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  1. Forgot to mention .... somehow I now seem to have 6 cruises booked (probably should spend less time on the computer). I am not telling DH, but we now have an Alaska cruise August of 22 (its on his bucket list!). Jan
  2. I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts today ... Belle thanks for the poem! We have a lot of tourists in our area and we have open border to a few states other than that there must be either quarantine or a negative test before entering the state. Some people from away are not telling the truth about the requirements ... even saw someone boasting about it on tv .. it is insane! Our governor just made masks required (before they were just suggested) ... we will see where it ends up going. There are some very unhappy people. My DD came over this morning and we sat and talked ... it was great to see her ... Its been a few weeks. I weighed myself today and I was down 1# ... last week I was up 1.8# ... so it is rather yo-yoing ... I know I haven't been eating really healthy (too many desserts) and not exercising enough ... but as of this week I am meeting with my trainer twice per week. I think DH and I will start doing more walking. Hope everyone who celebrates has a nice July 4th. We are getting a new gas grill on Friday so we should start grilling around the 4th - other than that life is steady and uneventful. Jan
  3. Congratulations to all that lost weight or stayed the same. I, unfortunately gained 1.8# ... there is always next week! Jan
  4. Blood type O here also. Have a great week all. Jan
  5. Diana - I think the weather has been very interesting everywhere. When I talk with my sister in Virginia Beach the other day she said it was rainy and dreary there. In Maine it has been very warm ... usually it is in the low 70's this time of year .... yesterday we broke a record ... my car said it was over 100. Usually we spend more time heating our house ... this year it is cooling! I think that putting in a heat pump a few years ago it was the best thing we ever did .... keeps the whole downstairs cool! We had an amazing father's day everyone brought food ... lots of fruit, salads, vegetables, pastas, we cooked cheeseburgers and had cheesecake for dessert (one of my son-in-laws loves making cheesecake -- key lime and was excellent!). Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend .... Jan
  6. Belle - You always know how to make a Thursday positive. Thank you! I am actually down this week (although still up from my lowest) but I will take the 0.8# decrease. Did meet with my trainer yesterday. Had a great time talking and fun exercising. We are meeting in a garage that has some exercise equipment ... it works .. still waiting to go back to the gym ... they opened this week ... but 50 people and they are turning a "blind eye" to anyone that isn't wearing a mask. I'm not comfortable with that situation. Diana - staying the same works! I do miss everyone else ... hopefully soon they will be back. Have a great day all. Jan
  7. Yesterday wasn't the best day ... I told DH I was going to drown my sorrows with an extra glass(es) of wine. I am really getting tired of the world being upended - but, we are all healthy so I really can't complain (much) I have spent the last 2 1/2 years planning a family cruise to Bermuda - with the kids and my son-in-law's mother - there will be 9 of us and it is a anniversary cruise for our 47th ... We have a vow renewal and I've planned excursions, dinners, hotels, transportation, etc. This is our gift to our family. We were going on August 14th. Yesterday it was canceled. Now I am dealing with trying to get money back, excursions canceled, hotels, etc. I just feel sorry that it isn't happening this year. Ok, now my pity party is over ... If that is all of my worries, I guess I have life pretty good! Now I just need to start planning this cruise for the same dates next year! Hope everyone has had a good week .... I'm don't think I will have a loss this week .... Will keep trying. Jan
  8. Good Morning Belle - Hope you have a wonderful day!!! I am up 2.2# and am hoping that it might be some water weight. We went out to dinner with our daughter and family last night ... it was wonderful ... first time with them since sometime in February. I ate too much and then had flourless chocolate cake that was totally amazing. Today I am meeting with my trainer (in a garage with some gym equipment). It feels great to do a little exercising again!!! Hope everyone had a good week. Jan
  9. PACruise - Congratulations ... I hope you are very proud of yourself ... wonderful first goal met! I haven't posted much lately. My computer has been inthe shop ... now have windows 10 ... but there is some tweaking that still needs to be done ... and unfortunately I am not as computer savvy as I once was. (its ok though, I will just take it back to the computer shop!). I've been using my phone and i-pad for computer needs and I don't really like it at all!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Jan
  10. Thanks for the words this morning Belle. It can be difficult to remain positive at times. I weighed in this morning with a loss of 2#. Which is almost what I had gained last week. Today I am meeting my trainer for a one on one. First time since the 9th of March. I hope everyone has a great week! Jan
  11. Thanks for the poem Belle. This hasn't been a good week weight wise. No one to blame but myself. I have not been exercising (due to my back) and we seem to be eating desserts every night ... wine has been good too!. I am up 2.8# which means that I am up a total 12.8# from last November. This is crazy ... but, I will get back on the swing of things. Did go see my Gyn the other day ... haven't seen him in awhile (they told me I had aged out .. now they say I should still go). Anyway ... even though I am overweight he said at my age it is ok and that I am healthy. I want to lose (or re-lose) a total of 16# and then I would be done ... would be higher than I was years ago ... but I would feel better. And, of course, I want to lose all the weight in my stomach --- the joys of having kids (wouldn't trade it for anything!!!). Hope everyone has a good week. Pacruise - I saw last weeks post .... I've been looking at Viking for the med or scandinavia .... someday we will. (We've been to all the ports you will be going to on numerous occassions ... If you are interested in any ideas, I may be able to come up with a few) ... many might involve food though (including lots of walking). Jan
  12. IneedAMaiTai - I too have been to the Caribbean many times (17 times I think as of right now) ... any questions I'm sure that both melmar and myself would have lots of answers!!!! Jan PS - haven't posted much as am trying to stay off the computer ... Jan
  13. Good Morning - having computer problems ... Been getting very strange emails ... and I have tried to do everything without using my house internet (it has been off) and using my phone. Then I couldn't figure out my password, etc. I have a problem with my back (always) I have vertebrae that go out ... and this time it decided to pinch my sciatica ... I can't stand up straight or walk well. Called my chiropractor and he moved his office about 150 miles away and is not working at this time .... I'm trying heat .... this is not fun. Jo - husbands can have an interesting way of telling one that they care ... My DH does the same thing and when I try to explain that it isn't helpful and he should know that by now ... he will say that someday I will do everything his way .... he is not a funny man! I am up the 0.2# that I was down last week. Oh well. Good luck to all ... this is the end of week 10 for me self-quarantining. It is getting old, but for the best. Jan
  14. Good morning all. Belle thanks for the poem. Some how I am down 0.2# have no idea why. But I will take it. Jan
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