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  1. Often first timers along with those who haven't sailed for awhile ask about the inclusive wine list. This is the list of inclusive wines being served. I found it to be extensive with lots of choice. I believe it includes 28 different selections and there are a few selections available in addition to this not on the list. Keith
  2. Testing is not perfect. By the way have a blood draw for your annual physical and sometimes something comes up that doesn't look right. What happens? You get retested and sometimes it turns out to be a false read and sometimes the read was fine. Take your blood pressure and see the results. Try again five minutes later. With that said this is the best we have so better to do the tests knowing they are not 100% accurate than no testing. Personally, I know of very few people who have tested positive at home where this was a false read. Keith
  3. Usually they say three to five days after exposure you would test positive if you got COVID-19. Personally, I think some of the biggest risks are the flight and the hotel. No guarantees but we decided on this flight to Miami to wear a mask the entire time and not consume food or drink at the airport or on the flight. While this was not possible when we went to Iceland it was doable here and we would have done it to Boston or NYC. At hotel we had meals in the room; not at restaurants and on the ship we do wear masks inside the ship (not required) and in our room if someone comes in. Is this a guarentee of being COVID-19 free? No but it can't hurt. In the end like most things it comes down to risk. At home since the Pandemic began we don't dine at a restaurant and haven't even gone to a shopping mall. Highlight is the grocery store for me. So for us there is risk here but we know we don't want to stay home for the rest of our lives. So we just try our best to take extra precautions. Some might say why bother. In our case we are still having a great time and by and large there have been few cases on board all of the Crystal Vessels so overall we feel safe because there is no environment at home where we know everyone has been vaccinated. Keith
  4. I am so very sorry Julia. I hope things go as well as possible given the circumstances including your health. Keith
  5. Where are you embarking from and from which port. Keith
  6. The good news is at 8:00 AM the announcement was made we were cleared to debark the ship so I went right down and after waiting a few minutes the Tram took me over to the area and gave me several choices where to be dropped off and I chose the Hilton so you could have easily made it to the church if they had stopped at Bimini and assuming no delays with arrival. I was out there early so when I walked the area it was pretty quiet although some people were on the side walk and some were in golf carts and other vehicles. Some who I saw were locals and likely worked there. No one was on the beach but it was early. Later in the morning as I was walking the Promenade Deck I could see a good number of guests in the tram. Keith
  7. I believe they are only on Serenity as they take up a lot of room. Keith
  8. Thank you for posting and enjoy every minute. Keith
  9. Thank you Roy and Karen. I look forward to meeting those of you who board this cruise. Keith
  10. The third time was a charm as we made it to Bimini this time around. Only the second Bahama port I have visited since we were docked here. First two times we skipped the port in July due to the COVID-19 outbreak on the island. It was wise that Genting arranged to take everyone on the island to Miami to get vaccinated. It is good there is a pier because always chancy with tenders with odds of missing the port due to the sea swells. Today's Blog is updated and I added some video to give you a sense of the sea swells. I also included lunch menus from Waterside. Cheers, Keith
  11. You are not alone but history I believe says otherwise and Climate Change likely increases the odds these days. Keith
  12. At the present time you can visit all places on your own. Yes, you need to apply for the Bahama Visa if leaving out of Miami. You can take you Covid-19 test five days before so if you board on a Monday you can take it on the prior Wednesday and once you get your results you can apply for the visa. Keith
  13. I was thinking this morning this voyage has some first for Anne Marie and myself. First time a seven day voyage we have sailed has three ports of embarkation and disembarkation. This could mean if we wanted to we could go to three different muster drills. Remember, the key words are "if we wanted to". Since the stops at Bimini were cancelled on our first two cruises due to the COVID-19 outbreak on the Island today's stop will be the first time we will have been to Bimini. I've never sailed on Serenity or Symphony with this level of guests. However, when we sailed Symphony in 2009 from Los Angeles to Hong Kong the guest count was very low due to the Great Recession and likewise on some of the 2010 World Cruise segments we had a guest count which was relatively low and that was a carryover from the Great Recession as well. So you are never to old or never too seasoned a cruiser to experience some firsts. I was thinking back to some of the issues which impacted the cruise industry. We would hear stories for years when Crystal Harmony was in Asia during SARS and they had stop the cruise and the ship returned without guests and just the fear that SARS had. There was the horrific terrorist attack on 9/11 which for a period of time made people fearful of travel including staying at certain hotels within cities which could be a target for terrorists as well as some not wanting to fly. There was the tech collapse causing a major hit to the stock market and impacting demand. I remember our fare going down for our second Crystal Cruise in 2003 and for a 2004 cruise both on Symphony