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  1. I received a mail offer for double past guest discount plus up to $1500 per couple on board credit. Good through July 31. This included the Mississippi sailings for 2023. We decided to book the longer Mississippi cruise for October, 2023. However, Viking would not move off the cruise had to be paid in full by the end of this year, even though we are past cruisers on both Ocean and River, and have always been able to negotiate for 6 months prior to sailing. In this case I would have even agreed to a year prior to sailing, but I was not willing to have over $30,000 tied up for almost three years.
  2. We are in exactly the same boat. Our Alaska cruise is April 2021. We're holding off until our final payment is due in October to see what the situation is at that time.
  3. My experience in switching reservations from one cruise to another is that all deposits and insurance will be transferred to a new cruise, but any "perks" associated with the first reservation will not be transferred to the second reservation. The second reservation will stand alone. I transferred a cruise from one year to another and although the original reservation included free airfare, the cruise that I transferred to did not, so I lost the free air. It suited my purposes, so I still did it.
  4. Well, if you cancel for any reason, then you've actually used the insurance, so you wouldn't be refunded that cost. If it's far enough in advance of the cruise, I've been able to transfer the booking to a different cruise, including the cost of the insurance. But that was many months in advance. If you were within the timeframe that you would only be charged the $200, then you should contact them on tellus@viking.com and ask them to review it. Whenever I bought insurance directly from Viking, it has always been charged with the original deposit. Otherwise, you could just add it later.
  5. And another vote for TJ. They are SO accommodating. We had spent a fair amount of time in St Petersburg before, so wanted to see some off-the-beaten-path things. No problem at all including the Political History m Museum which was fabulous. After we were on the ship we met some folks who recommended we see the Precious Map of Russia at the Geological Museum. I sent an email to TJ a couple of days before our tour and asked to have that added. No problem! Recommend them highly. Also enjoyed Viking's Lunch at the Reichtstag excursion in Berlin.
  6. Great tip! Thank you.
  7. My experience also. The phone folks are able to answer detailed questions that are not necessarily clear on the website. Negotiating? If you mean money off, I've never experienced that or heard of anyone just getting money off. On the other hand, sometimes the phone representatives will point something out to you that will save you money. For example, on our currently-booked cruise, the representative noted that we had previously booked business class airfare and pointed out that if we booked one level of stateroom higher than we were planning, we would get a special deal on business class airfare. It ended up that we got the higher level of stateroom for about the same price we would have paid for the lower level stateroom plus business airfare.
  8. I bought a nice pair of earrings at a shop in Gdansk--don't remember the name. I also bought a very nice necklace at one of the pop-up tables set up in front of the ship when we returned. Good prices for the quality.
  9. Thank you for posting. Love Viking, and this kind of above and beyond service is a big reason why.
  10. About a month ago I was told by an employee of Star Clippers (US) that it was unlikely they would settle because the shipyard wanted $20m more than the contract because of delays and Star Clippers was definitely not willing to pay that. What a shame. Agree that it isn't a likely ship for many purchasers. Perhaps a billionaire yacht collector.
  11. I couldn't get the last two links to work, but the Croatian one was fantastic! Any clue as to whether Brodosplit has reached an agreement with Mr. Kraftt?
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