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    10 minutes ago, LotusLane said:

    I had purchased Cheers and it completely disappeared from my booking.  I called Carnival and they said it's attached to my booking number but couldn't understand why it's not in my account for viewing.  The agent just sent me an email confirming that the Cheers purchased is connected to my account.  Perhaps this is what happened with your FTTF purchase.  

    I don’t think so, it was previously being shown on booking and ordering details, and on the luggage tags. I am ok with them cancelling it, but at least notify me and issue refund. 

  2. I just saw where the FTTF I had purchased for our cruise in December has disappeared. Did I get a refund or notification, No! So, I will just add that to the refunds I still haven’t received from our April cruise that was cancelled in March!

  3. What to do in Belize? For some reason, I can’t see anything to do here that jumps out at me. I really don’t want to ride 2 hours to see the ruins. The port itself kinda scares me. Any good suggestions from those who have been there?

  4. Need help choosing a cruise for Sept. 2020. Breeze or Harmony of the Seas. Only difference in itinerary is Coco Cay on Royal and Belize on Breeze. Both go to Roatan, Cozumel, and Costa Maya. The price is essentially the same. We have ever only cruised on Carnival. If you have cruised on either or both ships, please give me your opinions!

  5. 1. Taxi was very easy to get, and they all have a set charge. We took one from airport to hotel, and from hotel to port.

    2. We did a couple through Carnival and the rest on our own. I researched a lot, and those we did on our own had very good ratings.

    3. There were 2 formal nights, and you will see some very dressed up, and some not so much. Lobster was the 1st formal night, but you could do a upcharge and order it anytime.

    4. We were charged taxes on our drinks while in port, but this was later refunded back to us on our account.


    The Fascination is a great cruise, loved it!

  6. On 1/16/2019 at 10:46 PM, Piper934 said:

    It is all the way forward.  Door to access the deck is on the side with the even numbers, right next to 9202.


    Deck is quiet and no one out there.  You can see forward and off both sides of the ship.  Great for sail away, sunsets, watching pier runners, etc.  Their is another deck on 10 as well, can access directly or take stairs up from 9.

    Screenshot_20190116-224210_Ship Mate.jpg

    Thanks, that is just down the hall from our room!

  7. 57 minutes ago, Cruisebird said:

    Just booked the Magic for December 2019 over Christmas.  Needed 6 rooms so we are on Deck 9 which is under the Lido.  Not my favorite location but better then deck 1.  Anybody been u der the Lido on a Dream Class ship?  Looking for info on noise?


    We ended up booking the Magic instead of Horizon. Mainly because I wanted to go to HMC. Cruisebird, we are also sailing in December 2019 and also on deck 9. Maybe see you there!

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