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  1. I truly would not be sending any money to any cruise line right now. Is it fraud? Not really. Many people wanted to take advantage of that extra 25% and they are willing to take the chance by booking. At this point we all have our eyes wide open. It really can’t be fraud when you know everything the cruise line knows.
  2. This is the same for almost any tourist destination town/city/state/ countries. Huge events are canceled that impact workers, promoters, governments, etc. it is a sad situation for all of us.
  3. Prescottbob...I am not even going to consider a cruise till 2022. I want to see what will actually happen by then. And you are tight about the tender boats.
  4. I cruise for the ports and as a means to get to those places I have never seen. As long as there would be shore excursions I would definitely go on a cruise like that. We have no problem entertaining ourselves.
  5. Not even going to consider it until 2022. We have an RV and will adjust our plans to use it more for a couple years.
  6. Mine was through a Big Box TA. I received a cancellation email from them.
  7. I just visited with the BB TA. The rep told me that as of 2 weeks ago they were told they would not be receiving those original commissions. On a new booking using FCC they will not receive a commission if the amount due is $00, so as a customer we would only receive their minimum $25 gift card. I know it was posted somewhere that the TAs would receive their commissions. I have a friend who is a TA and she says she has received the commissions on those original sailings. So, I am not sure what I believe.
  8. Interesting...so they got to keep the commission from my original cruise(I had $400+ in OBC) and now if I rebook with them I get a $25 gift card instead of a $400 one. And they got to keep that commission from the original cruise plus my $400. Hmmm
  9. I have always booked inside and will continue to do so. Easy for sleeping, MUCH cheaper and I get sick in rougher seas. Being inside in the middle helps. Not looking to sail real soon, tho.
  10. “In addition, we want to make sure you have ample time to use this credit, so we have updated the terms and conditions accordingly. Your FCC is now valid for 12 months from the date of this notification and may be used to book sailings departing through December 31, 2022.” This was in my email. Did I misunderstand? I thought we had until 12-31-21 to book using the FCC or request a refund. According to this I only have until May 7, 2021 to book. Just curious if anyone kept a copy...I can’t find that I did...thought I had copies of everything!
  11. Travel Guard has said I would get a refund of my premium. Told me the other day it should be within the next 2 weeks. They did specifically ask me if I planned to use the insurance to get a refund on my cruise. (I am not)The CS rep was very nice, helpful and seemed knowledgeable.
  12. I booked flights through FE. I paid for those flights ahead of my final payment so I could upgrade my seats. I had to get my refund for the upgrade. I had upgraded my seats on my own, not through HAL.
  13. Sorry, that was confusing. The flight was canceled by HAL. The airline has not canceled the flight.
  14. I wasn’t sure whether I would get a refund or a credit since that flight is actually still scheduled. HAL canceled, not the airline.
  15. Our cruise has been canceled . We had booked flights through FE from Amsterdam back to the US. I checked that flight today and found that it has been canceled . We had paid for the flight at the time we booked so we could upgrade our seats. Since that was a separate transaction and I couldn’t find the reservation because it had been canceled I called Delta. Wait time was about 5 min. They found my transaction and immediately submitted a refund request. I have received the emails immediately and was told the refund could be around 30 days. I asked for my FCC on HAL the first of April. No credits or refunds yet...not really expecting anything till June...lol i requested a refund from Travel Guard on 4-2. They said 15-20 days. Have had no more information from them.
  16. We chose FCC instead of a refund. Obviously we are hoping to cruise again. We have until 12-31-21 to choose a refund or book. We are in no hurry to book. The vaccination is important to us, also. We usually cruise about once a year so, while we would like to go we are not desperate for or planning our next one. I haven’t seen that on this thread so much but, it is definitely there in many people’s posts on other threads. We will be satisfied to just sit back and relax and see what happens. We are more excited about seeing our family since they all live in other states. Right now there are just way more important things than cruising or worrying about cruising for us.
  17. It appears they are canceling in 30 day increments. I am guessing to make it easier on their employees...
  18. We purchase insurance based on the price of our trip. If it is an inexpensive trip we do not insure it. If the cost is above the threshold of what we can afford to lose we get insurance. Have used it once for a death in the family. Everyone has to determine what their threshold is.
  19. This is part of my receipt...guess I don’t know how much the Port fees actually are and if they are or are not included under fees, tho. Traveler 1 Traveler 2 Total Cruise Package $2,967.00 $2,967.00 $5,934.00 Taxes and Fees $410.00 $410.00 $820.00 Total Package Price $3,377.00 $3,377.00 $6,754.00
  20. You should consult your financial planner about your own financial situation.
  21. There was no intention to be dramatic on my post. The announce I saw cam from Carnival not Carnival Corp. I didn’t want people to be mislead...sometimes you just can’t win...
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