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  1. We normally book while on board. It is automatically transferred to our BB TA. We get the best of both. Everything that HAL can offer then OBC from our TA. I can call them anytime for help, changes, questions, etc. We have found this to be the best deal for us.
  2. There were quite a few people who complained about early mornings on our tour. The earliest we had to be ready was 6. Several times 7. We are early risers so honestly didn’t think much about it. Guess it is what you are used to.
  3. We did the Triple Denali trip 5 years ago. We did not do the food plan...thank goodness. It was crazy expensive. The people that we talked to that had it said it was way too much food for every meal. Everyplace we went had meal options close by. Sure they were kinda expensive but you could control the cost and the portion size. Sometimes we only wanted a bowl of soup. Several places we shared a meal. I figured we spent about 1/4 what that food package would have cost us. In Denali we used Subway for breakfast sandwiches and also grabbed a sandwich to have on one of our tours. We also got to try some local places that the plan people did not.
  4. We just booked FE through our BB TA. A $2600 flight is costing us $414... i got the Delta record locator. I can get into my reservation. I added our FF numbers. Our seats have been assigned. There are a few options if we wanted to change seats, but, we want to upgrade. That option is not available. It will be once we pay, so we are going to do that in the next month or so. We were told our price is locked in. Does anyone know if we can just ask for the seats with more room and get them booked through FE or do we have to do an upgrade ourselves? I should have asked that while I was on the phone yesterday.
  5. LOL...Miss G, I am right there with you. I don’t get it either...
  6. We are on Delta AMS-MSP-RAP. Nice schedule. I did go in and look. We have assigned seats. They will work but, we want to upgrade on the 9 hour flight. That we can’t do till paid.(I am guessing since they are all showing unavailable on an April flight) So, we will pay for the flight portion in the next month or so. We normally fly UAL but, their’s was a 2 stop flight. We used flight-eased one other time and it cut the fare in about half...the price difference on this flight was a huge surprise!
  7. I love packing for any trip. It gets me excited knowing it is close. I start 2-3 days out. I rarely make a list. I just know what I need to take. If I forget something it can be purchased. We travel quite a bit....I forgot my travel toothbrush once...lol
  8. Have to fly...live in Wyoming...lol. We just consider it part of the cruise price. We have had some fiascos, but we just go with the flow. Always fly in a day early...that cuts the stress...
  9. LOL...not sure how that came about...meant to say just posting this for information.
  10. We need to book a one way flight from Amsterdam to our home airport at the end of our cruise in Apr/May. I have been watching and the price has stayed around $2900-$3000 pp. I decided to call my BB TA and see what they could do. With one way fares they have to go thru HAL. Their price was $414 pp. Today that exact same trip is $2640 when I look at the airline site. On Kayak it is $2959. Definitely pays to check. We are locked in at that price but, cannot pick our seats or upgrade until we pay for it. We can wait till final payment or we can pay for the airline tickets only and be able to manage that part of our reservation. Just sang this on for information!
  11. I love Coz. I would go there for a week in a minute but, I would never stay in an AI there. There is just so much to do and so many great local places to eat. We like cruises for where they takes us. We like to explore. On sea days it is easy to relax...but, it is not like being on a beach.
  12. We have found that sticking with the same cruise line and working your way up that Bennie food chain is the way to go, our choice is Holland. Do we cruise other lines? Yes, if they have an itinerary we want and the price is right. We found that we really like what Holland has to offer, but we certainly don’t feel locked into them. We usually only Cruise once a year, but have already realized over $1,000 in stock OBC. I will be the first to agree that it isn’t for everyone. We feel it is a nice addition to our portfolio and will eventually pay for itself. Hard to say that about very many stick purchases. Also, the stock benefit is based on the number of days on the cruise, not always $250.
  13. Can one book with a big box and also get the shareholder OBC? Yes, we always do. We normally book while cruising to get any benefits they offer and they automatically transfer it to our BB TA. We then get their OBC on top of what we already had. We then send in the proof of ownership on the stock. My BB TA then sends us a new confirmation showing all our OBC. We can make changes through them if needed. On our last cruise there was a significant price drop after final payment. I called and our TA negotiated an upgrade for us without losing any benefits. We find this TA works very well for us.
  14. On our 13 day land/sea trip we took one larger checked bag between us. I also took a carryon and my husband took a backpack. It worked well that way for us.
  15. We were able to get room service in Seward since we had to catch an early bus to the airport.
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