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  1. Getaway is also getting "Six"? Does that mean they lose 1 of their existing shows... Million Dollar Quartet, Burn the Floor, Wine Lovers the Musical, Cirque Dreams Steam...?
  2. Thankyou all, for the info provided in this forum. I see that the DoubleUp offer has again been extended, through the month of January. From NCL's website https://www.ncl.com/popup/cruisenext_terms?hide_hf=true Also, for January only, they'll let you use the CruiseNext deposit even if the cruise is LESS than 6 nights. But can only apply 1 CND, not 2. I didn't see anything restricting this to cruises 6 months out. So am i understanding correctly that I could purchase a Feb 2020 cruise right now and redeem a CND?
  3. I would request that if you even think you may walk out of a show, please please please only sit in an aisle seat. It is so disruptive to others when getting up from an interior seat and sliding past others to get out... you block the view of those in your row, and those 5 or 6 rows behind you as well. Also, usually impacts the hearing of those in front of you, too. Going in to a show with the intention of possibly leaving means a high likelihood of spoiling a portion --albeit short -- of the show for other viewers. Any pre-planning you can do to avoid disrupting your fellow shipmates when exiting a theatre performance is much appreciated. :)
  4. Thankyou so much for this topic! We were considering a cruise next winter on Epic, but I'm not interested in Priscella at all. Will wait until Epic gets something else. The Broadway shows are my main reason for cruising. This is the first I've heard of a show called Velvet. It's not listed on NCL's entertainment website. How are you seeing the show schedule in advance? Also, I often read posts about when a ship is going to be in drydock. (re: KonkyWonky, above) How are those schedules known? (For any cruiseline, not just NCL...)
  5. Certain apps like Spyglass can utilize 3D with high accuracy. Too tech for my users, though, and we'd like to avoid purchasing a phone that the person will only use once. Sounds like B'zT is out, and Jiobit (which requires monthly fees) is an unknown for 3D. So is there consensus that Tile doesn't work in high-rise buildings to distinguish between floors? A lot of people don't realize this is already being done on some cruise ships, and in progress on many others, by the companies themselves. https://www.digitaltrends.com/features/cruise-ships-turn-to-wearable-tech-to-create-personalized-experiences/ Royal's just not quite there yet, or is wanting to use the tech for its own marketing purposes ("suggestions") or crew-locating-passengers, rather than for passengers-locating-passengers.
  6. Kimfly is too foreign and has reviews that are suspect. Relay GPS is for US nationwide, but doesn't work internationally. Does anyone have experience with the B'zT t-shirts internationally? (Limited by size, but I could alter.) Or the Jiobit ?
  7. Also, we looked into various key-trackers, but would prefer not to have the item beep (no audible interruption), if a quiet alternative exists. And, as i mentioned in original post, don't want to mandate that the tracking phone have to start at the same location as the tracked person; i.e. would have a moving target rather than static item.
  8. Thanks so much smplybcause. I'm still a little confused. Person #1 is wearing Tile mate/pro, and is at a seminar/tour/meeting/shop and does not carry a phone. Person #2 has a phone w/ bluetooth on & has purchased wifi, and knows the probable floor or ship feature Person #1 is at... If Person #1 walks near where Person #2 is, can Person #1 detect Person #2 on the Tile app, without interrupting the tour/meeting/performance/whatnot? Various Tile tools have ranges of 100' to 400'.
  9. Re: Tile Mate (or Tile Pro), the actual piece doesn't have to have it's own wi-fi, correct? ONE person (the tracker phone) having wi-fi/bluetooth is sufficient?
  10. This is technology currently used on Carnival cruiseline and 1 other. Would like to have that functionality on Royal. If you are the target audience for the question (a person who has successfully used a commercial product for position location), then you understand the need and are in position to share. If you don't have experience like this, posting will only make it harder for people who DO have a concern for their loved ones and who want to share their location w/ party members.
  11. If the responsible party has connectivity and uses TileMate w/ bluetooth activated, does that provide present-time location? History tracking isn't needed or wanted, just present-time. My confusion is to whether TileMate tracker works if it is moved. I shouldn't have put the word "child" in the title, ... i had hoped it would demonstrate the value of the party-member, and figured a child was the most relatable and common example. I hoped to get at least a few tech responses before the typical judgements started, to keep this thread useful for other cruisers in similar dilemmas. Is it really that hard to envision the scenarios? A person w/ dementia, a different-abled person, a developmentally delayed person, a person whose notoriety makes them vulnerable, a fully-capable person w/ quick-onset health circumstances, an older person who might get vertigo or has social phobia, etc. Please keep this thread focused on POSITIONAL LOCATION VIA TECH, for the ease of future Cruise Critic members, thanks so much!
  12. Correct, you don't know, and this is not a question about missing supervision. Please keep this thread centered around the topic of tracking provisions available for purchase. This is the modern world, many lines of Cruise ships already offer this functionality. Royal does not, yet. Looking for real-world experience on passenger location tools (for people in your party only, obviously).
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