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  1. On 3/13/2019 at 12:31 PM, Jim_Iain said:

    I see it often.    All seats on airlines are generally capacity limited and when last seat in that booking code is sold out the prices jump up to the next lowest price.   If you play around with it you will find different prices on different dates.   Keep looking or from what I understand they have recently switched to a new program where you don't pay until final payment and if the fare decreases you can call in and get that rate.



    Thanks for your reply.  Speaking to others they think it may have to do with the grounding of the 737 Max aircrafts.  It makes sense since the prices jumped up right after the crash.  I have been using the service for years and never have seen such a big price increase this far out from the sailing.

  2. We have used Celebrity's "Air to Sea" program to book our one way flights on our past 6 Trans Atlantic crossings.  We have gotten some excellent airfares using this service.  We are currently booked on a 10 day Mediterranean cruise in October on the Constellation.  We will  only need a one way airfare as we are taking a transatlantic sailing on another ship back to the states.  We have been tracking flights on "Air to Sea."  They have recently changed significantly.  TAP went from $162 to $600.  A direct flight out of Miami on Ailitalia went from $320 to over $500.0.  I understand airfares will fluctuate and go up.  I have never seen such a price increase this far out.  Has anyone else recently experienced this issue.  Thank You

  3. Be aware Holland America changed its policy for arranged gatherings on social groups!

    We sailed on the Holland America's ship ms Koningsdam and during a 12 day cruise only 2 GLBT gatherings were arranged. Both were located at the Seaview Bar, which is actually a bar placed at the second level of the mid ship pool. The bar is placed next to the sandwich and pizza buffet, so there is no atmosphere nor a proper place to linger/mingle or socialize with fellow passengers. Actually by 7pm the film, shown on the large screen, takes over the sound and no other kind entertainment is possible.

    Here is the reaction on our complaint, which came from emailing the presidents office:


    "In response to your inquiry regarding the frequency of GLBT meet-ups on our sailings, it is true that some of our vessels previously scheduled more frequent gatherings for some social groups, such as GLBT guests or Veterans. However, in order to ensure that all such groups are treated fairly, we have standardized our onboard policy to schedule 2 meetings per sailing. We regret any disappointment this change may cause and trust that you can appreciate the reason for this decision."


    Although couples of the same sex are accepted on board (staff was delightful), HAL's corporate policy is less open and welcoming by denying any support to arrange any extra gatherings! When we commented on the bad location during our cruise, we were told by the Cruise Director in person that this bar needed the revenue!!! :eek::eek:

    We have no more comment to add!


    It was the same situation on a recent 14 day Transatlantic on RC, Jewel of the Seas. They posted 2 GLBT gatherings the entire cruise. The gatherings were scheduled at 10 pm in their Crows Nest lounge..

    There were over a 100 gay men on this cruise. Only a few showed up the first night. We never went again. There were 10 of us in our group. So we were our own party. Did not hear any complaints.

  4. Jamaica has some of the worst "Human Rights" violations in the Western Hemisphere. This has been documented for years. I was there in the early 80's. It is a beautiful island. The natives are always in your face trying to sell you something. I personally would not get off the ship or spend a dime on the island.

  5. Hi there. Good to know that there will be other Gay men on the cruise. Im Mike from Canada retired single traveling alone. Hopefully the LBGT meetings are at a time and place that makes sense. Usually not! But we can always change that on the notice board if its a stupid place at an inconvenient time.


    Mike we look forward to meeting you. There are now 10 in my group and six other gay men that I know that will be onboard. So you will be in good company.



  6. I have found it is either hit or miss when meeting fellow gay travelers. In the past six years I have done 5 Repositioning Cruises on Celebrity. There have always been a good amount of gay people represented on these trips. On my last cruise there must have been at least 50 gay men. At FOD there were two groups of German and English men in there 30's & 40's. They did not mingle. I am in my late 50's. It could be an age thing? In most of the cruises I find fellow gay travelers friendly. We often make friends with straight people onboard. My word of advice "birds of a feather." This holds true with gay people too!

  7. I have been on 26 cruises. Most of the major cruise lines. My friends and I have never been made to feel uncomfortable by staff or by other travelers. We make friends more often with straight people onboard then other LGBT travelers. I have found cruise staff to be very accommodating to the LGBT passengers. My only concern next year is a booking I made on a 24 day cruise on the Koningsdam. I am in my late 50's. I heard this ship is trying to attract a younger demographic. I am hoping it does not feel like a nursing home. My last cruise on HAL was 10 years ago and it was RSVP cruise to Alaska.

  8. They talk like they made the Koningsdam for a younger crowd. We didn't see any evidence of that. Unless you think that changing the piano bar to a 2 piano bar, or creating a new venue specifically for chamber music is a game changer. You will be a couple of the youngest passengers on board, for sure. Not many working people or families with children can cruise for 24 days in October. I'm sure you'll have a good cruise though. Adjust to the really slow pace, and you'll be fine.


    Thank you for your quick reply. This will be my 26th cruise and my 6th TA. This is a back to back we are taking, 10 day Med with a 14 day TA. My last five cruises were on Celebrity. I have had all good experiences and met some really nice people. The motivation for booking the Koningsdam, a change in cruise lines, a new ship, a fantastic itinerary and the new music venue. I will deal with the scooters & wheel chairs and the slow pace as one day I will be there! Thanks

  9. I see this thread is a couple of years old. Does anyone have any feedback on the Koningsdam? The last five cruises I have been on were on Celebrity. A friend and I just booked a 24 day Med/TA next October on the Koningsdam. We heard they were trying to attract a younger demographic on this ship. I am in my late 50's and heard that Holland had become a Nursing Home at sea. One of my motivations for booking this ship was that it was new, the itinerary was great and they had an upbeat music and entertainment format.

  10. we just sailed on the Koningsdam - 11 day, in October and we felt like we were on a Senior Citizen/Assisted Living cruise. We know HAL is known for a older crowd, but this was ridiculous. We probably saw a total of 10 children on board. And as far as entertainment....forget it. They had one comedian, one singer, one sax player on the World Stage. So disappointing


    We are in our late 50's and just booked a 24 day on the Koningsdam for next October. We heard the new ship was designed to attract a younger demographic. We have stayed away from Holland for the very reasons you stated.

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