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  1. Wow, as if things weren't bad enough for Carnival...
  2. Yep, my credit watch dog company alerted me that all my bank accounts, investment accounts and credit card accounts were found on-line. Was a huge hassle to close all those accounts I had for decades.
  3. Sadly, come the end of October, the cdc will probably extend it to the end of November. And then at the end of November, the cdc will extend to the end of December...etc, etc, etc...
  4. Hope they can hold out: https://finance.yahoo.com/m/1b5479f1-6f1a-3015-99b4-92bec8b8b604/carnival-s-shares-sink-like-a.html
  5. Want to book, but waiting on how the first few cruises go.
  6. There is no kids rate. You get a break for additional people in the cabin, i.e. 3rd and 4th kids. But, I don't know of any cruise lines in the US that has a kids rate.
  7. This true. Although, Carnival serured about 8 billion in credit back in June.
  8. Wait, people are actually talking about lawsuits???
  9. I only wear my mask to avoid any problems when I go to the store.
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