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  1. KathyA

    Viking Homelands

    Went May 19. Chilly some places, but no rain at all. Sometimes a little chilly for sitting out on our veranda, but it didn't stop us. Glad to have booked then.
  2. One thing to remember on the Homelands excursions is that tour bus overhead space is usually limited, so if you bring a medium to large sized backpack it will not fit in the overhead space and you will have to keep it on your lap for the journey.
  3. KathyA

    Question for recent Viking Sun sailors.

    We were also on the May 19-June 2 cruise. No problem during the cruise, but started having issues a day or two before we disembarked. Still have the cough.....
  4. KathyA

    Time in Stavanger to cruise Pulpit Rock on our own?

    Take the Viking excursion pulpit rock cruise. It may cost a little more than booking it privately, but no worries about the time and the cruise was fantastic. We did it in mid-May on Homelands.
  5. KathyA

    Is there much variety at Chef's Table?

    You can definitely cancel if you don't like the menu once you find out what it is.
  6. KathyA

    Is there much variety at Chef's Table?

    You can view the menus on the TV in your stateroom, so you can book the ones you find interesting and skip the others
  7. KathyA

    Is there much variety at Chef's Table?

    On our May Homelands cruise we went five times on a fourteen day cruise with a different menu each time.
  8. We did the same. Designed our own 2-day tour with what we wanted to see. It was great. The cost for two of us with a guide and a driver, doing exactly what we wanted to do, cost just under what the group tour on Viking was.
  9. KathyA

    Viking Homeland, St. Petersburg

    We also did a private 2-day tour with TJ Travel in May. It was great--again, was able to pick a few things that weren't on any of the excursions, like the Political History Museum and the Geological Research Institute to see the "Precious Map of the Soviet Union" totally inlaid with precious gems. Fantastic. We actually just added the Geological Institute a couple of days before our tour, and no problem with the revision. Having only two of us was great. Driver and guide both spoke excellent English.
  10. KathyA

    Viking Sky June 9 Homelands. -a few observations

    Agree with you on the Silver Beverage Package. On our cruise May 16-June1, the wine service was very lacking, not so much in the alternative restaurants but both in the dining room and the world café. It was a little annoying after paying for the upgrade.
  11. We were on a slightly different excursion to the Fantoff Stave Church from the Homelands tour two weeks ago. We did go inside the church.
  12. KathyA

    Viking Homelands - Trip to Flam from Eidfjord

    It's definitely a crapshoot. We just returned from Viking Homelands Bergen to Stockholm with a two-day pre-tour from Oslo for the Bergen Railway. Of the 17 days, it did not rain one day! The average in Norway is rain two out of every three days, so we really felt blessed. So those rain boots, hat, coat, and gloves I packed never got used. Not complaining! Go prepared, you just never know.
  13. Exactly! On a sailing cruise across the Atlantic, I took a celestial navigation course with the second mate, who happened to be Russian (as were several of the officers). He said they could always tell American sailors because they were always waving, smiling, and friendly, which the Russians found odd. It's just a difference in cultures. Those Russian sailors were wonderful once you got talking to them. I don't hold their country's politics against them just as I hope they don't hold my country's politics against me. One of the most interesting things we did on our recent Homelands stop in SP (also our second time there) was go to the Political History Museum. An absolutely fantastic tour.
  14. What a difference a week makes. We just got off this same itinerary on the Viking Sun (Bergen to Stockholm, though). Not one rainy day the entire cruise! Great ports, great tours. St. Petersburg great (except for the traffic, but that's true nearly everywhere). To my mind, Viking does just about everything well. Not too long queues in the World Café, maybe two or three people in front of you at a busy time for the buffet. Loved it, and looking forward to our next one.
  15. KathyA

    Viking Homelands Cruise Review

    ...what I would call the "ladies who lunch" look..... God bless Stephen Sondheim! "