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  1. Great photos and welcomed information! I booked my CoCo Beach Club pass for February 2021 for $79. My friends and I were on CoCo Cay on January 25th with an Oasis Lagoon Cabana I had purchased for $500 over a year ago. The service was AMAZING!!! Iced towels at the check-in stand, then our cabana attendant kept surprising us with food over the day from the nearby Snack Shack. There are three Snack Shacks on the island. We really enjoyed fresh fruit, the chocolate chip cookies, the funnel cake, the mozzarella sticks (OMG) and the famous Crispy Chicken Sandwich (D
  2. On the Allure two weeks ago, this was the The Key menu in the MDR. Our server brought us sharable portions on the sides, all of which were really good. Among the four of us, two had perfectly-grilled filets, one the burger and one the Branzino. We all LOVED our meals! On Disembarkation Day, my bff and I both ordered the Petit Filet and Eggs. Our filets were perfect, but the eggs were runny. Still, having The Key was fabulous!
  3. This is great information! I will never shop at any of the stores listed on the cruise ship maps. Two weeks ago, my friends and I shopped at a jeweler in St. Maarten that was recommended by a friend. This was the first and only time I have ever purchased a ring in the Caribbean. Will promptly have it appraised to see if that appraisal matches the jewelers. Thank you!
  4. Bill Withers' "Lovely Day". It's still stuck in my head since Allure two weeks ago.
  5. We were on Allure last week. The smoky smell from the casino wafted to the Grande Dining Room entrance on Deck 4. Blecch....
  6. We sailed the Allure last week with The Key. For us, the perks were well worth it! We arrived early to Port Everglades. There was a Key sign outside the door to allow Key members to immediately go through Security and check in. We were then escorted to the Key waiting area in the terminal. Key boarding followed Pinnacle, Diamond Plus, and Diamond members. The Chops luncheon in the Main Dining Room was a very welcome alternative to the long line of people waiting to eat in the Park Café (we made our Specialty Dining Reservations in Giovanni's before going to the Ke
  7. I'm with the Park n' Go Ft. Lauderdale Cruise Port parking posters here! I parked at the port once and have used Park n' Go since. Park n' Go is not only less expensive but far less hassle than port parking. They pick you and your luggage up when you drop your car off to them. A short shuttle ride that drops you off at your pier and you're checking your bags just a few minutes later. Upon return, the shuttles are at the pier, your car is waiting for you and you are out of the gate with bottled water quickly. They are wonderful!
  8. A friend failed to cash in his casino chips from a Brilliance sailing and wants me to cash them in on the Allure? What are the chances Allure will pay for the chips (I'm not optimistic about this)?
  9. I have the SafeGo and love it! I pack 10 foldable hangers in it for the cruise, and it holds two cell phones, wallets and other small items. Comes with both combination lock and key. Great investment!
  10. On my last cruise, we did a cabin change several days before sailing. This messed up EVERY purchase and reservation I made prior to the cruise. Please contact RC NOW to ensure all changes have been made. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. My last cruise out of Port Canaveral was on Oasis in 2017. We arrived about 10:00 and had to wait to board the ship until 11:00. Seats in the port waiting room were full and it was standing-room only. We went straight to the Solarium Bistro before the crowds hit there for lunch. Then carried our carry-ons around the ship until the cabins were ready shortly after 1:00 p.m. Unless you are Diamond, Platinum, have a suite or purchased the Key, you may want to stick to your assigned check-in time to avoid the crowds and waiting.
  12. Following...my friends and I will be on the Allure in less than 3 weeks!
  13. Thank you for this post! So glad I'm single, lol!
  14. I live in Central Florida and would NOT risk a time table as tight as this! As a previous poster noted, there is construction and traffic on the 528 even on a Sunday. It's an hour drive from the port to OIA. Then, there's traffic at the airport, checking your bags, getting to the gate....even with TSA Pre-Check there will be a wait. Book a later flight and enjoy your cruise and the wedding!
  15. I've done both Mid-port garage and Park n' Go. Will take Park n' Go any day of the week over parking at the port. You drop off your car at the entrance and the shuttle is right there. Very little, if any, wait to go to the port. The shuttle driver handles your luggage, and drops you right at the port. Upon disembarkation, the shuttle is waiting for you and again, little to no wait to take you back to your car. Your car is ready and waiting for you. Quick check-out with a bottle of water, a peek at the monkeys on site, and your are on your way home!
  16. I'm surprised this wasn't added as a perk of The Key. But then again, I live in Central Florida where waterparks with slides abound. Count me as one of the people who will free up the line at the waterslides and free up a chair by the pool on the ship.
  17. I hope RC analyzes the results of its "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" sales, i.e. lack thereof. Perhaps market forces will determine how they adjust pre-cruise sales as well as on-board sales.
  18. I just had the thought.....perhaps RC will do the same with unsold cabanas at CoCo Cay Club that they did with my gang on Labadee bungalow. On the day of our visit, they sold a vacant bungalow to us for $250. I have a feeling that the pre-cruise prices are so high on CoCo Beach Club cabanas and OTW cabanas, they might sell the vacant ones to CoCo Beach Club pass members at a discounted price. We will have to wait and see.....
  19. My friends and I did this on the Oasis in 2017. Like the above poster, the drinks were too sweet for me. The entertainment was a little hokey and the energy level was low. We had fun dressing the part and posing for our own photos. However, for $35 and the 10:00 p.m. time slot...not worth it to me.
  20. Another vote for Park n. Go here! They are located near the port. You can reserve and pay in advance on their website. Upon arrival, you will drop off your car at the entrance and they will immediately board you on a shuttle. The shuttle will take you to your pier (about a 5-10 minute ride). On Disembarkation Day, the shuttle will pick you up at your pier and your car will be ready at the gate. Check out, receive your bottled water and enjoy looking at the monkeys playing on the property. They are much cheaper and easier than parking at one of the port garages!
  21. Of course Royal (as well as every other cruise line) wants to make money. That's business. They may post these prices, but the consumers will determine if these rates are value-added for the product, or not. I was willing to pay for an Oasis Lagoon Cabana at $499. My friends and I agreed to this rate, which boils down to about $84 per person for 6 of us. Let's see who will do the CoCo Beach Club OTW cabanas at the current asking price (and make friends with them on our cruises!).
  22. I'm one of those people who tries to memorize deck plans in advance. I try to get to Muster drill early to snag a seat (or line up in the shade if on one of those other cruise lines), thus want to know in advance where Muster drill will be. Sometimes, a little OCD pays off....lol.
  23. Is there a good day spa or massage studio near the pier?
  24. I'm a little OCD and do extensive research in planning all trips and cruises. It's helpful to know where my muster station is before boarding and I try to memorize the deck plans before sailing. This allows me optimal time to enjoy the ship before heading (instead of wandering) to my muster station, getting a seat and enjoying the muster drill while seated. The best part is also planning my escape route to my balcony cabin to directly go and pop the champagne bottle for sailaway!
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