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  1. Thanks for your reply. Speaking to others they think it may have to do with the grounding of the 737 Max aircrafts. It makes sense since the prices jumped up right after the crash. I have been using the service for years and never have seen such a big price increase this far out from the sailing.
  2. We have used Celebrity's "Air to Sea" program to book our one way flights on our past 6 Trans Atlantic crossings. We have gotten some excellent airfares using this service. We are currently booked on a 10 day Mediterranean cruise in October on the Constellation. We will only need a one way airfare as we are taking a transatlantic sailing on another ship back to the states. We have been tracking flights on "Air to Sea." They have recently changed significantly. TAP went from $162 to $600. A direct flight out of Miami on Ailitalia went from $320 to over $500.0. I understand airfares will fluctuate and go up. I have never seen such a price increase this far out. Has anyone else recently experienced this issue. Thank You
  3. A friend and I just booked the Celebrity Reflection. We will be travelling on April 22, 2019 from Fort Lauderdale to Dublin on a 14 day cruise. Frank
  4. Les & Julion, We are flying from Miami to Rome on 10/16. We usually book tours at the port of call. They are significantly cheaper then what they charge on the ship. We also do the "hop again off again bus." It is a good way of seeing a city if one does not have allot of port time. Frank
  5. If you are referring to the TA on the Koningsdam my friend Robert and I will be on this ship. We will be boarding on Oct 18 doing a Mediterranean Cruise and then going TA to Fort Lauderdale. Look forward to meeting other like minded travelers. Frank
  6. Hi Peter and Charles, I will be travelling with my friend Robert on this cruise. We are doing the 24 day B/B on the Koningsdam and will boarding on October 18. I am looking forward to going on this new ship. It has been 11 years since I have been on HAL. Frank
  7. It was the same situation on a recent 14 day Transatlantic on RC, Jewel of the Seas. They posted 2 GLBT gatherings the entire cruise. The gatherings were scheduled at 10 pm in their Crows Nest lounge.. There were over a 100 gay men on this cruise. Only a few showed up the first night. We never went again. There were 10 of us in our group. So we were our own party. Did not hear any complaints.
  8. Jamaica has some of the worst "Human Rights" violations in the Western Hemisphere. This has been documented for years. I was there in the early 80's. It is a beautiful island. The natives are always in your face trying to sell you something. I personally would not get off the ship or spend a dime on the island.
  9. Mike we look forward to meeting you. There are now 10 in my group and six other gay men that I know that will be onboard. So you will be in good company. Frank
  10. I will be travelling with 8 friends on the Jewel of the Seas, 14 day, TA on May 6. We all look forward to meeting other LGBT travelers!
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