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  1. Watching dolphins jumping around - my morning is made. I still have an hour of work to go but this makes it more bearable 😉
  2. March and April are the big Spring Break months. I would not book near Easter (April 12) - steer clear of the week before, the week of and the week after for sure. https://www.inertiatours.com/when-is-spring-break-2020/
  3. I think right after the shows they would get pretty busy. Savor and Taste always seemed to have a wait when we sailed the BA in May. I had made reservations because I was timing it to line up with the shows we had booked. One day the Savor hostess was super rude to us so we just left and went to Manhattan - they never had a wait and we actually liked it better there than Savor and Taste.
  4. You have to set sail before the expiration date.
  5. They always have to throw in the "an excursion organised independently".
  6. Nothing new, I remember going to Venice in 2000 and locals hated cruise ships. Even back then they were talking about the damage the day trippers did to Venice and the surrounding islands. We stayed there for a couple of days while traveling by train, and once locals realized we were not on a ship and actually stayed there overnight they were very nice.
  7. Depends on how many people. There were 5 of us a couple of weeks ago and it was $140 for 3 hours, $25 for extra hour. Love Crescencio, he is so nice and knows Cozumel inside and out!
  8. We just got back from our 2nd trip to Cozumel and both times we have gone with Crescencio (Black Hat). Cannot say enough good things about him. We told him some things we wanted to do and also asked for his advice. We went to the Mercado (if you are looking for a batido de mamey this is the place to go), Coconuts (the view is amazing), El Mirador, did a tequila tour (have to look at my photos to get the name, it is not listed anywhere in Google but Crescencio recommended it and it was great). For lunch we asked him to take us to a place he would go to - he did not disappoint! It was full of people but we were the only tourists in the place, huge portions and it was one of the best meals of the trip. he drove us all over the place and back to the port with plenty of time to walk around and do some shopping.
  9. No problem, the super planner in me will just have to be surprised ;)
  10. Thanks for the review. We will be on the Breakaway on Sunday and I would love to see the dailies if it is not too much trouble.
  11. Thanks for the replies! I thought so, but like I said just wanted to double check. Someone had posted that the coffee is good but we could always bring our own and they posted a photo of refillable pods. I don't drink coffee but DH does and he is picky about it. I saw a photo of the set up in the cabin - I Googled "Breakaway coffee maker cabin" - and it shows Lipton tea. But pretty sure there are tea bags in the Garden Cafe.
  12. I searched and the latest info I found is from 2017, so I'm just checking that it has not changed. We are in a balcony, do they still have the 1 cup coffee makers with the little pods?
  13. We had a price drop a couple of weeks ago for our cruise in April. I called and the agent told me right away that I would either get 25% of the difference in OBC or get a complimentary upgrade. For one of our cabins (we have 2, one with 3ppl and one with 2ppl) the price from an OV (what we booked) to a balcony dropped $247, but for our 2nd cabin the price did not go down enough for a free upgrade. So, for one cabin (3ppl) we got a free upgrade to a balcony and kept all our original perks (3rd person free, UBP and OBC). Since we wanted to keep both cabins together we paid the difference to upgrade the 2nd cabin. The second cabin lost the OBC since this perk was no longer being offered, but kept the other perks (they have the UBP and the excursion credit). If you pay for an upgrade you will lose the OBC. I think it is basically a rebooking situation. Our OBC was just $60 so not a huge deal to lose, especially since we had bids in place for balconies. If our bids had been approved we would've paid more than what we paid to upgrade + the OBC lost. This way we also got connecting balconies and I was able to chose the exact location. After paying for the upgrade the price for that cabin went down $100, so I called and got $25 OBC. For the amount of OBC you have I would either get the free upgrade or the 25% OBC. Research it and find the best cabin you can get without paying extra. Ask specifically for the category/cabin you want.
  14. For me it is not that it is 7 nights, it is that there are no sea days and 2 stops are overnights. Other lines don't seem to spend as much time on the islands as the NCL itinerary. Are there other lines that spend as much time there?
  15. We are also thinking of Hawaii in 2020. I don't care for sea days so NCL has the best itinerary for us. Since it is so port intensive we are not planning on any extras - there are 3 of us so for our freebie we would get the 3rd person free. As far as an inside cabin, this is what I am budgeting for since I don't see us using it for anything other than to sleep and shower. We have not done an inside on NCL but we did on RCCL and it was not bad at all. It was very dark at night - I brought a small flashlight so we would not trip when getting up in the middle of the night 😉 But not bad during the day - and we were rarely in our cabin during the day anyway. I was just checking prices and when we want to go (early May) the prices have not changed in months - I check all the time. The May sailings for this year are not sold out so I was thinking of getting our flights first and then booking the cruise in case prices drop after final payment. We fly Southwest and if we don't go on the cruise we can still change our flight to someplace/time else with no penalty. We are going on a W Caribbean next month and when prices dropped we got an upgrade from OV to BA. So our other option is to book an inside and if prices drop later we might get an upgrade or OBC. I am planning on getting a CruiseNext certificate when we go next month so that helps a little. NCL has been running the same promo for months! They keep saying "limited time" but I don't think they know what that means.
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