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  1. To quote The Bard, all's well that ends well.  


    First let me say I have a super TA.  She's a top producer and has pull with tour companies and cruise lines that I don't.  


    Yesterday I was able to work with her to get my river cruise moved to Dec. 2022. It will cost $300 more and she was able to get them to waive the air cancellation fee because I'm rebooking, not asking for a refund. The ship leaves Amsterdam on Dec. 20 which means I'll spend Christmas in Antwerp. Ideally I wanted the Dec. 6 cruise (same as I had for 2021) but they're sold out so I'm on a waitlist. I'm not against spending Christmas in Europe, it's just that places will be more crowded (including airports!) and I imagine the airfare will end being more than I paid originally. We shall see.  


    I felt much better after receiving the confirmation of the change.  @*Miss G* and @Lois R, glad to hear your tests went smoothly and more importantly, you got your negative results back in time for your trip.


    Thanks to everyone for your kind word and advice and hanging in there with me.  Now I'm off to tackle changing my trip insurance.

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  2. @Coral, I have insurance but it's not Tauck's.  I agree with you that their insurance is pricey for what you get, especially the medical coverage.  I'm going to work with my TA to see what Tauck will offer.


    Trying to arrange all those tests on the trip you described would leave my head spinning!  Talk about a logistical nightmare.  On an ordinary trip it can difficult enough to figure out flights, hotels, transfers, etc. let alone add in tests with precise requirements as to type and time frame.

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  3. 2 hours ago, ljandgb said:

    In the age of forged CDC vaccine cards, and post-vax infections, I think testing is probably still warranted.


    I would be OK with the testing if the required tests were readily available at the airport or cruise terminal, depending on one's travel requirements.  If I could test at the Nashville airport, I would be able to easily make it home if I was positive. 


    If the Netherland's timeframe was 72 hrs. instead of 48 I could probably do it.

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  4. Last night I talked with my family and they are concerned about me traveling by myself to Europe and something going wrong, and they are more concerned about the toll all of this stress is taking on my body.  I had open heart surgery back in May and this isn't helping.  


    I emailed by TA this morning and told her I'm canceling and would re-book with Tauck for a 2022 cruise if it would be more financially advantageous to do so, but this whole ordeal has left a bad taste in my mouth.  I tried reading Tauck's cancellation policy but it's hard to understand and I'm not clear on what happens with my airline tickets.  Final payment is October 7.  


    I will admit I'm OK with getting vaccinated and I'm even OK with wearing a mask, but this endless testing with so many ridiculous requirements is wearing thin real quick.  I don't know how productive it is to test vaccinated people with no symptoms.  I do know it's a money maker for the companies that guarantee quick turnarounds for travelers.


    I'll report back after I hear from my TA.

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  5. 2 hours ago, anthonyy7 said:



    This place is in Nashville and offers immediate results for your travel test.  Again plenty of time to go and there will be many changes between now and Dec. 


    Wow, did not know about this place.  That would work.  Only 20 miles from my house.  And as you said, things could change between now and December.   Many thanks, @anthonyy7.  I feel better already.

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  6. Good morning.  I tried to read thru all the responses.  Thank you for taking the time to answer.


    I have a CDC vaccine card but Vanderbilt University Medical Center put a QR sticker on it.  Are they the only place that does that?  I've not scanned the sticker. 


    I got an email from my TA this morning but she doesn't seem to understand the problem.  She thinks I'm concerned about getting a test in Amsterdam to board the ship.  If I'm reading Tauck's website correctly I only need to be vaccinated to board.  I need a test with negative results within 48 hrs. of liftoff in Nashville.  That's my main issue. 


    The hospitals here offer Covid tests to people with symptoms or direct exposure or those scheduled for medical procedures, but results take 2-5 days.  


    I'm not knowledgeable enough to be able to determine if the tests offered at Walgreen's or CVS, other than the PCR test, will pass muster.  I may go to a pharmacy and show the requirements to a pharmacist and have them tell me what I need and if they offer it. 


    The Netherlands' website says no self-tests but I can't determine if that includes the tests that are shipped to your house and you stick a swab up your nose while someone watches you do it on a Zoom mtg.  


    I'm on information overload and trying to sort it all out.  I also feel like I'm spinning and going around in circles.

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  7. I just checked Walgreen's and CVS.  They only offer one of the tests the Netherlands will accept (PCR) and results take 1-2 days to come back and results aren't guaranteed for travel.  Appts. are limited.  The closest rapid antigen test is offered in VA so that's out.  


    They offer something called the Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW) but I don't think it's accepted.  

  8. 57 minutes ago, hoosier2017 said:

    Hi Roz.  Not sure if this will help you or not but there is testing offered at Newark Airport.  I don’t know the timing of your connection but wanted to relay that info to you.   We are weeks away from going to Amsterdam and I need a calendar to keep track of dates to get everything done by.  It is indeed overwhelming.   Thinking of you.  


    I saw that.  It costs $200 and you pre-register.  My question is would UA allow me to board in Nashville without the test, and then get it at Newark before I board the plane for Amsterdam?


