a world cruise on Silverseas? Or what your expectations would be? Sorry it's slightly OT, but I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts many thanks HilsTas
  15. A (recentish) experience from us (sorry for butting in CBB) We were on the Insignia and could not manage to get a an open bottle (previous day's) from the storage area. Eventually our lovely waiter took pity on us and went to get it himself as otherwise we would have none (horrors). We just mentioned this on the mid cruise comments and Lubo (?) head sommelier got in touch, apologised, offered us a complimentary bottle of wine, and said that if we ever had a similar issue to ask for him personally All very appreciated, and we didn't ever have the same problem happen agai
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