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  1. Belle - when you figure out why the lose is slow and the gain is fast let me know ... I hear you!!! Yes I did better than I thought. Jan
  2. Belle - congratulations on losing this week and last week also!!! I weighed myself this morning and I stayed the same - I'm really surprised - I will take it. Just wish I could lose some weight not happy with not fitting into clothes, etc. I know that the problem is that I'm really not trying. Motivation is lacking right now - I will get there! Jan
  3. Belle thanks for the poem! Everyone has done ok this week (Mel - you really didn't have much of a gain!!) I did not weigh myself today - I will try to tomorrow - I am not expecting a good reading. DH and I have been having some wine and snacks when he gets home from work - It is wonderful to just talk about our day and about the "kids", etc. I have been doing some spring cleaning upstairs and have come across a bag of chocolates/candy, etc. that someone gave to my DH for Christmas perhaps two years ago --- It ended up going into the trash - DH won't remember the gif
  4. Melmar - It sounds lovely - would love to see a picture - enjoy! Hope everything goes smoothly. Jan
  5. In the middle 50's here - but, the sun is peaking around the clouds every so often. I've been working on one of the bedrooms upstairs (cleaning out "stuff" and getting piles to take to the salvation army). It feels good to accomplish something. Think in a little while I will take the dog for a walk. Molly had to go back to the vet yesterday as the eye didn't look good and the lens they put in had fallen out. It was torn and they decided not to replace it. The eye looks better today. I'm hoping that when we go back on Friday they have some good news. She is only wearing th
  6. Molly (my lab) had surgery this afternoon - they took out the dead tissue from her eye (she had a ulcer of the cornea). She also had some good tissue that was moved with a knife and should help the skin from the dead tissue. She now has a lens that will help the cornea ... I know this isn't making any sense. She is now wearing the "cone of shame" and we have two different drops to put in her eye. We will go back net Friday to see what is going on. I feel so sorry for her - but the alternative was for her to go blind or to lose the eye. She doesn't like the cone ... but hopefully this wi
  7. Weighed myself this morning and I am up 0.6# ... not surprised, but I will keep plugging away at it. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday, it is a beautiful day here. Jan
  8. Belle - I guess I always thought that one of my siblings kids would decide to put the secretary in a truck and haul it up here - Or that someone in my neck of the woods would go to Virginia and bring it back here. I had checked out pricing and really thought that I could get someone to bring it my way ..... after 21 years I decided it was never going to get here. The shipping was $2,000 ... which is a lot .... and the value of the furniture wasn't even close to that amount. But, it was the only thing that my mom listed in her will that she wanted me to have. I finally decided that it was t
  9. Izena - love the picture of the dogs - they are so sweet. I can't imagine not having a dog in my life!!! I did not weigh myself this morning - was up with the birds (6 am) was waiting for a delivery - It arrived at 8:00 am. My mom's secretary that she gave to me. Only took 21 years to finally get it from my sister's house in Virginia to Maine. Its been an emotional morning. I got my second shot yesterday - my arm is sore - no swelling or redness. I'm going to assume that I won't have any type of reaction if nothing has happened in the last 24 hours. I am glad tha
  10. We had a very nice Sunday. I normally make a ham for dinner, but this year we had a late lunch (chicken on a salad) and supper was 70 calorie popcorn. It was what we wanted, so it worked! Yesterday it snowed, but it didn't stay, so today we have dreary skies and a little drizzle (but, is better than snow!) Sometimes booking a cruise (especially if you don't have to put much money down) can be a lot of fun planning, but, knowing that there is a chance that it won't happen kind of puts a little bit of a downer on it at the same time. Took the dog to the vet
  11. I've enjoyed reading all the posts. To all that love peeps - I do too!, but two of my three kids do not like them ... and for the life of me I can't remember which one does ... We made some very big Easter baskets for all the kids .... no one got peeps. Had a great time going to visit today and taking the baskets. My son that is doing keto got keto friendly sauces, keto syrups, keto beef jerky and a gift card to buffalo wild wings. They did get some candy that I'm hoping they share with nephews. I enjoy taking my yellow lab to different places and love that I can take her into
  12. Good Morning Belle, thanks for starting the thread! I am unfortunately up 1.2# ... I ate too much and I got into the girl scout cookies last night. Dreary day here today - it is raining ... but, at least it isn't snow! Hope everyone has a good week. Jan
  13. I am probably one of the slowest loser .... when I'm being really good and counting calories and exercising it probably averages about 0.6# to 1.0# per week. I need to keep a log of everything I eat and drink and stay within 1,100 calories and then I need to exercise about 4 times per week. Right now I'm not in a place where I have the motivation. I'll just keep plugging along!!!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far - temps here are about 42 with winds up to 60mph ... at least the snow is pretty much gone. I have tulips and daffodils that are breaking the ground - Jan
  14. Today it is chilly and a little overcast - high is about 40 degrees. We did take the dog for a walk this morning - about 1/2 mile total - not much but did get out for a few minutes and the dog loved it. Our excitement for the day was we went grocery shopping - I'm always amazed about what items they are out of on a weekly basis. This week and last week is was manicotti noodles and a specific salad dressing. Perhaps they will have them next week. This week they have propel water and frozen asparagus. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Jan
  15. Good Morning Belle!!! I have been making phone calls today, Dentist (for DH), Vet (for DDog), went to the bank (drive-thru), and I'm going to file my oldest son's taxes today ---- what an exciting life I live!!! I almost forgot the biggest event -- I have dishes to do!!!! It has been beautiful here, (in the high 50's low 60's) today not so much - rainy and dreary - they had talked about us getting 18" of snow this weekend - but changed the forecast to some rain. Have to love the weather in Maine --- "If you don't like it, wait 5 minutes". Jan
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