    8 minutes ago, Gourmet Gal said:

    This does not sound too complicated to me.  You live in a fairly metropolitan area where tests should be readily available and you just need to work with the window in hours not flight times because you’ll lose some hours with the time change.  If these guidelines work then the rules will probably change by the time you take the trip so I wouldn’t be too worried about it.  The digital record is probably just a matter of uploading an image of your card to a site that produces a QR code.  Do you have a cell phone?  That’s all you need.


    I live in a Metro area and state with a low vaccination rate and high number of Covid cases so tests are hard to come by and are being rationed.  


    My vax card has a QR code on it, so I'm not sure about uploading it but I'll check on that.


    Thanks to everyone for your advice and guidance.

  9. 1 minute ago, Psoque said:

    From what I can see, the guidance from the Dutch government is fairly clear:  Either a PCR test (no earlier than 48 hours before your departure from your home country) or an antigen test (no earlier than 24 hours before your departure from your home country).


    I was not able to find this information explained concisely.  It was not clear to me.  Thank you and I will verify with my TA.  I don't know if I will be able to get the test (and more importantly the results) within the 48 hr. window.  Is the departure time based on when I fly out of Nashville or out of Newark?

  10. Looking for advice from my CC river cruising friends.  I have an 8-day Yuletide cruise booked with Tauck that departs Amsterdam on Dec. 6 and sails to Brussels.  I'll leave Nashville on Dec. 2 and arrive in Amsterdam on Dec. 3.  Final payment is due on Oct. 7.  I spent over an hour last night on United Airlines, Tauck, and the Gov't. of the Netherlands websites and was close to tears.  The information is so confusing and I don't know if I have the wherewithal to coordinate the Covid testing requirements for this trip.  If one thing goes wrong I'm stranded by myself in a foreign country.  I'm very close to canceling even though it would mean losing some money.  I looked at transferring to next year but my cruise is already sold out in 2022.  


    The biggest obstacle I'm facing is meeting United Airlines' testing window and coordinating it with entry to the Netherlands.  With overnight flights I obviously lose a day.  Will the Netherlands go by my departure date and time in the US or my arrival time at Schipol?  The Netherlands says they won't accept self-tests but I don't know if that includes the medically supervised self-tests I see touted here on CC.


    I was so looking forward to this trip but now it's turned into an obstacle course.  Another consideration is some places in Amsterdam requiring a digital vaccination record to get in.  I don't have that and would hate to spend 3 days in Amsterdam not being able to visit museums, restaurants, stores, etc.  


    I'm feeling overwhelmed and don't know if I can do this.  I'm not going to enjoy myself if I'm in a constant state of anxiety.  I'm retiring next year and it pains me to think my traveling days may be over but I can't deal with this.  


    What would you do in my situation?  

  11. 10 hours ago, KroozNut said:

    I see no big differences between these menus and the ones they've always had, which IMO have been consistently good over the years. Don't understand what everyone's complaining about. 🙄


    Same with me.  The only difference I see is the lack of choices on the every day menu.  

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  12. 1 hour ago, AncientWanderer said:

    Mine shows same for Koningsdam California Coast.  Funny that "Available Daily" at dinner are lasagne, French onion soup, and Caesar salad.  Different.


    I find it very odd.  Of the lines I've cruised, there's always a few "plain" entrees to choose from - grilled chicken, steak, salmon, etc.  

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  13. On 9/23/2021 at 12:45 AM, foxland said:

    I naively imagined the boat pulling into a centrally located pier and walking off into a winter wonderland [snow, twinkling lights, mulled wine, beer and bratwurst] to experience the markets. However I have been reading reviews which talk about being tied up miles from anywhere, being bussed to town, and having very limited time to look around - sometimes as little as 60-90 minutes. None of which sounds very appealing.


    I don't know what lines or itineraries you've been looking at, but that has not been my experience on the 3 cruises I've taken on Uniworld. 

  14. @TomBeckCruise, thank you for your kind responses.  All the Walgreen's, CVS, Kroger, etc. around me are sold out of the tests, but I haven't looked beyond my immediate neighborhood.   I realize things can change before December, but I have to make a decision before final payment is due in October.  


    Your post made me realize I may be suffering some post-surgery anxiety I wasn't aware of.  

  15. The whole cruise industry is up for grabs.  All these requirements, some imposed by the cruise lines and some by the airlines and countries being visited.  And they seem to change by the hour.


    The cruise lines (including HAL) could make it a little easier for folks and put their minds at ease if they offered pier testing or at least some testing options in the embarkation city.  Let's suppose you tested at home but don't have the results by the time you're supposed to be board.  Wouldn't it be nice to at least have the option to test at the pier if your best laid plans fell thru?


    We're in Year Two of either no cruising or limited cruising.  How much longer can the cruise lines (not just HAL) hang in there?  And the cruise lines that depend on family cruisers are out of luck with children not being able to be vaccinated.

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  16. Just now, KirkNC said:

    Are you sure you want to do this?


    I'm calling my TA today or tomorrow to see what I'm out if I cancel.  Before this, not only were there all these requirements, but the Netherlands wanted us to quarantine for 5-10 days.  


    I booked this cruise to celebrate a successful open heart surgery and now it's turned into a real sh*t show.

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