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  1. Everyone has to do what is right for them. With so many losing their jobs since event, and with unemployment benefits being very delayed-- I say dispute the credit card if you need money. Princess keeps "pushing out" their refund times and it could be as long as 90 days- a long time for someone not getting a paycheck.
  2. babydrum- This is what appears to have happened. I got two letters from Capital One today stating that they have done the refund-- not Princess. So we'll see what happens. At this point we have no where to spend it anyway! Just hoping to get Princess "off the dime." Time will tell! Thank you for your input.
  3. Just noticed that my credit on the statement does not show Princess Cruises-- it shows "Purchase Adjustment" and then a credit for the amounts paid. Two different transaction, deposit and final payment both show "Purchase Adjustment" although when charged it showed Princess. Not sure why this would be, perhaps they are outsourcing some of these refunds to get them done quicker. Might that make a difference?
  4. So- when the 30 day period had passed I called my credit card company and asked about disputing. I didn't think I could as it had been paid for months ago. They advised I could dispute and so I did. Advised my travel agent, he said that they had changed their refund range to 60-90 days (as shown on their website but not emailed to agents or customers) and that by disputing it might even hold it up more. I filed the dispute on April 13th. My funds (including EZ Air) showed up on my credit card April 16th, although dated April 13th. Our credit card is a Capital One Mastercard. Everyone has to do what they think is right for their own situation. Glad I can put this to rest. Wish we could go somewhere and celebrate!
  5. When we lived in Fresno, CA, schools started somewhat early August as well. Awful because the weather was SO hot. Here in the Pacific Northwest, they usually start around Labor Day. So much better! However, they let out later as well. And now many areas have "year round" school and many folks are choosing to home school. Can't count on anything these days-- or so it seems!
  6. In my opinion- another advantage of a September cruise to Alaska is fewer children. We went in September (on Celebrity however I think it would be the same on any other line) and were told that we had less than 50 children onboard-- and the cruise previous to ours (late August) had over 300 children on board. I'm not anti-child but over 300? Crew said it made them have to work harder and longer to clean rooms, etc. Just an FYI, as they say. We had great weather as well. As many have said, weather is iffy. Most US schools start around Labor Day -- so many families make their family vacation in late August.
  7. Here's a link to the current list of cancelled cruises- https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/itinerary-modifications-cancellations.html Many are cancelled months out and others not-- not sure what the deal with the Sapphire Princess is but they've cancelled June cruises already. Doesn't appear they are moving it elsewhere, but who knows. I have friends that are booked out of Japan in May and even though it's not on this list, they have been advised their cruise is cancelled. I'm trying to find out if it was on the Diamond Princess or not-- maybe that's why it's cancelled. Never mind- just reread the email from my friend and they are booked on Celebrity. It left from Japan and did a couple of stops in Japan, one in Russia and then on to Vancouver. Still wonder why they cancelled it with no China stops? So sorry this happened to you. Just goes to show the importance of cruise insurance. If you're cruise insurance covers cancelling for medical reasons perhaps you could state the stress of the situation is making you ill- I know it would make me sick from stress!
  8. This time period (March and April) is Spring Break for many in school. I can see where some would take advantage of the $1 more for 3rd and 4th-- I would expect that some of these ships will have quite a few kids on them. Glad we are booked in May! (and no, we don't hate kids- we dislike the parents that don't take responsibility for them. Please-- no flaming, I'm just saying that is something someone might expect in this time frame with this promotion).
  9. Great- thanks for the screen shot-- now I see the "direction" box. Sorry to be so needy! It's about $100 less pp than going direct through the airline. Appreciate your help!
  10. Great, thanks for the speedy reply. I don't see a way to do it in the Cruise Personalizer-- should I call them? Or ask my TA? Thank you! And Happy New Year!
  11. Does anyone know if you can get EZ Air one way? We're going out of Southern California and would prefer Southwest because they don't charge for bags- returning from Vancouver the flights are kind of spendy though. Just wondering if anyone has had success with one way EZ Air (Utilizing Portland, OR Airport).
  12. We are booking a 6 night repositioning on the Ruby, booking a mini-suite for two of us. In looking at the available cabins, some have a triangle which I believe indicates "3rd person"-- does this mean a couch that pulls out? Other cabins show a round dot and indicate "3rd and 4th person"-- are these the ones that have the 3rd and 4th beds that are in the sides and/or ceiling? Since we wouldn't need these, I would guess (and that's why I'm asking!) for two of us the triangle rooms would be better. Right now E731 is available, which apparently has a larger balcony but also has the dot indicating 3rd and 4th berths which I'm guessing are the ones in the ceiling/sides that take up room. Any input is much appreciated! Relatively short trip but we spend a fair amount of time in the room so want to get this right. Thank you in advance for any input.
  13. I realize the topic here is Princess- but wanted to share that (IMHO) any cruise line can serve a poor meal. We recently cruised Oceania which some think has terrific food. I ordered a prime rib end cut and got a bloody undercooked mid-cut. When I barely touched it the waiter asked what was wrong and I advised him. He then took it back and they broiled it! That only made things worse! They did offer another entrée but at that point I was fine with salad and an appetizer. As others have said, you make the best of it and move on.
  14. We got the letter over the week-end. Sorry, but I think their timing is poor- this is a busy time of year for most people. And no option to correct by email or even fax? They missed one of our cruises from 2002- I agree with those that say the change in ownership (from HAL) seems to be part of the problem. I appreciate them trying to get it right but it would be nice if they gave easier options to correct it. I always keep the boarding card but it didn't have the precise date on it- did have voyage number, etc. so hopefully that's all they need.
  15. Thanks to everyone for the input. On all ships cabin location is important, (in my opinion) but particularly on a small ship it's even more important. It's great to have people that have "been there, done that" for real input. We were on the now-gone Celebrity Mercury several years ago and had a cabin that butted about to the basketball court. What a nightmare! Lesson learned!
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