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  1. For me personally, my credit card gives me 6 Hilton Honors points for every $1 I spend at a grocery store (I buy my gift cards at Kroger), and Kroger often has promotions where you get 4X fuel points on gift card purchases. They're running that promotion right now and I'll probably buy another card today. Also, they make nice stocking stuffers and bday gifts for the cruisers in your life. My sister and I are taking a HAL cruise in March and bought her a $50 card that she can apply to her onboard account. Sometimes HAL runs gift card promotions where you get extra $ for purchasing a certain amount.
  2. When you go to the gift card section of HAL's website, what does it say when you enter the card numbers? When you call tomorrow they should be able to see that both cards were entered into their system today, unless one of them is showing a balance of $500. It will get resolved.
  3. @Blue Eyes, I'm on the cruise before yours that leaves Amsterdam on December 6. @Second seating, Tauck has 4 Yuletide cruises scheduled in December - 2 are Amsterdam to Brussels and 2 are Brussels to Amsterdam. I've wondered about the Christmas markets and the last time I checked they were still pending. No dates have been set. I booked this cruise for the ports and the time of year (easy for me to get off work), but for those who want the markets they may not get what they signed up for assuming we even sail.
  4. If there was ever a time to book flights thru the cruise lines, this is it.
  5. @NavyCruiser, very interesting. I assume you purchased a pre-cruise pkg. from Viking.
  6. Meant to say "With 4 days straight....."
  7. Still no word from Tauck about my Dec. Holland and Belgium cruise. Maybe they're hoping things will change by December. Final payment is in October. Will 4 days straight in the Netherlands, I don't see a work around.
  8. Seems like there are more cancellations than cruises actually happening.
  9. The TA I book my river cruises told me the river cruise lines are working together to come up with a solution agreeable to Dutch govt. Possibly pick passengers up at airport on embarkation day and shuttle them directly to ship. Passengers processed as group at airport. This won't work for my itinerary, as we have 4 days in the Netherlands and 4 in Belgium. Itineraries starting in Amsterdam and then immediately leaving for Germany may stand a chance. I've grown weary of all the travel stress and rules changing by the hour. Don't want to get stranded in Europe.
  10. Over in the river cruising forum we've been discussing this, and you can be in the Netherlands for 12 hrs. before you have to quarantine. This allows people to transfer planes or trains without quarantining.
  11. @gnome12, I didn't know that. Thanks for informing me, and thanks for the morning chuckle re: Labour.
  12. @Host Jazzbeau, thanks for the link to the article. I can see how lines who are embarking in Amsterdam and then heading to Germany can reconfigure their itineraries, although to me not being able to tour Amsterdam, either with the cruise line or independently, is a loss. My Tauck cruise in December only covers Holland and Belgium, so I don't see how it can be reconfigured.
  13. @ChrisB123, maybe try the forums for American Cruise Line and American Queen Steamboat Company. I 've always been interested in the Lewis & Clark expedition. If my oversees cruises continue to fall through, and friend and I my book one of the Columbia River cruises that includes Lewis & Clark sites. A bit of trivia, did you know Meriwether Lewis is buried in Hohenwald, TN outside of Nashville? There's a national park there that I've visited several times.
  14. I sent an email to my travel agent to find out what she's heard. She said the river cruise companies are trying to work something out with the govts. involved for cruise passengers. Not exactly sure what that would entail. Maybe arriving the day of embarkation and having the cruise line shuttle passengers from the airport to the ship? Travel these days is like having a second job. Happy Labor Day to all our US CC members.
  15. @Shmoo here, I share your frustration. It's impossible to plan anything in advance. I feel like my entire life is on hold.
  16. Unvaccinated adults who come down with Covid, plus children contracting the Delta variant.
  17. I won't be going if I have to sit in a hotel in Amsterdam for 5 days staring at the walls and going crazy. Does the eMed BinaxNOW test work in a foreign country?
  18. What HAL itineraries will be changing? How can a person in quarantine get a Covid test? Does someone come to your hotel?
  19. I have a river cruise booked in December that leaves from Amsterdam and visits 4 ports in the Netherland and 4 in Belgium. I'm going to cancel if the cruise line doesn't, because I can't afford the time or money to quarantine for 5-10 days in Amsterdam plus 3 expensive Covid tests. This is getting to be ridiculous.
  20. Assuming you disembark near Centraal Station, it's about 10.5 miles or half an hour drive. If it's a weekday, you'll be going the opposite direction of rush hour traffic.
  21. @BPCruiser, if you're not going to be in the airport more than 12 hours, I don't think you'll have a problem in Amsterdam, but things seem to be changing by the hour so stay tuned.
  22. @conmanwhat cruise line and what itinerary?
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