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  1. A pleasure to meet you boys. Thanks for sharing your self-opening ceiling-denting bubbles with us🍾🤣 Safe journey home both of you x 🛳✈️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  2. Hi gang, Hope those of you able to get onboard are enjoying. a quick question - what’s the current situation with excursions on APEX? Are they happening? And are you only able to go ashore on Celebrity ones or can you go ashore independently? Thanks!
  3. The football is being shown on the pool deck without sound apart from the England games which has sound. You can also see games with sound in the TV lounge and pub or in your state rooms which have BBC1 and ITV1.
  4. That’s odd. The smoke from the funnel has been white the whole time this week. Not seen it like this at all.
  5. Yes. Two. The guide was very good at being aware of that 👍🏻
  6. Some replies: Not seen swimwear in the MDR for lunch. Smart shorts all over, as the weather is so nice, but no wet shorts. What has been nice to see is I haven’t seen any evidence of food waste that you usually see. No one is piling mounds of food onto their plates, picking at it and then walking off. That drives me crackers on normal cruises so lovely to see none of that one here. Elegant nights were a real mixture from the super casual, to hideous non-age appropriate neon, sequins and sparkly masks up to really classily dressed up. I had a suit on and most made an effort from those I saw. Those in the Speciality Restaurants are usually dressed smart casual every night. The second Liverpool day was simply more repeated walking tours. Don’t think many took them up on the offer. We did the Roman city of Chester excursion yesterday. Was OK, if a bit artificial because of the restrictions. A good guide and a decent four hours+ off the ship including a chunk wandering around on foot in a group for £50 so can’t really complain. The comedian is now an impressionist - haven’t seen so can’t comment but does all the obvious characters like Ozzy Osbourne and Amy Winehouse going by the poster. There is an amazing jazz improv trio on the ship though who are worth catching. Everyone who has seen them raves about the Soul Brothers. Spent last night in the new speciality restaurant Indochine. Very nice food and staff as attentive as you’d expect. But the prices if you go off the package deal are just daft. £49 for lobster? I mean… speaking of - interesting to find out the restaurants are actually mostly private franchises and not owned by MSC. Is that a thing? I never knew that. Been chatting to crew (all lovely)! Contrary to rumours - they aren’t remotely all vaccinated. Some have had one and some haven’t even had either yet! They all have individual rooms on the lower decks though which must be refreshing for them. We had our mid voyage Covid test today. I’ve never been handled so roughly by a healthcare person - he rammed it so far up my nose I thought it was gonna pop out my eyeball. Be warned folks. So many others emerged spluttering aghast! Was surprised our stateroom steward only comes in once a day - in the morning. So if you use your bathroom or beach towels throughout the day you won’t get them changed for fresh ones should you need until after you’ve got ready the next morning. Never not had an evening visit from the steward on a cruise before! They are of course happy to swap if you ask but handy to know about. Nice touch having USB charging ports built into the bedside light fittings. So many fellow cruisers hadn’t noticed this so we keep making people happy with that bit of news. Haha. Another thing I like is being able to see the whole week’s MDR breakfast, lunch and dinner menus on the electronic screens from the moment you board. Means if you have a dining package you can plan which days you use them to avoid bad menus. Today was ‘French’ night in the MDR and I would have struggled significantly with what was in offer so we went to the Mexican which was ace. Unbelievable weather we’ve had though. Never thought I’d be sunbathing or using water slides in the shadow of the Liver birds! On to Belfast…
  7. Yes. And be prepared for the excursions to be cancelled because of low demand. The one we wanted to do in Portland (the only one which was really anything other than ‘sitting on a coach’) was cancelled due to lack of interest. Genuinely most folk are on here for a break and a rest. Not to sightsee. That said, with the weather being so beautiful there’s been plenty to see from on deck - we saw the Welsh coast yesterday once the fog lifted and were accompanied by pods of dolphins the whole day. Liverpool is sparkling in the sunshine this morning. The Euros football is also fun to experience in such an unusual setting so if any of you are joining in the next few weeks you’ll be able to watch in varying levels of size and audio if you like.
  8. Yeah. We must have been waitlisted and someone cancelled last minute. I guess the Glasgow cancellation may have worked in our favour. There’s less than 800 on board and it’s a surprisingly young crowd - but everyone seems under for it and is in good spirits that I’ve seen.
  9. We were only confirmed on yesterday and sailed today so they only had one cabin which was a 13th deck Fantastica balcony which is really nice. The bathroom is a little, er, bijoux but otherwise all good. They have both types of Moët but only the pink Veuve at the moment. Noticing silly little things like the carpets all have that ‘brand new’ bounce. Also enjoying only having the announcements once 🤣 The volume of staff is ridiculuous - it’s like being on Oceania on a massive ship. Hah. I’ve just witnessed the dinosaurs being wiped out on the ceiling of the main atrium as we sailed past the Jurassic coast. Nice touch 🤣🦕🦖💥
  10. Hello all. Couldn’t be more impressed with the start of the week’s voyage. From car park to stepping aboard in 35 minutes. Every crew member is great so far. 2.50pm and on second glass of Moët in the champagne bar and it’s actually sunny and warm. Hurrah.
  11. Amazing. Thank you. 👍🏻🙌🏻
  12. Are there any big screens anywhere that they might show any of the Euro 2020 games? We’re on board for England v Scotland which is gonna be a pretty popular sea day with just a British cruise crowd!
  13. Thanks Stu! Appreciate the reply. Enjoy the rest of your cruise! 👍🏻
  14. Thanks everyone for all this very useful info! Can you let us know what (if anything) in the spa and gym is open? Has anyone seen anything about massage packages? Thanks very much! Also - huge thanks foe the drinks menus - that’s brilliant for those of us heading onboard soon. Can you clarify how the Premium+ works with champagne by the glass? Does it cover any of those that can be bought by the glass or are there still restrictions? Thanks a million - hope the wind is kind!!!
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