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  1. Many people will report on various travel insurances.  I learned on my very first cruise how valuable travel insurance is.  I fractured my left foot in the very first port we visited !   My recommendation:  do not purchase insurance via the cruise line.  


    Personally,  Allianz is always my choice.  Great pricing for the level of coverage you want and great customer service when you need it! 

  2. We have done both Nachi Cocum and Mr. Sancho's.  If you want a more peaceful, quiet experience, Nachi is best for you.  Mr. Sancho's is lively, fun and has more features.  


    Additional comparisons: 

    • Massages:   Mr. Sancho's is the winner here.  They have a dedicated open-air (with fans) space that accommodates two and is peaceful and uninterrupted.  Nachi's is in an air-conditioned hut with three tables next to each other.  We were frequently interrupted by the man who sells massages bringing people in and out of the hut.  It was VERY embarrassing to be undressed with strangers coming in and out! 
    • Food:  Nachi Cocum is much better.  I like that one can order off the menu at Mr. Sancho's versus the buffet, but the food at Nachi is more upscale. 
    • Pool and swim up bar:  Mr. Sancho's is the winner!   Great service, tables and sitting available in the pool.  Nachi's bar service was terrible.  
    • Activities:  No toys or horseback riding or entertainment at Nachi.  Mr. Sancho's takes the win in this category. 
    • Restrooms:  Mr. Sancho's wins here!   Clean, and were frequently cleaned by the staff.  


    Hope this information is helpful....

    Hope this helps! 

  3. My friends and I had our last cruise on the Allure out of Ft. Lauderdale in January 2020.  I will echo the posters who like Park n' Go.  I parked at the port once and have sworn by Park n' Go for all of my other cruises out of Port Everglades.   With advanced reservation, the cost is less than half of what is charged at the port.   There is no searching for a parking space.   You drop off your car at the entrance, board a waiting shuttle and are transported to the pier quickly.   Upon return, they have plenty of shuttles to return you to your waiting car.  Quick exit, with a cold bottle of water in hand, and you are on your way! 


    We LOVED The Key!   The embarkation luncheon was nice, the internet access great and reserved seating at shows were awesome.   Disembarkation included a private waiting area and designated baggage pick up in the terminal.   Well worth the money for us! 

  4. I certainly hope we will be sailing the Reflection November 20th.  If, for whatever reason, it is cancelled, my friends and I have agreed to an all-inclusive resort instead.  My TA is hoping along with us, but is willing to help with alternative plans. 


    BTW,  we have all received the Moderna shots and one of us has consistently tested positive for the antibodies after her surviving COVID last year.  

  5. 17 hours ago, neilrr said:

    Unfortunately, those little cards are being reproduced in Miami for $15 a pop. They need to create a national or state wide accessible database of those who has received the vaccine. They already have it in a database somewhere beside the little white card. This will probably have to come at a national level otherwise, I do not believe other countries will let us in on our good looks...😁 Well maybe.. Time will tell... 


    I can also show them my childhood vaccinations on a loose leaf paper my mother gave me and I still have to this day. I guess we have not come that far in technology in 60 years...LOL:classic_biggrin:

    I have worked at numerous vaccination sites.  I have done several of the jobs, including greeting, observing the post-15 minute injection time and mostly, the data entry time.   Yes, Florida has a database for those vaccinated.   I hope the cruise lines would be able to access those records which could be validated with passport ID at time of check-in.  


    For those who are vaccinated, please do not post a photo of your card on social media!   This is an easy way for the hackers to create false vaccine cards!  

  6. Yes, I want to cruise!  My DH and I are fully vaccinated and we continue to take personal responsibility with hand hygiene practices.  Before COVID, the biggest, scariest bug on cruise ships was Norovirus.   My habits will remain the same: 

    • Upon initial entry to my stateroom, I wipe down every hard surface with a disinfectant wipe and U/V light for the linens
    • Carry hand sanitizer with me at all times to use after touching doorknobs, elevator buttons, stair handrails and other commonly-touched surfaces
    • Use the hand sanitizer stations every time I encounter one on the ship
    • Thank the crew members offering hand sanitizer at restaurant entrances
    • Take full advantage of the premium beverage package for seasickness prevention and to kill gut germs (lol!)

    Can't wait to cruise again! 

  7. If all goes well, my husband will join me and some of my friends on his 1st cruise in November 2021!  We will enjoy the welcome glass of bubbly, head to the MDR for the Concierge luncheon,  make our Specialty Dining reservations, then enjoy a drink at the Sunset Bar until cabins are open.  Following Muster Drill, we will enjoy sailaway from our balcony!   I can't wait!!!!

  8. 3 hours ago, ipeeinthepool said:


    Has Florida or any other state reported outbreaks related to the reopening of the theme parks?  If not, maybe their current practices are safe.

    Florida is open!   The theme parks vary a bit in their safety measures.  Disney has not re-opened their shows and dinner shows, nor has resumed parades.   All of the theme parks required masks and have enhanced their cleaning.  Restaurants are open, with most having put up tall barriers between booths and distanced their tables.  


