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  1. Some good info in this thread https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2687478-27-falls-cab-from-port-seating-maximum/ If you have any other specific questions, please ask!
  2. I left our stuff in the taxi/van. We had a backpack or two of stuff and someone would have to really try hard to dig through it to find anything valuable. The driver is going to want a tip so if stuff is missing that is going to hurt his chances. I also would not feel like you are going to offend the driver by getting a locker (they are between $3-$5 depending on size). Again, they want you to have a good experience which hopefully means a better tip. It is really up to you which way you feel more comfortable. Sounds like the locker may be the way to go for you.
  3. Last review on TripAdvisor says that only waterfalls 1-12 were open as of their trip in November 2019.
  4. From a cost standpoint, it may make sense to use a tour company for 2 people. I believe the taxi costs $50 each way regardless of the number of people. You could probably try to team up with others going to split the cost if you can find some others. There were some people that ended up in our group that used a tour operator for about $50/person including everything. So I don't think using a taxi or a non-cruise tour operator makes a difference as far as the group you are in. Not sure exactly the details you are looking for, so let me know if you want to know anything else, but her
  5. They had guys riding up and down the pier on bike rickshaws that can carry a couple of people when I was there last week. I think they were free, but tips are assumed. I don't think they went past the end/exit of the pier all the way to the taxi area.
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