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  1. Let's see what the CDC says about these recommendations. I, for one, am for trying them to determine their efficacy and then open up as things progress. It's time for port workers, travel agents, cruiseline personnel and others associated with cruising to get their jobs back and start earning income! I will happily comply with the recommendations to help get cruising back in full operation!
  2. I love Concierge class! Better cabin location, the embarkation day lunch in the MDR (preventing me from dealing with buffet crowds), the welcome bottle of bubbly, the occasional surprise event (like sailaway on the helipad from some ports) for Concierge and the dedicated disembarkation day lounge are all worth it to me. I appreciate the mixed reviews on Blu....I've looked at the menues and they never tempted me to go Aqua class. To each his/her own.
  3. I hope they assign Concierge passengers early boarding times, since the Concierge luncheon in the MDR is limited to 11:30-1:30. It's a tight window.
  4. English Bacon, Cafe Bacio in the buffet dining area, Martini Bar, sitting on the balcony of my stateroom on a sea day!
  5. Best cruise news ever! No more "moooo" feeling of being herded!
  6. The price changes almost daily in Cruise Planner. Identify what rate you feel is reasonable $69 a day for example), and buy at that price. Check Cruise Planner frequently, and if the price drops, buy it at the new price and cancel your previous purchase. Hope this helps.
  7. Only once in my past 10 cruises, have I ever experienced an on-board romance. The best way to ensure you meet a potential partner on board is to be active: 1. Attend the singles and solos meet-ups on board 2. If you are eligible, attend the loyalty club private parties 3. Get active in trivia or other things you enjoy doing 4. Interact with others in the bars 5. Enjoy your time on board regardless of whether or not you meet a romance!
  8. May I echo everyone's congratulations on your retirement? I have sailed Carnival (blecch), RC and Celebrity. I LOVE Celebrity! In addition to the other posts, Celebrity's passenger contingent is a little older (middle age and up), with fewer children on board, and tend to be better-behaved than the other cruise lines. If you can live without rock-climbing walls, hairy chest contests, and ice-skating shows, you will like Celebrity!
  9. Lyn, There were approximately 50% of the Oasis Lagoon Cabanas booked on my January cruise. I would go ahead and book one in advance, if I were you. The cabanas are right behind the rear row of lounge chairs by the pool. That way, you could keep an eye on the young ones while being near the cabana.
  10. From my experience with an Oasis Lagoon Cabana last January, they do strictly enforce the number of people per cabana and maintain security through the armband system. I'm not sure if your plans will work for the beach club with the cabana, because: 1. The Beach Club is an upscale, quiet area. 2. The children may be very bored in the cabana with only the slide available. They would want to play on the beach most of the time, rather than be restricted to sitting in a cabana. 3. There will be very few, if any children in that area. Most children/families are on South Beach
  11. I love the hump angled balconies of C1 on Solstice Class ships! I also love Concierge Class...from the Welcome Luncheon in the MDR, to the complementary bottle of wine and daily fruit/snacks, to the disembarkation lounge....plus the occasional special perks like sailaway from port on the helipad. Can't wait to sail Reflection in November 2021!
  12. Stay on Ship Time! Also, be sure to get back to the ship at least 30 minutes before "on board" time. I've seen too many pier runners and, sadly, too many people standing on the pier left behind because they were too late to board the ship. That has taught me to return to the ship well ahead of "on board" time, take a copy of my passport with me off the ship, plus two days' medications as well. Just in case....
  13. Yep that's a great price! We paid $27.99 per day (I think) for our Allure cruise last January. It was worth every penny! I have paid $19.99 per day for my upcoming February 2021 cruise and am delighted to get it at that price. Go for it!
  14. My understanding that Chill Island is much quieter than South Beach. That may be a reason for the price difference. We had an Oasis Lagoon Cabana this past January and LOVED it!
  15. My February 21st Harmony cruise prices dropped significantly! DBP was originally $81, then went to $71 and now is $53. Key went from $39.99 to $29.99 to $19.99 today as well! Woo hoo!
  16. Personally, I never booked travel insurance through the cruiseline. I have consistently purchased this through Allianz. They were wonderful when I fractured my foot on my very first cruise in 2013. They are affordable, offer a variety of plans/coverage and they have my loyalty.
  17. 89$ per day for my February 2021 Harmony cruise. Fingers are crossed for a Memorial Day Sale with 30% off that would bring it to the usual $62 per day. I can drink that much bottled water, Diet Coke and adult beverages on most days of the 7 on that cruise. A mimosa at breakfast, a drink with lunch, drink before dinner, wine with dinner and maybe a drink after dinner in one of the clubs or shows. Lots of water between adult beverages.
  18. On Royal Caribbean, the posters are correct about the process. On Cruise Planner, choose Day 1 or 2 and the time. Upon boarding head to a Specialty Restaurant on Deck 8 or Wonderland on Deck 12 to make your reservations. On our past January 2020 cruise, we were able to book all of our preferences immediately, because we were first in line at Giovanni's on the Allure. Hope this works for your cruise next year!
  19. Please remember one can be asyptomatic when boarding the ship (or going anywhere) and still be contagious for up to 7 days before coming down with any bug. I look forward to cruising within the next 10 months and hope you all will enjoy a cruise as well!
  20. Before COVID-19, the big fear on cruise ships was Norovirus. I have, and will continue to, take consistently-serious precautions on board ship. 1. I will use every hand sanitizer on board the ship when entering restaurants, the casino and wherever else available. If the hand sanitizer is present, it's meant to be used. 2. I carry a small container of hand sanitizer with me on board and in port, to be used before eating anything from the buffet, after using the handrails on stairs, or anywhere else needed. 3. I bring anti-bacterial wipes on board to wipe down every
  21. Hoping it drops for my February 2021 HOS cruise. It's holding at $89 per day currently.
  22. For my February 21, 2021 Harmony cruise, the posted price for Deluxe Beverage Package is $89 per day, plus 18% gratuity. Over 11 cruises, I have NEVER seen prices this high! With so many people reticent about ever cruising again, it makes no sense to alienate confirmed passengers from purchasing extra packages. I don't know why Royal did this. Praying the market will demand they reduce the price to previous levels.
  23. I loved The Key for my recent Allure cruise. The best parts for us: --Priority embarkation from The Key designated waiting area in the port. This allowed us to board quickly and be first in line to make our specialty dining reservations at Giovanni's before lunch. --Chops Grille menu embarkation lunch in the MDR--no fighting the crowds in Windjammer. --Drop off and delivery of carry-on bags to our stateroom---no lugging them around while we waited for rooms to open on embarkation day. --VIP seating at the shows --Disembarkation breakfast in the MDR --Disembarkati
  24. Park n Go does take your keys. You drop off your car when you enter, and they park it for you. On Disembarkation Day, the shuttle drops you off by your car and the keys are inside waiting for you. You may want to park at the port to guarantee no one legally enters your car.
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