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  1. twopats

    Blu vs. Luminae

    One of the reasons we preferred Blu was the fact you had more than one choice for an appetizer, as in Luminae. The food in all categories was WONDERFUL, especially one night they had a Parsnip w/carmelized onions soup. This didn't sound at all appetizing, but the other soup was a cold one so I took a chance and it was "out of this world". The choices were much better for the main course in Blu and there was only one night, out of 15, that I ordered a steak from their alternative menu offer each night. It, again, was absolutely delicious. I don't know if all the Celebrity Solstice class ships have the same recipes, but if they do not, they should contact the Eclipse chef!!! Trish
  2. twopats

    Blu vs. Luminae

    Our last cruise was in a suite cabin where we dined at Luminae, which we thought was very special. This last cruise we Aqua class and naturally compared it to Luminae and surprisingly, we liked Blu better! At least on the Eclipse, the staff were simply outstanding, especially Suki who know our names from the first night, and the Maitre 'd who oversaw the restaurant skillfully and was impressive. He was not above cleaning tables, taking dining requests, etc. when the crowds became overly large. The restaurant itself is worth the extra cost for Aqua class. Trish
  3. twopats

    Upsell! Upsell! Upsell!

    As you can see by the listing of our Celebrity cruises, this is our very favorite cruise line and actually we have NEVER had the experiences related on this posting happen to us. We are now limiting our cruising to the Solstice class, as these ships are so beautiful and the crews seem to be happy in their work, they are very friendly, and the food is head and shoulders above RCL. We are Elite + so the nightly cocktails are taken care of, and often 3 vouchers for drinks at any bar are offered. It really pays to stick to one line, use their credit cards, and get OBC on every cruise, especially the new Celebrity Visa card!! Trish
  4. On a recent Eclipse sailing, we went to the casino cage and received $100 in different looking chips. These chips are not refundable but when you gamble, simply always use these chips and save the ones that win with. It worked perfectly for us as we won quite a bit on 3 card poker (always paid in the regular chips.) Of course, the caveat is you cannot lose $100 without winning a bit and end up with the regular chips. Trish
  5. This is our first booked AQ accessible cabin and wonder if they are the same as the regular balcony accessible cabins which only have a tiny couch barely big enough for two? Is there any difference between the S class ships? We have the same numbered stateroom on our next two cruises; one on Eclipse and one on Equinox. Trish
  6. On a recent cruise when we had a suite, Luminae was open for lunch after we boarded? This cruise we have an aqua stateroom and wonder if Blu is open as well? Trish
  7. twopats

    Equinox Redeployment

    When I read this posting about Equinox being brought back to the Caribbean, I immediately called Celebrity and found a great cruise on April 24, 2017 with three days in New Orleans from Miami!!! Great Itinerary which they call a Jazz Cruise and today, I checked the website and the suites are already sold out!! Trish
  8. twopats

    Luminae Restaurant on the Solstice

    I would not hesitate to upgrade as on a long cruise, the dining experience becomes really important and Luminae's ambiance, food, and service is exceptional. You have own wine steward and the service is impecable PLUS on sea days they are open for lunch as well. Go for it! Trish
  9. We are booked in an aqua class veranda but note the cost is well in excess of a normal veranda. Do those of you who have sailed in both classes in the S ships think it is worth it? We loved the Luminae on our last cruise where we snagged a suite at the last minute so wonder how The Blue will compare. Trish
  10. twopats

    Cabin Booking Myth---Accessible Cabins

    My husband has had Parkinson's for five years. He does not need a wheelchair and to look at him, the signs are minimal BUT, he does have balance problems and has fallen trying to get out of a tub when we had a non-accessible cabin. I don't understand all the complaints about folks having that type cabin when Celebrity insists every time we book one, we have a statement confirming our disability issues. I agree you should never book an accessible cabin if you do not need one, but do not be too quick to judge just by looks. Trish
  11. Would appreciate recommendations re a hotel in late October for an overnight before our Transatlantic. Hopefully with a breakfast included. Also, need to have transportation from Heathrow to Southampton so any ideas re this? Many thanks for any suggestions everyone has. Trish
  12. twopats

    Luminae first time may be last

    [quote name='Ballater']Just off the Solstice yesterday. First time on Celebrity (having sailed in Queens Grill on Cunard a dozen times), and dined almost exclusively in Luminae. It was a consistently first-rate experience, with excellent and innovative food choices, a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere, and exceptional service. The staff was never flustered or bothered by an order off-menu. I'd say the experience is right up there with the best of Queens Grill on Cunard.[/QUOTE] We totally agree! Luminae was better than the specialty restaurants and the lure of the specialty restaurants vanished once we ate there. Trish
  13. twopats

    Sky Suite Dining Perks

    Having a sky suite, you are entitled to dining in Luminae every breakfast, lunch (on sea days) and dinner every night. Once you eat in Luminae, you probably will not even consider a specialty restaurant...it is that AMAZING. We were blown away by the quality of the food, the decor, the service, etc. so that another dining venue on our recent Silhouette cruise was not even tempting. Trish
  14. Having just returned from a cruise with Luminae as our suite specialty restaurant, we wonder if Blu compares in any way to this fantastic dining venue. We have booked an aqua class cabin and are considering doing just that on our next cruise. Somewhere I read that it is possible to dine in Liminae for an extra charge...has anyone ever done that? Trish
  15. We just experienced the restaurant Luminae on our Silhouette cruise to the Baltic and LOVED it. Do suite passengers on the Summit and Infinity have that perk if you book a suite? Trish