    I work in healthcare and can report with our current open practices, our COVID infection rate is currently ranked in the middle of the county, next to California which remains closed for the most part.   Due to Florida's high level of senior adults living here,  the first priority for vaccinations has been the 65+ population (now 60+ as of last Monday),  healthcare, first responders and educators, as well as people with health conditions making them vulnerable to COVID.   By the end of April, vaccinations should be available to anyone who wants one.  


    I pray the CDC will allow 7-day or less sailings from Florida very soon!   

  9. I agree time will tell....  I am a healthcare worker who has received my shots.  I see COVID every day at my job.  


    I must admit the discussion is a bit tedious for me.  Before COVID, the biggest nastiest  easily-transmissible bug was Norovirus.   My practice has never wavered in regard to preventing getting a communicable disease on a ship (or anywhere I travel).  Upon 1st entry to my cabin,  I wipe every solid surface down with a disinfectant wipe and use a UV wand on the linens.  I also carry hand sanitizer with me and use the ship-provided hand sanitizer every time I pass one.   I treat all surfaces as contaminated, thus the frequent hand hygiene.  


    If we can stop the panic and use some good infection prevention personal practices, then cruising will resume faster and safer than ever!  

  10. In the past, we would arrive at the port early and board with the Concierge class group.  If we boarded before the 11:30 Concierge luncheon, we would head up to one of the specialty restaurants to book our reservations for the number of nights of the package we purchased.  Then, we headed down to the MDR for the Concierge embarkation luncheon knowing we had all of our specialty dining nights planned!  


    How this will work in the future with proposed enforced boarding times...we will wait and see....

  11. I just made final payment on our 11/20/2021 Reflection cruise.  I, too, hope there will be a hard requirement for vaccination prior to cruising, or documentation for the clinical reason for no vaccination.   I'm all for strict adherence of masking in public areas on board.   Enforcement of use of hand sanitizers plus distancing between seats in public areas is also a must on my list. 


    I disagree with cruise-sponsored excursions in port.  Why group people on a bus with little to no social distancing to go to a crowded location, especially for those of us who have been vaccinated and take personal responsibility for ourselves?  

  12. I love Concierge!  Benefits for me: 

    1.  Dedicated check in line, pre-embarkation lounge and earlier embarkation based upon status/class

    2.  Embarkation lunch in the MDR.  Granted the menu is limited, but it's so nice to set your carry-on bag down in a safe area to be waited upon without the buffet crowds.

    3.  Welcome bottle of wine/bubbly and green apples in your stateroom.

    4.  Desirable cabin locations on quieter decks.

    5.  The Concierge is very helpful when needed. 

    6.  Sometimes the ship will host a Concierge-only event.   We were welcomed to sailaway with free sparkling wine on the helipad when we sailed out of Bermuda on one of our cruises. 

    7.  Extra Captain's Club points.

    8. The pre-disembarkation lounge with coffee/tea and pastries.   It's a nice place to wait to disembark, again away from the crowds. 


    Hope this helps! 

  13. I work in healthcare and all of this mask talk bothers me.   Yes, masks provide a degree of protection.  The biggest way to prevent the spread of any infection is hand hygiene.   Before COVID, the big fear in cruising was Norovirus.   My ritual upon first entering my assigned stateroom is to wipe down every hard surface with disinfectant wipes.   I use a UV wand on the bedding.  I also consider every public surface on the ship to be contaminated and use the hand sanitizers frequently on the ship, as well as my own.   I also avoid touching my face until I've washed my hands or used hand sanitizer.  


    Door handle, toilets, menus,  elevator buttons,....all harbor and spread germs.  


    Until we adopt these practices routinely, all the masks in the world will provide moderate safety only.  

  14. As a health care professional who has witnessed COVID, the seasonal flu, pneumonia and other communicable diseases in action,  I understand the initial need for cruise lines to restrict passenger travel in ports.  This is a temporary measure and, although I don't like it, will accept it if my fundraising cruise happens this February.   

  15. Cruises are also huge fundraisers for not-for-profit charities.   I serve as Board President for one and our organization will take a big financial hit if our February 2, 2021 cruise gets cancelled.  


    I just read the letter and am appalled that the CDC has failed to comply with previous requests by congress for records and documentation.   CDC is non-compliant, so why should the cruise lines be punished?  


    Before COVID 19, the big fear on cruise ships was Norovirus.  I will continue to do the same thing on future cruises that I did to prevent Norovirus: 

    • Wipe down every hard surface in the cabin with disinfectant wipes upon entry
    • UV light linens and cloth surfaces in the cabin
    • Consider every surface on the ship and off the ship as being  contaminated and requiring hand hygiene. 
    • Social distancing when able and adding a mask as required.  

    I work in hospitals and these practices continue to ward off viruses.  

  16. I do both.  Tip at least $1 -$2 per drink (depending if I'm sitting at the bar, or being served away from the bar).  I also choose a fave bar on the 1st or 2nd day, and tip a specific wonderful bartender $20.   That goes a long way toward developing the relationship with that crew member for superior service the remainder of the cruise! 

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