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  1. The EU has just issued a 36 page document dated July 27, 2020. The document is titled "Covid-19: EU Guidance for Cruise Ship Operations" Here is a link to that document: https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/sites/default/files/documents/COVID-19-cruise-guidance-27-07-2020.pdf Our CDC just posted 59 questions and sub questions for public comment. Answers to many of these questions have eluded the best trained healthcare professionals for many months. Many of these open ended questions involve logistical and financial burdens on the cruise industry that would cripple their operations. Cru
  2. I am a pragmatic, retired attorney. I once had occasion to receive a simple and elegant response to a question from a social worker with Human Services, after my client had been denied benefits: "Every time there is a rule change, it helps some and it hurts some. This change hurt your lady." Please take time to read the CruiseCritic Summary of ALL cruise line cancellation policies. NCL is, BY FAR, the most generous among its rivals (Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Holland America). Sure, there WILL be people that will be hurt if they accept a FCC. But there will be a lot mo
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