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  1. wyobean

    Email address to submit Shareholder Benefit

    Aa7yy...that is the email I have always sent mine to. Always get a confirmation by email within a couple hours. The last time I posted that info I totally got chastised for not following the “rules”. Been using it since we got the stock 5 years ago.
  2. wyobean

    Shareholder credit question

    When doing a longer cruise we always check all pricing options...as one cruise and as divided out. We can then add in any OBC and see which is the better deal. It can works both ways...always good to check.
  3. wyobean

    FlightEase vs. AirPlus Fares

    Flightease was quite a bit less than booking my own flights...but, if you have flight bennies from a cc such as free checked bags and priority boarding, make sure they use your credit card number to book. If they make the reservation and use their cc you will not receive those benefits.
  4. wyobean

    Upgrade HAL Denali resort to new one?

    We went on the triple Denali and we were lucky to spend our sleep time in our room. All we needed was a bed and a shower that was clean. We were out doing tours and sightseeing most of the time. Wouldn’t be worth the cost to me. The “basic” rooms certainly met our needs.
  5. Rothbury...we did the same thing. Besides, the cruise consultant on board was very busy and rushed us through. We got 5 min. We were pretty put off as other times we were given great ideas and help and our time was well spent. We ended up purchasing future cruise credits by filling out the form and booked when we got home at a better price.
  6. wyobean

    HAL Dog sledding Juneau tours

    We did one at Denali...we were the only ones there...great time, very informative. Can’t remember who we booked through.
  7. You should have gotten the airline reservation number when you booked, not when you paid. Then you can go on the airline website and pick/change seats, etc,
  8. wyobean

    CCL Stock and OBC

    On your b2b...we did that and I sent in a request for each one listing the info that they ask for. Got back 2 confirmations. Took copies of both with me. The second one will be applied on the second leg.
  9. wyobean

    HAL Flight Ease

    We had flightease from Auckland back and I went in and upgraded our seats on the Delta website.
  10. wyobean

    Holland 22 day cruise

    I am never bored even at home. If I don’t have anything to keep me busy I explore the ship. I find all kinds of surprises... you can always go to the Crow’s nest and work on a puzzle.
  11. wyobean

    No Mexican Riviera 03/21/2020 ??

    I had looked at a cruise for last year and found one I was really interested in. It showed up somewhere but nothing when I tried to book it. I looked into it was told it was a charter. Maybe that is what is happening there?
  12. wyobean

    HAL flights - another quick question, upgrade seats

    I will agree...HAL saved us a lot of money coming home from Auckland over what I could have booked myself.
  13. wyobean

    HAL flights - another quick question, upgrade seats

    We booked through HAL and upgraded on our flight back home from Auckland. Just went into the flight on the airline website. One thing we didn’t like...one of our flights last fall was on UAL. We have their credit card and get priority boarding, one free checked bag and TSA pre check. By booking through HAL we did not get those bennies. When I brought this up on CC several said we could request that our card be used for the reservation. I will definitely make that request the next time we book flights through HAL. Just saying in case that could affect you on your flights.
  14. wyobean

    Change booking to travel agent?

    We have an upcoming cruise with an inside cabin. Got a 6.5% OBC from our big box TA.
  15. wyobean

    Anyway to tell how "full" our cruise is?

    Thanks for the answers. We book a specific cabin, pick our crews by the port stops and do not take upgrades so I always assume it will be full, I guess.