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  1. sorry cut the wrong one - meant these-https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/04/iran-seizes-oil-tanker-in-gulf-smuggling-fuel-to-arab-states
  2. Baffled as to how this isn't common knowledge . Last year this and another ship where all over the news https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Iran_Deyanat. Also well known about the issues a little further south with the Somalia pirates
  3. I would think if its raining the IV would be a plus over the traditional balcony- a bit like a conservatory in the rain - that's when its most useful. However, I have yet to sail so may be I am wrong - soon find out. However, from reading about these cabins it seems that the occupants view depends on 2 things- 1. if they are used to larger more expensive balconies 2. if they enjoyed other aspects of the Edge-so that may be a rose tinted glasses effect. As well have sailed and enjoyed cabins of all grades from insides to regular balconies more recently maininly ocean views and insides, I am sure we will enjoy the upgrade from them to these.
  4. we will only be in San Juan for an evening so hoping to just get of ship and wonder about the old town. Does anyone know which pier is used by celebrity for evening port calls.
  5. OP here, I didn't get any email nor does it mention a sale price anywhere. I just knew the price I had booked at and the price of the BVI trip I wanted so kept checking them since black friday and noticed the price fall this morning.
  6. I had been looking over the holiday weekend at my excursions on the Edge (sailing in the next 3 months) but my prices did not drop until today. Our St Maartin dropped 25% so cancelled and re-booked. The BVI one, I was thinking about, fell over 33% so now booked as well. Worth a look today
  7. ended my cruise on 22nd oct this year. We flew back from Genoa, the flooding was so bad a few people died including a taxi driver who; s car was swept away after a picke up from the airport. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-50151713 On the cruise the weather had been mainly lovely in the day but to cool to sit out in the evening. Seas were fine mostly but quite rough a few times, I had to go lie down one afternoon.
  8. all I can think about reading through this review is the Goldie Hawn Overboad movie lol
  9. why if past experiences were so good did you feel the need to speak with the maitre d to request hot food hot and the cold food cold before any meal on this cruise?
  10. It time allows in Cozumel or Costa Maya I would go to Coba ruins but as its quite far I would only do this as a ships tour. I know Cayman quite well as family live there, My favourite place is Starfish point (very quite, no bars loads of starfish in the shallow waters here (google it for images). This could be combined with a tour to Rum point or Kaibo both have bar/food
  11. only one comment re the review - Never heard of 'breadaholics' before lol 2nd comment to the OP - I am in recovery after 7 months in hospital battling Leukemia- learn to love life and the stuff you do together even when its not gold plated. I can assure you it could be a lot worse- As it's said- "Don't sweat the small stuff!"
  12. In the UK we seem to only have GTY for many cats for some sailings (in fact more recently for most sailings). This happens even for sailing at over a year out it's very annoying and sometimes forces us to book through a US TA where we can choose cabins for the same sailings.
  13. exactly and good point re not being able to change I made that mistake on my first UK booking when I tried to change my gty cabin and found out I could not lol. Also remember its only a perk if you would have either bought it or spend the same as it costs difference wise on that product.
  14. For me its down to price that dictates if I jump US or UK side of the fence. I price up both using TA (as both UK and US TAs are cheaper than direct (UK only usually by about £80-120 per cabin)). But in the US the TA's give OBC back as a perk in our last cruise in the summer this amounted to 4 x $300 (per cabin). Their base price was also over £200 less per cabin (OV cabins ) than UK and still included the same as the UK perk of drinks BUT also an additional ship OBC $300, which was not a UK offer at the time. Thus per cabin we gained $600 OBC and the price was also £200 less. For 4 cabins quite a bit of a saving The main drawback is a sudden change of currency rate going against you as the £ was dropping when we booked I countered this by loading onto a dollar Faifx card the required funds the day I booked to lock in my price. However my next cruise was way way cheaper (more than £1000 for an infinity balcony cabin) booking through a UK TA
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