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  1. Belle - I did lose all my posts that I made before they changed CC ... I just have a lot of posts now because I like to talk! I think I should have 3-4000 more than what it is saying ... I do find that as time goes on that I don't post as much as I once did. Jan
  2. Diana - congrats on the loss!!! This is my last weigh in before my cruise -- I didn't not lose this week -- sigh, but it is ok! Hope everyone has/had a good week. Jan
  3. Congratulations on the 2# ... that is wonderful Belle - Hope you are feeling better
  4. Belle - My first cruise was back in August of 2003 ... and I found these board back in February of 2003 along with you and Miriam ... you both helped me to become the person that I am today .... Please remember that you have helped me so much along the years ... I have continued to try to lose weight and to become the best I can be... to become the person that I am and will always continue to keep striving to become the best that I can be all because you are here for me and all of us ... you have and will continue to help all of use ... please understand that you have always given us believe in us and have helped us reach our goals ... I am so glad that I have "met" you and that I have had you in my life ... you are an inspiration .. without you I would have never reached my goals ... you are an amazing person.... you have made a difference in so many people's lives.
  5. Belle - I'm still here and I appreciate every post that you write .. I keep trying to exercise more, but really like snuggling in bed and sleeping even more!!! I need to get more motivated and exercise more often. We bought Easter candy for the two grands ... but I swear I will not eat any as I am filling up their basket!!! Jan
  6. Good Morning Belle! Thanks for starting the thread. I am down this week 1.4# and am very happy ... didn't really think I'd have a loss. I have now lost 27.4# on this latest adventure. A week from Saturday we leave for Florida, so I will have one more weigh in and have had a goal to be at a certain weight by the time we went on this cruise ... I need to lose 1.2# more pounds to make it ... I'm really going to try. All of us -husband, sister, brother sil ... have been trying to be healthy and all of us want to walk in the morning .... so we will probably be doing a lot of stairs on this cruise. Hope everyone had/has a good week. Jan
  7. I have to share what happened today ... So, I'm going to copy and paste what I posted today on my facebook page .... I am so glad that tax season is almost over ... I am completely insane!!! Went to get hearing aids today .. and took in a envelope with all the information on my last hearing tests. Unfortunately that isn't what was in the packet ... I gave the hearing Dr a whole bunch of pictures of my colonoscopy .... I was so embarrassed ... but we ended up having a good talk about his last colonoscopy !!!! Hope you had a chance to laugh ... sometimes life just is very interesting!!!
  8. Belle glad you enjoyed your cruise ... We went last March and had a wonderful time ... but as you say it goes way too fast. I did get to see "spouts" ... but never saw a whale ... I want to go back to see one. (PS - nice you didn't gain any weight!) I having been in a holding pattern for the past month, but finally had a real loss this week ... I am down 2# (total since this newest journey is 26#) ... I would love to "hit" a 9 as the end number by the time our cruise arrives in two weeks (I'd have to lose another 2.6# to get there - not going to count on it). It is difficult not to get discouraged with getting healthy, but will keep trying. Hope everyone else had/has a good week. Jan
  9. Diana - congrats on losing the 1# .. wish spring was a little bit more springy here ... but we are getting there with each day I lost 0.2# this week ... first time I've lost in a month ... hate when it gets more and more difficult to get the weight off. Don't think I will get to where I wanted to be by the time we leave - I have 3 more weigh-in's .. I'll keep plugging along. Hope everyone had/has a good week ... Jan
  10. Good Morning - today I am down 0.6# ... which was what I was up last week ... which means I'm at the same weight I was the 28th of February ..... sigh ... I so wanted an actual loss this week. I have 4 more weigh-in;s before our cruise and like you Diana would love a few more pounds off. Hope everyone has a good week. Jan
  11. Belle - thanks for the poem and have a wonderful tie on your cruise ... We did a 7 day Hawaii last year and have been looking at different cruise lines to do it again ... Would love to do a longer one and have sea days to relax!! For some reason I am up this week 0.6# ... disappointing, but I'm not surprised and the loss last week was so high and I had been sick. Will hope that next week brings a loss. Jan
  12. I've been going through my "cruise closet" and taking out things that are too big (its exciting!) ... I've been going through the attic and taking out items that had been too small and now fit. I've gone from a 16 (and sometimes above) to a 12-14 ... mostly 12's in pants and sometimes a 12-14 in tops. It is exciting to see the differences. I just hope that I can maintain any loss and not yo-yo back to a 16 again ... I don't seem to do well with maintaining. I've come across items that are a size 8 ... they and the 16's are going to the salvation army. I feel best if I stay a 12 (or perhaps some 10's) ... I can't maintain a real small size. I just want to try to be healthy. Jan
  13. Belle glad you had fun with the girls! Last week I had lost nothing, this week I had a flu bug. I Lost 3.4# this week for a total of 23.8# -- next week I will need to remember that I lost this week!!! Hope everyone had a good week. It has been so cold here and my winter jacket zipper decided to break (sigh!) Jan
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