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  1. Thanks for the replies. I know it must have seemed like a strange question. After all onboard credit - the clue is in the name isnt it? 😉 But in fact some lines do let you use it for things you will use or consume during the cruise, regardless of when they are booked or arranged, and essentially they seem to define onboard as ‘things to be consumed onboard’.
  2. With all the cancellations, the offer for a cancelled cruise include onboard credit to be used on a new or rebooked cruise. I would like to know whether there is set out anywhere how onboard credit can be used. I have two specific questions 1) On a cruise I would often prebook some things before boarding. These might be drinks packages, specialty dining and shore excursions. If I booked those whilst onboard, I would assume the cost would be deducted from any onboard credit balance I had. My question is do Carnival allow you to pre book (before embarkation) things like the drinks, excursio
  3. I didn’t see the news piece but unless that came from Saga itself, I suspect this is 2+2=27. It comes about because Saga updated the stock market today about the trading conditions and the impact of COVID on their business. You can read it in Saga’s own words direct below. Basically what they are saying is that they have been preparing for a scenario where cruising might not be possible for 6 months. They explicitly say that this is not a prediction but they are updating the stock market to show how they are preparing for all scenarios. Saga have also been notified by Meyer Werft
  4. Back to the thread. The cancellations have now been extended into May. The refund policy remains that you CAN get a refund if P&O cancel your sailing. But if P&O don’t cancel, you can basically only have a future cruise credit. This applies to the over 70s and those forbidden to/ advised against cruising including those with underlying health conditions. The refund option is accessed through a web form which is called ‘request a refund’ but which is titled on the page ‘forfeit of 125% future cruise credit’. Apparently the web form is the only route, and the call centre will not deal wi
  5. I hope that the difficulties getting refunds from the call centre are only for cruises currently still operating. If P&O or any other company were to refuse refunds for trips they cancelled, that would be a very different matter. Thanks to P&Os disgraceful new policy, I think that the best advice is 1) Pay nothing until you absolutely have to. Final payment only on the final due date etc. Watch out for this particularly if you booked via a travel agent because they often have to get your money weeks before P&O’s payment deadline. The sooner you hand over your money, the soon
  6. https://www.meyerwerft.de/de/presse/presse_detail/kreuzfahrtschiff_iona_arbeiten_an_bord_pausieren.jsp Above is the link to the Meyer Werft press release saying that interior work and Sea Trials have been suspended as they moved to a minimal onboard team due to the Corona outbreak. i would assume this puts the delivery date and early cruises in jeopardy now, although this will of course depend on how long the outbreak lasts, and whether they have capacity to catch up. It seems that many other travel providers are now cancelling things all through May and some even June so
  7. If you cannot cruise because of the FCO health recommendations, but your P&O sailing is not cancelled, you have two choices. Either P&O keep your money because of the newly imposed, worsened, cancellation conditions, or P&O keep your money and you have to commit to a future cruise with them. Who knows if any when the health recommendations will change. This is truly awful customer handling by P&O, and especially after telling everyone there was no rush to cancel because they wanted to deal with those departing soon first. Anyone who listened to their plea and didn’t phone up im
  8. The full new policy is taken below and directly from the P&O website. ————————————————— Should you wish to cancel your holiday, our cancellation policy gives you ultimate flexibility. Here’s a guide to what you need to know: If you’re booked on a P&O Cruises holiday sailing before 1 September 2020, you may now cancel up to 48 hours prior to departure. Cancelled bookings within balance due will receive a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) equivalent to 110% of the full balance – see the t
  9. I started a new thread deliberately because the cancellation policy has this morning materially changed. I think it is easier for participants in discussion to see that and for reactions to the change to come in a thread on it. However if the mods view is that because these threads are all about cancellations and refunds, they should be together then so be it.
  10. P&O Know that there are a whole group of passengers who have been told not to cruise for the next 12 weeks and they are basically trying to force them to move the booking or lose some or all of their money. When everyone else is allowing full refunds, I am really shocked and disgusted at P&Os approach. I hope that they retract this new policy very quickly and go back to the much more balanced one that was in force just yesterday.
  11. P&O have this morning sent customers details of a new cancellation policy which applies to all cruises. In the past week they had been allowing flexible cancellations, and for funds that would be lost under a penalty, you could have that part as a future cruise credit. There were special cancellation policies for those now advised against cruising - I.e. over 70s and those with underlying health conditions. As of this morning, that has all changed. The ‘offer’ is now cancellation as per what you got at the time of booking or 110% future cruise credit. The other options is free
  12. I too have a cancelled sailing and received the note above. I must say I am very unimpressed with Bahamas Paradise and will be reluctant to book with them again for several reasons. 1) This is the second time I have had a close in cancellation from them in 18 months. 2) I feel that it is really poor practice that the letter cancelling the departure does not mention that you are entitled to a full refund of any fare paid. It reads as if changing date is the only option - it is not. 3) The message seems to deliberately require you to call to cancel or move. If you can book onli
  13. In the past year, I have been slightly unlucky and had the cruise lines cancel 3 cruises on me. The first was Ponant, and the second and third were Costa. All three cancellations were down to delivery issues on new ships and itinerary cancellation caused partially by shipyards. In Ponant’s case the ship is early and they changed all the itineraries and cancelled our original one. In Costa’s case one was a change of plan with a ship being built at Fincantieri Italy, and the other was cancellation of Costa Smerelda due to late delivery. In every case the cruise line refunded the ori
  14. If this works, it shows the sunloungers. It is taken in an evening and so 2 things are missing. Firstly the rolled up towel, and secondly anyone sunbathing. The other different from the artists impressions is that there is no headrest. I checked my daytime pics and there is no mattress added then - just checking it wasn’t put away at night.
  15. The sunloungers don’t have a soft mattress. The reason they look like the might is probably the colours. The frame is dark whilst the area where a mattress would be is beige. The balcony chair is perfectly comfy - you just don’t lie down in it. If sunbathing is your thing, there is an awful lot of open deck sunbathing space available. Hope the weather makes that viable for your trip.
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