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  1. I weigh my self about every day ... and I need to stop - as others say it can be up or down or up ... so I'm going to start only weighing myself twice per week. Paula B's suggestion makes a lot of sense Stacy - welcome ... I do so understand about the losing of the weight only to gain it back again ... 31# seems doable in the amount of time before your next cruise. For myself (it varies for others) ... I plan my meals for the day ... count the calories and then adjust ... I need to do this (and to keep focused) so that I am responsible for myself and losing weight.... once I lose focus I go right back up again. I have been on these boards since 2003 (oh my ...) .. and seem to do much better when I keep coming to this thread each week ... having others to talk with makes it (a little) easier. sigh ... I will be one that always has to be careful about food!!!! Jan
  2. Belle welcome back ... would love to hear about your cruise! Thanks for the poem. I was so afraid I was going to have a gain this week ... but today I am down 1.2# for a total loss of 10.2# ... so far to go ... but step by step it will happen .. and hopefully will get healthier. Jan
  3. Jan_In_Maine

    Off topic from fashion.......

    Lois - I haven't been on the cruise fashion boards in a long time, but glad to hear that you are doing well. We are finally trying Celebrity in April on the Edge ... looking forward to a new adventure. Take care of yourself and enjoy! Jan
  4. Jan_In_Maine

    29 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Wow - Paula - You are amazing! In less than two years you have lost so much ... It is so nice when one can have a wonderful time on a cruise and don't come back with lots of weight gain. When I first started cruising (2003) I would gain 10-15# in a week (eek) ... now I seem to stay the same or have a very small gain. I have somewhere between 30-50# to lose ... sometimes its hard to stay focused, but I do understand feeling physically and mentally better ... Congratulations and welcome to this thread (there is a new thread each Thursday!). Jan
  5. Jan_In_Maine

    6 December 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Shellbelle - thanks for starting the thread ... and I feel your pain ... A nice loss always means the next week will be interesting. I too love pizza ... good goal for the month to try to minimize! Have I ever mentioned that I love food, I love its taste and the ritual of having good people to be with for this "event". We went to the coast (by Bar Harbor) for the weekend (I had a board meeting) ... we ate out Friday and Saturday nights ... I tried to be good, but the food and drinks were calling my name. I am up 0.2# ... could have been worse, but I'm not surprised ... I too will be looking at trying to make sure the "damage" is at a minimum during this holiday time. One the plus side, I did a lot of Christmas shopping over the weekend .. Hope everyone else had a good week. Jan
  6. Was there a make up mirror in the regular IV cabin? Thanks, Jan
  7. Jan_In_Maine

    29 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Michelle - 30 pounds lost is so amazing .. I hope someday to be there too! I hope you are very proud of your accomplishment! I went through my "cruise closet" today ... I have clothes in there that haven't fit in years ... I plan to get one outfit out and try it on every three weeks just for the motivation to keep going. I miss romaine lettuce ... was always my favorite ... now I seem to be eating lots of coleslaw (with just a tbsp of mayo). Jan
  8. Jan_In_Maine

    29 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Thanks for starting this thread Dave - sorry that you gained, but at least it isn't a bad gain. Diana - nice loss. I am a very happy camper today....tried to eat well at Thanksgiving and then had most of the kids over for leftovers (shephard's pie - made with turkey). I seem to have lost the most that I have ever lost in one week 2.8# .. I've now lost a total for this newest diet of 9.2# ... only a hundred zillion to go!!! Have everyone has a wonderful week. Jan
  9. I hope you have an amazing adventure ... enjoy! (I have to wait until April 14th ... and get through all the cold and snow also) ... looking forward to your posts - thanks for taking us all with you. Jan
  10. Jan_In_Maine

    22 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    I decided I did not want to weigh myself this morning (just in case) I didn't do too bad yesterday, although I did have a few olives, pickles and stuffed celery. I had very little dinner except for boiled onions (they only have 40 calories for 3 1/2 oz) ... I'm sure I didn't have that much. My middle child/wife & son were at his in-laws for dinner - but my other two and SO's were there and my SIL's mom. I just enjoyed watching everyone talking and having a good time. That is what makes Thanksgiving! I did try a new recipe ... and I think I had two pieces. Puff pastry shells that the middle has been hollowed out (after cooking) ... then add about 2" brie and my MIL's home made Maine wild blueberry sauce ... heat until bubbly ... it was absolutely amazing .. I am keeping that recipe to have again. (also made a cranberry/orange sauce which was good ... but not great) Sounds like everyone enjoyed the holiday ... we such did! PS - Diana - liked your post - yes I am much more positive - my meds are changed, my heart is perfect, and my mammogram came back wife no problems. Life is Good!
  11. Jan_In_Maine

    22 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Thanks for starting the thread Dave! I was down more yesterday, but I had pizza with bacon on it last night for dinner (I didn't over eat), but the salt didn't help and I weighed myself way too early this morning. I am down a total of 1# for the week ... slow going, but still happy that it is a loss. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. Jan
  12. Jan_In_Maine

    15 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Belle - so glad to hear from you --- so glad you are enjoying your newest adventure ... enjoy every day. Jan
  13. Jan_In_Maine

    15 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Shellbelle28 - Really enjoyed your limerick, very nice. Dave - thanks for starting the thread. I am down this week a total of 1.4# which means I've now lost 5.4# only a million to go!!!, but one step at a time works ... I plan on keeping regimented eating until my April cruise. (I hope). Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Best of luck to all. Jan
  14. Jan_In_Maine

    8 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    I am down 1# which makes me very happy ... Have to start exercising more, but am eating better ... I have to measure everything (otherwise a cup becomes two cups) Congratulations to all the losers ... Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Jan
  15. Jan_In_Maine

    1 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    This is a very good day. I got my results on my stress test and everything is fine. Many years I had been told that I would end up having either a heart attack or bypass surgery before I was 50 ... and 66 I have beaten the odds. I also weighed myself today and I am down 2.0# most I've lost in one week in forever. I had my meds changed, so I'm hoping that I will lose a little weight each week. Only 26-46# to go (I'll be happy with any weight loss)!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Jan