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  1. THANKS!! We'll wait a little longer and do the same.........
  2. I didn't read the entire thread, but did you check your account and look under the new credits area? Bottom of the list........that's where our FCC showed up. No other contact or documentation........just POOF! and it was there about 75 days after cancellation/sail date. : )
  3. We have Nexus cards that expire in 2021. If we renew them ASAP will they change the date to 5 years from renewal.......or 5 years from the original expiration in 2021? These things confuse me......... : /
  4. This situation will cause some ships to be sold........no two ways about it. But it is also causing some of us to rethink everything about cruising. We have had cruises that were wonderful, and some that were far less than that. One of our best was on the Ocean Princess before she was sold.............(French Polynesia Dec. 2013). The crew, the ship, everything about it was wonderful.......and if I can count on that kind of experience I'd hold out again. But honestly.......it will take time to sort through all the layers of Covid and international relations. Time will tell but eve
  5. This is the problem.............no one knows the timeline they are issuing refunds on? Or how the refund status happens? We booked with HAL and reached out to them........ had communication we thought was reliable..........and still nothing has happened. Earlier this month we filed with cc and will see what happens. No credit has been issued and IF HAL refunds us I will gladly rescind the complaint with cc company..............BUT, all of this is a muddy mess and nothing seems to be any clearer now than it was over two months ago......... : /
  6. Out of curiousity.........are people that are seeking refunds getting these offers? We have not had any offers. In other words I'm wondering if people who are not inline for a refund are the one's getting the "good" offers??
  7. Sooooooo, the purpose of all these health hurdles is what? It seems it is a major CYA for the cruise industry........and it would remove some of the responsibility that the cruise industry should have......it is the cost of doing business. SARS-Covid 19 is an opportunity virus.......even though it hits some people harder than others--including those that are overweight! Are cruise lines not going to allow overweight travelers if you take medical info seriously? The reality is that any cruise ship could have had this infection on it and it was only the fact that some people were
  8. How does one decide someone is 'objectivey seriously ill'? This is the crux of illusions as I could not tell you who smokes without seeing them smoke.....or smelling their clothing. Smokers are high risk and would they be considered 'serously ill'? I don't smoke but I think this represents the simplification of issues on screening passengers. Cruiselines need to address the gamut of medical necessities they use/or face. Ultimately I can't imagine my life being normalized until I have an antibody test or some testing available to me at my request locally. We cannot extract
  9. It was SARCASM.............. Obviously it's important (to you) that comments get your stamp of approval............. Lesson #2: that's sarcasm two! See what I did there? : )
  10. I heard of something called 'biological age' which is your body condition converted to an age based on behaviors, physical health, etc. Someone who is 40, overweight, smokes, and lives on brat's and beer's would most likely not have a biological age of 40. Someone at 70 who has been active and taken care of themselves may have a biological age of 55. It's a bit deceptive to think that everyone over 70 is vulnerable.......and the issue of virus's is just that--an issue with that disease. Either way, I have no desire to share any of my health history in order to take a vacation......
  11. YES! Randomness with a majority MIA.................. : /
  12. This is exactly what is so frustrating.......you and DaveOKC get prompt refunds (luck of the draw?) and we cancelled on March 11 for 25% refund and crickets ever since. There is no rhyme or reason to how HAL is managing their offers. I wouldn't believe anything they are saying at this point, or in the past for that matter.
  13. UGH! We cancelled on March 11 at 25% refund rate on an April 3 sailing. Still no refund. Today we received an email where we were offered a higher FCC with the statement that is what people are receiving now. Very confusing email since it did not discuss our refund only the FCC---and honestly, it felt very manipulative. I don't think this is a case of being overwhelmed........I think it is purposeful behavior by HAL to benefit financially at the expense of 'guests' rights under their policies............
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