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  1. Im considering my first Viking cruise. Im a veteran having taken just under 50 around the world. My normal lines are Crystal, Azamara and Oceania. How does Viking compare? One thing I have noticed is dont call the sales line off the website unless you want to browbeaten into submission. I have never had such rude, high pressure people speak to me about a cruise. Comments?
  2. Just returned from 28 days on Sirena. We found the Tuscan/Steak undesirable....,meat touch, lamb chops so tough it would take a cleaver to slice them. The asian restaurant was far superior... overall food this time was a total disappointment and aside from the fact that expensive items like lobster, large shrimp and exotic cheeses were plentiful. The cooking was what I have gotten on RCL. I am hoping it just the chef on this ship.
  3. This thread seemed to be for O vs Azamara comments but has broadened. Ive taken perhaps 6 on O and 4-5 on Azamara. I just returned from 28 days on Sirena and up to this point would always say the food on O was much better. Not this time. Having taken many ships I try to think about how many things on the menu really "taste great". My Crystal cruise last fall I had commented 90% of everything I had tasted great. On Sirena I say perhaps 10%. From prior cruises the cooking had dropped way down. The still serve high end offerings and you can get lobster every day. But seasoning had been eliminated. I would say "suitable for those on a bland diet". Regarding Azamara I now think the food and entertainment would be on par. I prefer the open bar approach as I enjoy my cocktails. Plus for the same money you get more on Azamara: Amazing evening events are generally spectacular; White night parties are elaborate and terrific. Azamara gives the captain and ships officers higher profile...a welcome touch. O offers neither. So my three lines of preference are now Crystal, Azamara and O.
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