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  1. cruisingcasinos

    Breakaway H6 10912 or 12304

    Definitely 12304! Balcony is unbelievable!!!! Have a great time Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. cruisingcasinos

    Latest CAS offer?

    Thanks for your response!!! Very helpful to all of us
  3. cruisingcasinos

    Latest CAS offer?

    Interested in responses as well. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. cruisingcasinos

    GSC Food and Drink

    yes- if you have the beverage package then drinks are covered.
  5. cruisingcasinos

    Pictures/video Escape cabin 12906

    @Two Wheels Only- Thanks! I will be in suite 12306 on Jan 27 sailing!
  6. You caught my attention! following
  7. cruisingcasinos

    AFT Cabin in February

    I have never cruised out of NOLA But do sail in an AFT cabin. I usually sail mid- late February and never had an issue ( sailing From MIA) This year I will be sailing at end of January so am curious to see the differences, if any. I can tell you that you will be able to use the balcony much more while sailing in an AFT stateroom. There is very little wind. Enjoy your cruise!!
  8. cruisingcasinos

    NCL - CAsino at Seas -?offers

    I was told the same thing and Yet when I was on the Breakaway at end of August, the casino hosts told everyone at the casino party to stop by the casino desk and request your points be transferred. When I did I was surprised to learn that they will transfer any points from sailings within 18 months. Sandandseas- if I remember correctly, One of the Christinas was a host on the breakaway- I do not believe it was Christina Bica but the other Christina (I can't recall her last name)
  9. cruisingcasinos

    NCL Newbies Cruise the Dawn to Bermuda 10/20-27

    Thanks so much! Great review and wonderful pictures! Glad you and Hubby had a great time.
  10. Agree- The pictures of the process are amazing- was this covered by the UBP?
  11. cruisingcasinos

    I would not mind a cruise to nowhere

    Me 2. Though my DH may worry about all the time I would have in the casino[emoji857] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Wow! Great review! I have been wanting to do this cruise for years- Just waiting to pull the trigger. After reading your review I just may have to go ahead and book for 2019. I already have my 2018 planned. Thanks for taking the time!!
  13. cruisingcasinos

    Breakaway to Bermuda w/Haven Live From 6/11-6/18

    Looking forward to your "live" review Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. cruisingcasinos

    Less Crowding During Self Walk Off

    Hope you had a great time! Are you saying that those in haven are escorted off the ship and Through a separate customs line? I thought once off the ship you were in the same boat (pun not intended) as everyone else. If customs is backed up nothing you can do but wait. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. cruisingcasinos

    Breakaway Review : May 7-14 Bermuda

    Thanks. Great job with the review and loved your photos Sent from my iPad using Forums