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  1. Well said. I believe the coronavirus brough this to a head. Long overdue.
  2. I understand your point and agree. The issue here is that is comes in direct conflict with their greed. If grandma and grandpa are paying to include the children and grandchildren, and those footing the bill are not allowed to cruise then, whoops, all off, lost revenue. If a spouse is really fat, then whoops, lost revenue. If the large amount of people over 70 who have diabetes or other ailments, and those under 70 who have a taboo ailment....,then whoops lost revenue. ..and guess who fills their TAs, TPs B2Bs and cruise over 14 days.....yup, the people they do not want on their ships. Greed and survival should change things as greed always wins out. The stockholders and cheerleaders will demand it.
  3. Neither can an infant or small child make it to the lifeboat on their own during an emergency. Say, let's eliminate them from cruises as well. Let's also include the handicapped, people in wheelchairs...and, oh, of course, people who are morbidly obese.
  4. Yeah, thx. I noticed my typo and tried to go in and correct it, but it told me it was too late. It was a training aircraft with a wooden rudder and wings that were more like toilet paper, but the open cockpit added to the adventure.
  5. I am 71 but in great physical shape, exercise, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, and have a low BMI. My doctor says that due to liability issues his insurance will not allow him to sign the required document for anyone, of any age. Just after my 70th birthday, I piloted a 1930's era Stearman P-17 bi-plane, but, oops, I have an ailment for life kept in check with meds for the rest of my life, so sadly, I would not be allowed to get on a ship anyway evenif I could get my doctor to sign the document.. Although there is a high percentage of medical issues associated with the obese, like diabetes and heart problems that make them more prone to acquiring a severe case of the COVID-19 virus , there is no requirement to refuse passage to those obese, or worse, morbidly obese, people regardless of their ages. The impact of the disease to smokers and vapers is much more severe than the general public, not to mention the health effects of smoke to other passengers, but that is not an issue here either. And, yeah, those uncontrolled small children who cannot be counted to avoid handling buffet food, control their sneezing, coughing, and drooling place everyone at risk. No rules against them. Say, unless they want to openly discriminate, they should consider ALL issues and handle them with the same logic.
  6. Urgency and priority is to save the people FIRST, as they are the victims not only of the virus, but of the cruise lines and governments who are playing the shell game with their lives. Carnival Corp (and it's subsidiaries HAL, Princess et al) and all other lines with ships not registered in the US, need to be slapped with huge fines, and if they cannot pay then we should confiscate their ships and/or take business control of their operations. I guess the lines think it's okay for them to do what they do to maximize their profit, yet they rely Florida and the US Gov to regularly foot the huge bill and potential medical risks for their ships, not to mention the impact to the places they port. The cruise lines are placing the lives of its passengers at great peril on a regular basis by cheapening out and finding the most lenient and low tax countries to register their ships. THIS MUST STOP NOW. Going forward, before they are allowed to sail from the US or dock here, Carnival/RCCL and others they should be required to foot the bill for this PAY IT and need to present to the US government a sound plan for handling their related situations starting immediately. There also needs to be huge bill sent to the the Bahamas, Panama, The Netherlands, Liberia and every other country who has their flag flown on these ships. They undercut laws, regulations and taxes to get whatever benefit they do from the dubious honor of flying their flag on these ships. so they should be held liable financially and criminally. The gravy train is over.
  7. The cruise lines are not promising that. They are denying you passage and keeping your money only with YOUR hope that THEY will change THEIR minds later. and in the case of a FCC, you better HOPE that THEY change THEIR minds before the credit expires. Now that we are seeing that the volume of serious cases have more deeply penetrated younger groups, their requirement may not only remain in place, but it may be extended to those groups and ALL will be required to get that doctor's note. Add to that the talk that this may be a cyclical virus, now advancing to South America, and it may return in the fall for a second round, and with no serum expected in the short term.
  8. Um.... you own stock in a company that refuses, under their recent policy change, to allow you to cruise..... indefinitely? You would possibly benefit financially in your stock as they will retain cash, at least in the short term, if they boot you off their cruises, but it's your cash, personally, they are keeping. Which offers you the most gain? It's a thought provoking situation.
  9. The benefit of these sites is not just to talk about the fun and light aspects of travel, or for those in the industry on here, or who own financial interest in those industries, to promote it for their own interests, but to also recognize issues that impact travel. For instance: An FCC may be okay for some, but for those of us over 70, under the new policies of some lines, you are not allowed to travel without a doctor's note that people are reporting they are not able to get as the doctors fear liability even if their patient is healthy. The more concerns expressed, the greater the acknowledgment from the lines who read this. I have gained so much from others on here that some may consider "complaining". It was not my TA or the cruise line that I learned my cruise was cancelled, it was on here. I have also learned from here protocol on specific circumstances that have saved me thousands. I welcome ALL comments regardless if people desinate them as complainers or cheerleaders.
  10. The success or failure of the cruise lines will also be influenced by how they treat those over 70, and those who live with some lifelong ailments that the lines are now saying are unacceptable. Relying on overworked doctors to review and sign documents is not working as the doctors fear liability, as we are told, do their insurers.. Those if us over 70 fill their TAs, TPs, World Cruises, off season sailings, and any cruise over 14 days. They also need to resolve the issue of not refunding money to those over 70 or with unacceptable medical conditions who have paid for upcoming cruises and are only given Future Cruise Credits that carry expiration dates. These credits are worthless because under their new policy they will not allow you to board .
  11. For me, I am in perfect health, 71, and talked with my doctor. He said that not he ,or the CDC, understands anything about this virus and it's effect, not only to those 70+ but for ANYONE of ANY AGE. His concern is placing potential liability to him and his liability insurance would not recognize it either. He added that he did not feel any doctors would feel comfortable signing this.
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