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  1. I am waiting until final payment date in August, which they could possibly extend another month or so. If masks are still required, then a definite cancellation, as I am unable to breathe with one on. I believe you are on board somewhat regularly at Christmas. This past December was my first missed Christmas since I started in 2009. I missed it terribly, and sad that I may miss it again. Regards, Jeanne
  2. I am pretty sure Aleks (Aleksandra) is from Serbia. Aleks is a true gem!
  3. QM2 Christmas voyage 22nd of December 2020. Cancelled 29th of April through my TA. Refund of $6,000 US deposit received today. Never expected it so soon.
  4. Similar to last year’s on-board Christmas gift.
  5. I would be satisfied just to get a full size shower in the QG cabins instead of that monstrous bath tub.
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