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  1. Received my cruise refund today. Credited back to Amex. Cruise was April 9, cancelled on March 17. Haven’t received Cheers refund or Wi-Fi refund yet.
  2. I don’t think so, it was previously being shown on booking and ordering details, and on the luggage tags. I am ok with them cancelling it, but at least notify me and issue refund.
  3. I just saw where the FTTF I had purchased for our cruise in December has disappeared. Did I get a refund or notification, No! So, I will just add that to the refunds I still haven’t received from our April cruise that was cancelled in March!
  4. I am going! Don’t know if I can say this on here or not, but there is a huge group on FB going on this cruise.
  5. We did the #1 itinerary out of San Juan, but on Carnival. Best cruise ever. You will love it!
  6. OP, thanks for the heads up, just used it to pay my cruise off !❤️
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