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  1. cindik

    Carnival Fascination Review 2/10-2/17

    Enjoying your review, we did this cruise in December and have it booked again in 2020. Loved it! Nice to get new ideas for excursions next time!
  2. cindik

    Fort Lauderdale

    Never been to Fort Lauderdale. Which hotels, if any, are you able to see the Ships at the Port?
  3. Wanting to try a cove balcony, any suggestions on the Breeze?
  4. Really enjoying reading your review! We did this cruise December 2018, and have it booked again for 2020. Easily our favorite cruise ever!
  5. cindik

    Fascination soon and so many questions!

    1. Taxi was very easy to get, and they all have a set charge. We took one from airport to hotel, and from hotel to port. 2. We did a couple through Carnival and the rest on our own. I researched a lot, and those we did on our own had very good ratings. 3. There were 2 formal nights, and you will see some very dressed up, and some not so much. Lobster was the 1st formal night, but you could do a upcharge and order it anytime. 4. We were charged taxes on our drinks while in port, but this was later refunded back to us on our account. The Fascination is a great cruise, loved it!
  6. Thanks, that is just down the hall from our room!
  7. We are also on deck 9 in December, where is this secret deck?
  8. cindik

    Magic or Horizon

    We ended up booking the Magic instead of Horizon. Mainly because I wanted to go to HMC. Cruisebird, we are also sailing in December 2019 and also on deck 9. Maybe see you there!
  9. cindik

    Boarding times in San Juan

    We just got off the Fascination. Sign and Sail cards were given at check-in.
  10. Thanks for this, leaving on Fascination in 2 weeks.
  11. cindik

    Magic or Horizon

    Both have Southern Caribbean itinerary. The Magic sails from FLL, the Horizon from Miami. Magic ports are HMC, Grand Turk, Curaco, and Aruba. The Horizon sails to Grand Turk, La Romania, Curaco. and Aruba. Looking at Dec. 2019. Please help me decide! The prices are similar.
  12. cindik

    Cruise Doc names

    Our passports have our middle names. When I do online check-in, there is nowhere to add our middle names, only first and last. Will this be a problem when we board the ship?
  13. cindik

    Cheers / Beer

    Cheers says that sales are final, non refundable? Does that mean if I buy pre cruise and change my mind, I can’t cancel and get a refund? Or if, for some reason we cancel, no refund?
  14. cindik

    Names must match passport

    Good to hear, I could find nowhere to add middle names to match passport when I did online check in.
  15. cindik

    First time cruiser on RCI

    Love that itinerary, but we are sailing on Fascination out of San Juan in December