and one in 2004 on the Seabourn Pride. The great recession of 2008 impacted demand for cruising in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Ebola hit around the time we were sailing the 2014 World Cruise. At the time we were in Africa there was awareness by the medical community that something was killing people but what it was initially was not known. While not having a major impact on cruising I do remember that a segment of World Cruise 2015 included Africa and I know of some people who cancelled that segment for fear. And by far the longest impact on Cruising and on travel is the Pandemic of 2020 continuing into this year. I still believe the Cruise Industry took a major hit with the constant focus and replay of the same coverage over and over of the Princess Ship in Japan. I am reminded that even the medical industry early on at Hospitals didn't comprehend this and how to isolate patients. With the knowledge of today if this happened on Princess today of course they would understand how to quickly isolate, test (didn't exist back then) to prevent spread. Similarity this happened with Noro Virus which I remember hitting one or more Princess ships and resulted in them having to take one or more ships out of service. Today, the cruise lines all have procedures to address Noro Virus. Anyway, some firsts for us on this voyage. We continue to have a blast being on-board. I can't think of a safer place to be other than trapped in ones home and I can assure everyone this is much more enjoyable. We just don't cook this way at home. Keith
  14. Serenity and Endeavor will be at the Port Of Miami at the same time on October 25. For those of you who are boarding Serenity on October 25 if you arrive to the Port from the bridge connecting the Port with the Bayside area you should see Endeavor on the right side. Keith
  15. Ivi, I am sure Larry can give you more information but I thought I would share this from our WC2022 cancellation. There are two components to it FCP which is the money we had already paid toward the cancelled cruise and FCC which is the 10% future cruise credit whose number is based on how much you had already paid on the booking which was cancelled. As I understand FCC alone could not be used for a deposit for a new booking (Larry please correct me if I am wrong) but can be used towards the remaining balance. I also mention this because we got FCC for our Endeavor cruise because the public space was not completely finished. Since this was FCC only as we were on the cruise and it was not cancelled if I made a new booking I would pay the deposit and could use the FCC for an additional payment or if I already had a booking where I had paid a portion of it I could use the FCC for that. The following was from the notice we got of one of the many options for the WC22 cancellation and the new Grand Voyage. Keith *The 110% Credits option is comprised of two coupons: a 100% Future Cruise Payment (FCP) representing cruise fare paid, and a 10% Future Cruise Credit (FCC) bonus discount. Credit coupons may be used separately or combined on any non-fully paid, future booking. Credits may be used with Crystal’s 2-for-1 Fares and Book Now Savings. Future Cruise Payment (FCP) may be applied to multiple future bookings and may be used towards deposit requirement on your new booking. Future Cruise Credit (FCC) may be applied to one booking as a savings; is not available to incentive groups, or guests under charter contracts; not combinable with any other savings – including Flex Fares, Best Available Fares (River) and Advance Purchase Savings; non-transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be used in lieu of the deposit requirement on your new booking. Note: If you are unable to redeem your Credits by December 31, 2023, you may request a refund of the original cruise fare paid.
  16. Appreciate your thoughts on your first Crystal Cruise. Enjoy every minute. Keith
  17. That's a great choice. I've had it and loved it. We had the Cobb Salad in our room and the good news is it's on the room service menu. Keith
  18. I see you received an answer. When I corresponded with the Bahama Authorities a while ago they said they worked six days a week and closed Sunday's and Holidays. Keith
  19. Phil, just wanted to add to what others said. You will be fine. It can be very confusing but the date is when it has to be used. In fact, on ours the expiration date was the date we boarded. When we boarded in Nassau in July the expiration date was before the cruise ended and that had me nervous until the Bahama authorities told me that was the date in which you had to enter the Bahamas so all good for you. Keith
  20. Cindy...I've heard two different numbers; either around the same as last voyage (250) or slightly less than that. Look forward to seeing you on board. I will try to ask again. Keith
  21. Today's Blog has been updated. With three places to embark on the cruise including today in Nassau we kept to the tradition and had Cobb Salad today as we did when we boarded this past Monday in Miami. Keith
  22. No masking requirements in the Fitness Center or anywhere on the ship at the present time. They do not offer workout videos. Keith
  23. OK, let's talk masks. I guess I thought of them because of the size of the swimming attire. Just kidding. LOL. Just some observations and this is not to get into a discussion about whether or not one should wear a mask. On our July voyages I would say just a few of us wore masks inside the ship in terms of guests. On this voyage a great number of guests are wearing them in public venues. It might just be a coincidence as I say each cruise is different or it might be because of the Delta Variant which spreads far easier than the original virus. On this voyage masks are not required of guests on-board the ship and it was just on a couple of voyages where that was the case. Keith
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