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  1. Thanks to everyone for the input. On all ships cabin location is important, (in my opinion) but particularly on a small ship it's even more important. It's great to have people that have "been there, done that" for real input. We were on the now-gone Celebrity Mercury several years ago and had a cabin that butted about to the basketball court. What a nightmare! Lesson learned!
  2. In some ways --yes. In others - not so much. Both of my husband's parents had "foot issues" so the podiatrist says he inherited bad feet. Some people inherit money, my husband inherited bad feet! (but a steady stomach for sailing so that part is good!). 🗺️
  3. Colo Cruiser- We're fortunate that motion sickness isn't an issue for us. We've done Azamara, Windstar (even smaller than Azamara) several times and no issues. We have been on trip where other people were pretty miserable but somehow we both escaped that malady. (now for some others...….)
  4. Yes, I also tried to find reviews specific to Deck with not much luck. Guess it's such a small ship that it's hard to find information. Hopefully will get some experienced Pacific Princess cruisers to set our mind at ease!
  5. Hi there, We are looking at booking the Pacific Princess for a Panama Canal cruise Jan. 20. We've got our eyes on the CAT BF balcony cabins on Deck 6- the ones farther forward. I know motion can be issue for some but it's not a concern for us. What does concern me is these cabins appear to be above the bar and stage on Deck 5. Anyone who ever stayed in these-- advice on any noise issues would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Good to know I'm not totally losing it-- always a question these days! One has to wonder when they add that many new passengers how they manager to add more life boats? I'm sure they've got it figured out!
  7. I thought it was the Caribbean Princess-- however it's been a few years since we went so I could very well be incorrect. I remember researching it before we left and reading about it so I seem to think they did add additional passengers. You had to get to the show at least 30 minutes early to get a seat, etc. However than can be true for ANY large ship on ANY line. Either way, we'll be sticking to the smaller ships as we just find them more to our liking. Great to have so many choices, isn't it?
  8. Our last few trips have been on Azamara where drinks and tips are included. With that said, you do pay for them, it's just built into the cruise fare.....in my opinion. This probably is very reasonable for a package, I'm just a little out of date.
  9. We are fans of the smaller ships as well- we've done the larger lines (Celebrity, Costa, Royal Caribbean, NCL) and larger Princess Ships (Caribbean Princess) and just can't enjoy ourselves compared to the small ones we've been on (Azamara, Windstar, Oceania). I'll keep an eye out for a "Sip and Sail" type deal but will probably do as you suggest and pay as we go. Any tips on cabins? We'll be doing a balcony- any locations you can suggest? Thank you for the information!
  10. Not a new state, unfortunately! We did one Princess Cruise a few years ago on the Caribbean Princess and was not impressed- not awful by any means, however the additional cabins they added without additional passenger space made it seem really crowded. At any rate...every cruise and itinerary is different. We'e done 18 cruises on 7 different lines so hey-- you just never know, right? We are now looking at doing the Pacific Princess from FLL to LAX this January. I looked at the Beverage Package information on the Princess website and it states that the charge is $59.99 PP + 18% per day making it $70.79 per day. Is that correct? Seems a bit excessive. We did buy the Beverage Package the last time we cruised Princes but I don't remember it being that expensive. Am I reading it wrong? Thank you in advance for anyone who can clarify it for me. Great sails to you all!
  11. I have used Trip Insurance Store many times over the last 20 years. Absolutely love them! Great customer service. Wish I could find this response on other customer service issues!
  12. It is on Trip Advisor- for some unknown reason it won't let me post a link. Go to Trip Advisor, then Havana-- my user name there is sallye53. I hope you able to find it and enjoy!
  13. Since my DH has had mobility issues- we have only booked and cruised on smaller cruise lines. We have done Azamara, Oceania and Windstar since his mobility issue. Previously had sailed Celebrity, RCCL, NCL Costa, etc-- all large ships. On the smaller ships it is so much less walking distance than the mega-ships. Some of the smaller ships (in particular, the small Windstar ships) don't have elevators so we don't do those. We've done several trips on the Windstar Surf which does have elevators and really enjoyed those sailings. The smaller ships with 600-1000 passengers (Azamara. Oceania) usually have elevators and are so much easier to navigate than the mega-ships. Perhaps the entertainment isn't as spectacular-- but for us it's a solution. They do tend to be more expensive but if you watch for sales or promotions they can be an option. Anther choice that reduces walking is river ships- we did one in France and loved it. However, most river ships have a lot of land walking tours which can be difficult for those with health issues. You can always just choose to pass on the tours though. Most importantly- don't give up cruising if you love it- find away around the issues and enjoy!
  14. Just wanted to share that we took a three hour tour in Havana with Blexie tours- highly recommend for anyone with mobility issues. I don't know if they do wheelchairs or scooters (you could email and ask) but my husband, who has mobility issues and uses a cane, was treated very well. They were very kind as well as knowledgeable about the area. We did a three hour and thoroughly enjoyed. I did write up a review if you want more information but just in case thought I would mention it here as well. Happy cruising!
  15. Thank you for your responses. I will check with our cabin steward to see what can be done...….I mean, we would hate to "waste" that amenity, right? (nothing against champagne, just tends to give me a headache....)
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