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  1. Joanie, Wind will shift a blow, but if the ship hits a whale there is no guarantee you will see any exhalation as it can happen under water. I'm amazed that after HAL has been found guilty of polluting the waters they extol to patrons, that you and others, are so quick to come up with excuses. Anyone who has spent time on the water in their own vessel, is much more adept at seeing distances over cruise guests on vacation. And don't forget the radar and equipment that is onboard their vessels...... Don't be so quick to dismiss a local's version of these events...............
  2. If your child was recently diagnosed there will be a lot of learning for all of you. The issue at the top of my list is that her/his testing will most likely be more frequent for all the reasons mentioned......excitement, new foods, activity, etc. If she/he has a CGM (Dexcom).......that will be helpful to alert you/her/him......going through TSA is a bit more 'exciting' but carry a Dr's letter and be prepared to be hand inspected including a pat down if she/he cannot go through x-ray or does not want med's x-rayed. So........read everything you have with you.......bring a solid rapid acting glucose supply (jelly beans work well with kids) as well as glucagon kits and know how to use it. It will be a balancing act........but it would be that way at home too. Be prepared to address hypoglycemia which is the crisis you want to avoid while managing sugars. Maybe there will be another kid who is T1 that will be on the cruise? Take Care and have a great trip!! Also a good point to have medical ID...........as slidergirl mentioned
  3. I received 'upgrade' offers that I considered to be a slap in the face. They were barely below ($10 less) the published prices........
  4. Volendam last week had "Adagio" and it was a pianist and violinist in the Explorer Lounge........ Violinist was ok.......pianist......not much to write home about. Down to 2 peep's and a sparse crowd!
  5. Bear are where the food is during the summer and that is usually not where cruise ships are. If you want to see Bear.........go in September! They are putting on winter reserves and we've seen them while walking at Mendenhall (Black Bear) and Brown's (Grizzly) eating salmon in streams and along rivers grabbing salmon (Haines) as well as foraging on shore for mussels, etc--outside Hoonah. The weather can be worse, but Alaska is always a gamble. All sightings were on our own.................Fall is high season for bear!
  6. The difference between an emotional support dog and a service dog is that the latter compensates for a disability. A seeing eye dog is the owner's eye's; a seizure dog or diabetes dog senses the condition in their owner--alerting seizures or hypoglycemia. All are life threatening situations. Comfort dogs and therapy dogs do NOT compensate for a disability by making the person fully functional. They 'may' facilitate good feelings which is all fine and dandy.......but the owner's life will not be in jeopardy without them. There is no reason that HAL cannot state that any dog or animal allowed on the ship is subject to removal (at the next port) if they interfere with other passengers by way of disorderly conduct (out of control behavior), noise (barking, whining) or failure to demonstrate 'work behavior' while on the ship in the presence of their owner. For people who need service animals..........these things would disqualify the dog from being placed as their partner..........think about this. Too many people have abused the process with their pets under the guise of comfort dogs...........it's not too late to step up and protect those who need the services of legitimate service dogs and send those not wanting to leave their pets off at the next port of call. Dundeene..........thanks for the work you do in the hospitals. There again, I doubt any of the problem dogs on cruise ships have ever provided a safe respite to those facing serious health issues!
  7. facts. more than 2 hour delay, changed boarding schedule published, since many comments are opinions rather than facts just disregard the question...
  8. This is not a problem with the CG or inspections.......but am wondering if others have had compensation/OBC when boarding is affected by the "annual Coast Guard inspection" on HAL?
  9. (( ))'s to Walt's family.......on and off this board.
  10. Thanks for the cabin info........always helpful to have and we've gone from the quick decision to book during the one buck deposit......to greatly looking forward to this trip and all the activities we can muster!
  11. Thanks for the feedback! And I LOVE windows whenever and wherever we're dining at sea~
  12. Thanks All for the updated info. I should have explained we are small ship fans and have done mostly independent travel while cruising---definitely not looking for an experience where we are entertained with a monster ship and thousands of guests~ Glad to hear that EXC will not 'limit' us or our adventures in any way.......and may provide an enhancement opportunity. We'll see.....we have spent time in some of the itinerary ports and have off-the-beaten path familiarity, but there are also a few new ports as well. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!!
  13. Thanks....... I'm naive about EXC cruises. Does the ship provide more info about the area's visited? Is there any limitation on independent tours at ports vs HAL excursions? Food wise we just don't want heavily salted or processed foods......fresh foods keeps us very happy! Do they still have music on board?
  14. Considering the Maasdam for next year but have never been on her. We've seen AC issues, questionable food quality, etc. from the past. Am looking at Promenade forward for cabins--actually the little sets of three cabins between doors to promenade deck. Can someone with recent experience tell us what is the current condition/experience on the Maasdam? Or what we need to be aware of with this ship? Thx!
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