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  1. Very happy to hear it, both for you and for Star Clippers. I've sailed on all three (current) ships numerous times and am looking forward to the Flying Clipper.
  2. I got my full refund today, including the cost of insurance booked through them. Looking forward to booking with them again. Also curious about what they will do with this particular cruise. Like others, we are widely travelled in the Caribbean and spend eight weeks there every winter, so were really only interested in Cuba in that area of the world.
  3. I have cancelled but have not yet received my refund. It will be a month next week since I cancelled.
  4. Thank you, FredT. Very interesting. I hope they can make it work with this ship--what a loss if they cannot; I guess Mr. Kraft will have the world's biggest private yacht.
  5. Thanks for posting this. Still looking forward to it, though it's been years....
  6. No charge if you have the Silver Beverage Package. No charge if you have a PV room or above and order food with it. Also, at either lunch or dinner where wine and beer are included, you can ask them to fill your glass up after your meal and take it with you.
  7. They will not stock wine in the minibars. You can call room service and ask for glasses of wine delivered. They will deliver more than one glass per person, but they will not deliver bottles without charging for it. We sometimes ordered four glasses of wine and put two in the minifridge while we drank the first one, then later enjoyed the second glass. This works even better with still wines than with sparkling! Enjoy!
  8. I got a very nice call from a staff member in response to my email to tellus@vikingcruises.com Definitely the A team at tellus. They did agree to give me a full refund although they encouraged me to wait and see what Viking's ultimate alternative might be Like others, I sent the requisite email formally requesting a refund, and received a confirming email that I would be given a full refund, although it would take 30 days to process. I'm happy with the result and looking forward to sailing with them again in the future.
  9. Thank you. I did actually send it to vikingcruises.com. Guess I just wrote the email too fast! It did make me go back and check, though, so thank you!
  10. I wasn't as lucky as some of you. I called Viking today. The snippy Viking representative said "we informed you that we would let you know what your alternatives are at a later date." I mentioned that cruisecritic members had received a full refund. She said "Well, your cruise is over a year away, so like we told you in our email, we will let you know what your options are once we have decided. We TOLD you to be patient." I sent a followup email to tellus@viking.com. I'm hoping for a better outcome. I've been on both ocean and river cruises with Viking, so it's not like this is my first cruise with them. Definitely not happy with their customer service.
  11. The Cultural Cuba cruises have been removed from the website altogether. On myvikingjourney.com the booked Cultural Cuba itinerary shows every port TBD. I find it bewildering that they think the US government will give them an exception. Kind of a DYKWIA mentality.
  12. Got this today from Viking: 17JUN2019 Dear Viking Guest, Thank you for choosing Viking for your upcoming Cultural Cuba cruise. We want to assure you that we are currently reviewing all options for your sailing and the impact of the recent restrictions imposed on travel to Cuba. While the U.S. State Department has issued new regulations restricting travel to Cuba, specific details are unknown. We have asked for special consideration to continue with a modified Cuba schedule in order to accommodate our booked guests. Until we receive a response to our request, it is too early to know what adjustments will need to be made. As soon as we have confirmed if and how your itinerary will be impacted, we will notify you directly. We hope to have more information within the next two to three weeks; however, we encourage you to visit our website here for any general updates we may have in the interim. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we review all options and make any necessary modifications. We will be contacting you again soon; however, should you have any questions, please call Reservations at 1-855-300-3970, Monday through Friday, 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and Saturday to Sunday, 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM, PST. Sincerely, Viking
  13. By rescheduling the Cuba cruises to slightly longer cruises but with full ships.
  14. Positive sign! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Well, it does have something to do with insurance if you bought the insurance from Viking, because Viking's insurance had a "cancel for any reason" clause. So if you bought your insurance from Viking, you can cancel for any reason and get the cancellation policy that anyone can get ($100 voucher for future trip, and the balance of the full price of your paid trip refunded). The point is, if you invoke the insurance, then you don't get the price of the insurance back. If Viking cancels the entire trip (as is at least somewhat likely in the case of a trip where Cuba is the only destination), then people like me (who bought insurance from Viking solely because they had the cancel for any reason clause) would like to get the price of their Viking insurance back as well, since the cost of that insurance was far more than the deposit for the cruise.
  16. IF you bought your trip insurance from them.
  17. If you bought your insurance from Viking you can cancel for any reason and get your deposit back, less $100. But if you had to do that, you would not get the cost of the insurance back, which is significant.
  18. This is my question as well. I have paid more money for Vikings' insurance than I have down on the cruise.
  19. That's what I think too. We've traveled extensively in the Caribbean and spend 8 weeks in St. Maarten every year, so I'm really not interested in substitute ports. According to the terms and conditions they do have the right to substitute ports, but since this is a one-destination short cruise, it would be very odd.
  20. We are booked on Cultural Cuba in 2021. The entire itinerary is Cuba (from Miami). Our itinerary is also now showing TBD for all ports. Considering that the entire itinerary was Cuba, pretty hard to substitute other ports.
  21. Well, it has happened. Today the Trump Administration announced a ban on cruise ships going to Cuba. I believe there is an exception if you're already booked, but for cruises in 2021 that are nowhere near filled, I can't believe Viking will continue to sail there. Wondering if they do cancel those cruises, if your Viking travel insurance cost will be refunded.
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