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  1. This is a list I made last month when I was searching for a cruise: Grease, Aqua: RCL harmony, independence Brat Pack: NCL Escape Jersey Boys: NCL Bliss Flick: Carnival Vista Rock of Ages, Burn the Floor: NCL Breakaway Starwater: RCL Quantam Vroom: Carnival Victory Far from Over: Carnival Valor Mamma Mia, Blue Planet, Aqua: RCL Allure Cats, Aqua: RCL Oasis Million Dollar Quartet: NCL Escape Magic To Do: Emerald Princess Columbus: RCL Harmony Burn the Floor: NCL Epic Saturday Night Fever, Aqua - RCL Liberty We Will Rock You, The Gift - RCL Anthem of the Seas Hairspray, Aqua - RCL Symphony
  2. Well, I am the O.P., and I have experienced a horrible sailing on Carnival, that's why I asked the question. I went on a weekend cruise from South FL on Carnival, and it was a horrible experience, mainly focused on sex and drinking. The pool parties and pool games consisted of young men and young women in their swimwear doing sexual movements on the stage, answering sex questions into the microphone, tons of sexual innuendos, and the cruise directors challenging the competitors to demonstrate the "best" dry-humping in front of the 500+ people watching the pool competitions. It was disgraceful. The low-level Carnival ships are abhorrant. That's why I'm asking about this 1996 ship supposedly rated #1 by US Travel. This would be a multi-generational trip, and I don't think the grandkids need to see the sex games...Capiche? I want to know if that was isolated to Fort Lauderdale, or if that's a California staple, too. Also, within any cruiseline, there's a massive difference between their older ships & newer ships.
  3. I tried to msg you but CruiseCritic says I'm not allowed to send msgs. Here's the ranking: https://travel.usnews.com/cruises/best-cruise-ships/carnival-cruise-lines-288/
  4. Trying to get a handle on the cruises out of Los Angeles. When I was researching Carnival on the US News travel website, I learned they rank "Inspiration" as the #1 Carnival ship. (It's sister-ship, Imagination, ranks #24 out of 25 Carnival ships.) Launched in 1996 & refurbed in 2016, is it at all possible that Inspiration is actually #1? Am trying to plan a multi-generational outing for a very rare occasion, everyone is hard-up for $$ so I'm seeking a financially conservative option for a cruise...but don't want a ship equivalent to Majesty of the Seas. Anyone know if #1 is a deserved ranking for Inspiration?
  5. For what it's worth, since this thread is about MSC Divina... When I was shopping for a Christmas cruise a few days ago, MSC Divina was at the bottom of the price list for 7 day Christmas cruises. That should reflect something. I will say, however, the prices for ALL cruises that week have been fluctuating a good bit, so no idea if it's still the lowest-cost one or not. And, MSC Seaside will be sailing at Christmas. Brand new ship, lots of bells and whistles, but perhaps not as appealing as RCCL's bells & whistles. Who doesn't love a brand new ship, though?
  6. I have appreciated his story for several years, and each time before I cruise I revisit this thread to remind me of precautions I need to take at port stops. A million thankyou's to Klfhngr, for sharing your experience!!! What a help to others.
  7. Angry much? You responded to a post from a year-and-a-half ago. I wasn't being arrogant, I was expressing concern about having committed a large sum of a money for a cruise on a line that consistently gets lower ratings for customer service. I've been on cruises with excellent, attentive service and I enjoy it, it's such a special occasion and a unique feeling. It's not arrogance. I did go on the 2016 cruise i mentioned in that old post. It's been over a year ago, so I don't remember all the details, but overall it was such a beautiful trip. The dining hall staff were fully competent and never left us lingering. They were not as social as the dining staff on Florida cruises. I remember there was some confusion about drink packages, and some language barriers, but we figured it out during Night 2. Our waiters were absolutely courteous, and helped us out one night when some of our party was missing. At the beginning of dinner, we had expressed our concern that some of our family was missing after the port day. (We were conversing with the waiters, like we do on American cruises.) To our surprise, ~40 minutes later 1 waiter approached us with the news that the missing guests had just re-boarded the ship. We had no idea they had even looked into it for us! But we were so extremely relieved to get the news. I think it showed exceptional concern and excellence on the part of the waiter. Overall, we LOVED our MSC Splendida cruise. That was primarily because of the amazing & busy itinerary. The ship itself was very "dull" compared to other cruiseships I've been on. The entertainment was much more cultured and I did REALLY love that fact. The cruise director wasn't memorable and there weren't any fun daytime activities that I recall. Some of the nighttime atrium entertainment was higher caliber than the American cruises. Our cruise was not crowded, nobody smoked in our face, nobody cut in front of us in a line. In fact, I got the impression the ship wasn't even full. On a full ship, maybe Europeans behave more rudely, but on our cruise, I didn't observe any bad manners. With a busy port schedule and cultured evening entertainment, I feel we got our money's worth. If we had more sea days, I'm afraid I would've been bored on the ship, because the only activity was going to its various bars. I guess I'd describe the cruise as a "less participatory experience" than an American cruise. I'd repeat that trip in a heartbeat. But I remember that ship as a way to travel from 1 port to another, rather than a cruise experience by itself. Rec33, it was rude of you to tell me to go somewhere else. I am a person just like you, and I was nervous about getting a quality product for the money I had comitted. After the cruise, I felt satisfied because of the number of ports in our itinerary, and because the cruise employees helped us at a scary time. But I did discover that attentiveness of waitstaff, room stewards, and bar staff was less than on American cruises. Sometimes I appreciated the privateness, but sometimes I missed the feeling of friendliness.
