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  1. Jan_In_Maine

    15 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Belle - so glad to hear from you --- so glad you are enjoying your newest adventure ... enjoy every day. Jan
  2. Jan_In_Maine

    15 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Shellbelle28 - Really enjoyed your limerick, very nice. Dave - thanks for starting the thread. I am down this week a total of 1.4# which means I've now lost 5.4# only a million to go!!!, but one step at a time works ... I plan on keeping regimented eating until my April cruise. (I hope). Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Best of luck to all. Jan
  3. Jan_In_Maine

    8 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    I am down 1# which makes me very happy ... Have to start exercising more, but am eating better ... I have to measure everything (otherwise a cup becomes two cups) Congratulations to all the losers ... Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Jan
  4. Jan_In_Maine

    1 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    This is a very good day. I got my results on my stress test and everything is fine. Many years I had been told that I would end up having either a heart attack or bypass surgery before I was 50 ... and 66 I have beaten the odds. I also weighed myself today and I am down 2.0# most I've lost in one week in forever. I had my meds changed, so I'm hoping that I will lose a little weight each week. Only 26-46# to go (I'll be happy with any weight loss)!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Jan
  5. Jan_In_Maine

    1 November 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    I didn't weigh myself this morning as I spend some time at our local hospital having a nuclear stress test (they also wouldn't let me do the treadmill so had injection for that). I've had this test done in the past and everything has been fine, so I'm going to believe that is the case this time! I'll know next week. I plan to weigh myself tomorrow (although I had some leftover halloween candy today Jan
  6. Jan_In_Maine

    25 October 2018 Thursday Weigh-in

    Hi all ... Just got back from the gulf coast of Mississippi ... my niece got married - it was a wonderful wedding ... I don't think I gained any weight while we were gone ... DH & I did a lot of walking and I didn't eat too much (or drink a lot either) ... we will see on Thursday! Jan
  7. Getting ready to leave for Mississippi this afternoon. Back is much better (not perfect - but liveable). It is snowing here today ... rather sad, I liked our long summer. Because I won't be here tomorrow I weighed myself this morning and I am down 1.0# .. very excited! Jan
  8. Good Morning Belle .. So nice to have the threads "postable" ... I made a mistake and twisted wrong and my sciatica pinched (probably the worst it has been) .. I have a wonderful chiropractor that I go to (never believed in them - but he is amazing). It has been difficult to even walk ... hopefully next week. In the mean time, I seem to have gained weight in these last two weeks (sigh) .. 0.6# -- could have been worse. I leave on Wednesday to go to a wedding in Mississippi ... so I won't be around for 6-7 days. Hope everyone has a great weekend ... Belle hope you have a wonderful cruise. Jan
  9. Jan_In_Maine

    We're back for Thursdays!

    Since we couldn't post ... I didn't bother to weigh myself .... hope everyone is doing well ... missed talking
  10. Jan_In_Maine

    Seattle Hotel Recommendation

    We have stayed at the Mayflower hotel ... very convenient ... we walked to Pike Place and we took the train to the space needle. They also took us directly to the cruise port. Jan
  11. Jo - I spent my honeymoon camping at Algonquin Park 45 years ago ... It was so beautiful - Enjoy you trip. Jan
  12. I posted a long message yesterday, but somehow managed to click out before posting ... sigh! To make it short ... I seem to have gained what I lost the week before 0.4# ... will try again. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. (Hang in there Belle !) Jan
  13. Jan_In_Maine

    2020 cruise

    Thank you for mentioning that ... I will not give sunscreen this year. We have been using sunscreen that is safe for coral & reefs - a little more expensive, but my understanding is that it won't hurt marine life. Jan
  14. Jan_In_Maine

    2020 cruise

    Love the idea of Christmas ornaments ... I will add those too! Jamie - I hope you have a wonderful time with your parents, and make lots of memories. Hope all in your family love cruising as much as mine do! Jan
  15. Jan_In_Maine

    2020 cruise

    Talking with my dh we have decided that this will be a vow renewal cruise (it will be our 47th anniversary) ... to think about it makes me cry ... I have had a wonderful life ... I am now thinking about what I want to say to my kids to have them understand how we feel about each other and how they are so amazing to have been our children. I have had a lot of ideas to give to the kids ... I will add beach towels, and everything that all have suggested. This will be our 20th cruise, but first with all of the kids ... we have gone with them individually. Thank you all for the ideas. I love going on cruises, love my husband, and have the most amazing family. Thanks again, Jan