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  1. So, in the new cruise contracts, there will be fine print about you are solely responsible for arranging your own "private" transportation from the ship... that is my guess.
  2. Normally, I can imagine how I would deal with a dead engine or a storm shortening/lengthening my trip, etc... But to be told I have 14 more days of involuntary confinement to a 10x20 (or whatever they are) cell could easily turn me off cruising forever. How do they come up with variety, etc to pass the days, on top of the constant worry that every little X or Y might be the first symptom...
  3. I agree. The Oasis' extras were somewhat wasted on us with 5 port calls lasting 10 + hrs. But, the itinerary is king in Europe to me. Pick that bucket list spot that you just have to see, and that should be the deciding factor.
  4. I was on Carnival and RCI recently and have family with Gluten menu awareness. Carnival did the same night before thing, and even made her a gluten -ree apple pie a couple times off menu. Royal had well marked buffet items as mentioned. I think all brands are becoming much more allergy friendly. One other better was their coffee. So much better than Princess or Carnival (maybe it is a ship-v-ship thing rather than brands, but still much better.) Your "bad" items are spot on for me. Breakfast sucked, whether it was buffet or dining. I think I saw only one open slot for ice s
  5. That sounds about right. Depending on the port opening time, there wasn't an earlier hot breakfast last month.
  6. Glad I saw this. Didnt realize cords had been banned. What about simple T shaped adapters, are they still ok?
  7. I dont see newer topics, so wondering...am I the only one who cannot log in to royal's website the last few days? It goes to the signin url, loads 75% across the top, and then just hangs forever. Anyone else see this? I cleared history on browser, and tried chrome and MS Edge.
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