  8. Time to join FEMA!!!! and, 100% cruise credit in ADDITION TO full refund. Wow! How can they afford that? I almost hate to see it... now everyone will be expecting that in the future. It's seriously unrealistic. ...Unless Carnival thinks they can persuade you to spend the entire cost of your free cruise on add-ons. Wait, they CAN accomplish that.
  9. Yesterday the 10/7 cruise out of SJ on Adventure was bookable, but the highest-priced cabins of each class were still available. Today, that same cruise isn't bookable. Either it's completely sold out, or Royal decided to cancel a cruise that was almost full-capacity. Royal hasn't reported a cancellation. I'm guessing it's a go. Relief workers have worked miracles on an island known for corruption, crime and poverty. If you are travelling to SJU this weekend, it's probably MUCH safer right now than if you had visited at another time. --2/3rds of grocery & retailers have already re-opened. --3/4 of gas stations are open. --All airports are open. --92% of ports are open. --94% of hospitals. --80% of post offices are delivering mail. For those who rearranged your flights for day-of-cruise, make sure you've contacted Royal for complete instructions on how to transfer from SJU to Royal on their arranged shuttle.
  10. Hotels profit well when govt "comes to town". The maximum federal per diem rate for San Juan is $167 in Oct (although hotels can actually force the govt to pay much higher, if all hotels raise their rates simultaneously). Tourists may not be able to get rooms with the already 12,000 Feds there (of course, many feds may not be in hotels). Or, tourists may have to offer "more mo".
  11. It's very important for those of you sailing from P.R. to know the situation. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/01/puerto-rican-ceo-sends-engineers-to-help-fema-efforts-calls-local-pols-inept.html I am hopeful that the U.S military will take over the P.R. island in the short term, to facilitate food and water to the residents, in the near-term For myself, I am willing to gamble on a near-term cruise. But if I had a family/children, then no, do not cruise out of P.R., it is a bankrupt country, crime-ridden, and now communications are hampered and everything is a gamble. If you are cruising out of P.R., switch your flight to same-day. Don't arrive early. If you are truly concerned about your family's welfare, eat the cost and change your cruise date. Many of us in southern U.S. are absorbing costs from hurricanes in 2017. Sometimes you get dealt a bad hand.
  12. I saw the mayor of the largest city giving 8 interviews on the same day, wearing a shirt & hat that were pre-printed with slogans about needing help. What printshop was working after H.Maria? How did she get all that clothing to wear on U.S. media interviews? I am an Irma victim and so I witnessed the media tricks. What you watch on your TV is for RATINGS. Actually I have a rare job, I work in the back-country ALL YEAR LONG, and 10-20% of the time is in locations without electricity/cell. I live it. Working in the swamp sucks. The humidity, the NEVER-being-able-to-dry-out, the mosquitoes, the massive thirst, the incessant heat, tramping through water, no repreive day or night. I know the backcountry. I know the floods, I know the wet clothes, i know the animals, I know the diseases, the hunger, I know it all, it's my job. I work in the backcountry every day. And ya, once in a while I cruise. When I'm not cruising, I'm walking through swampwater.
  13. WHAT? I wrote posts about the media misrepresentation, not about people of P.R.
  14. --For those of you who really NEED this cruise, I hope you get it. --For those of you who are willing to help the islands you desperately wanted to visit, I hope you will... I hope you're willing to experience the island, not just expect it to prostitute itself to you. --For those of you who feel your money is held hostage, I hope you pay more attention to contracts you sign in the future. The only person who tied up their money is you. --For those of you who plan to stay at a hotel prior to cruising.... Can you change your flight? Airlines have been allowing changes without fees. BUT DO IT SOON. Skip the overnight SJU stay, instead try to fly in the same-day-of-embarkation if it'll arrive before 10am. Overnight at MIA or ATL instead. P.R. is in fiscal disarray, not just structural disarray. The electrical outages happened frequently before Hurricane Maria. Crime is rampant, and was rampant before Maria. The problems being televised right now are due to labor strikes. It sucks to have your vacation being altered so substantially.... but realize that your vacation is departing from a nation that is financially bankrupt. Consider the level of risk you can tolerate prior to making travel plans. And yes, not only is P.R bankrupt but they are in the hurricane belt. If you purchased a vacation in the Carribbean and didn't know about hurricanes, then congratulations, you are getting an education. We get them every year. Please, PLEASE continue to remember that the world has risks, and many of the avid cruisers on CruiseCritic live in FL. That means most of the people who read your posts about "vacation-uncertaintly" have INCURRED DAMAGES which we'll be paying for, for years. You are worried about your vacation but half the people on CruiseCritic are going to be paying for damages to their homes and workplaces, for a long time. If you want to vacation in the Caribbean, then please realize how hostile it can be. I'm sure many people want only the good, only the drinking, only the partying, only the sunshine. Congratulations, you've been marketed to. :) I hope all of you eventually get the cruise you've always dreamed of. In the meantime, I hope some of you will consider volunteering at the islands you desperately wanted to see...
  15. Be careful trusting Kayak... just because flights are advertised doesn't mean the airline will actually sell them. Prior to Irma hitting, I tried many times to buy plane tickets. They were advertised on Kayak but each time--halfway through the purchasing process--the website quit working. I finally called the airlines direct and they said the seats weren't for sale. Travel resellers are unreliable during high-usage episodes. After Irma hit us, there were rooms listed on Kayak, Trip Advisor and Travelocity, even though the hotels were actually not even OPEN! And advertised vacancies were also unbookable during the Eclipse a few weeks ago...
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